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Before you can write, or even before you participate in a ritual, it's best if you know what a ritual is.

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Knowing what ritual is, you can now start to find or create them for specific purposes.

There are the eight Sabbat rituals, and Esbat rituals. Typically an Esbat can be a Full Moon or New Moon ritual, but they don't have to be. 

The Sabbats are special holidays set aside for celebration. They are the 8 holidays of Witchcraft...

An Esbat ritual is any ritual that isn't a Sabbat. For example, a harvest ritual involving Corn Dollies would be an Esbat. This ritual was done by a local group of women who wanted to bring prosperity into their lives over the coming year.

One of the things ritual is used for, is acknowledging when a person has reached a goal, or even a specific point in their life.

The rituals marking out a person's life, are called Rites of Passage. These are rituals such as Wiccanings, coming of age, both becoming a teen and becoming an adult.

There are handfastings for starting life as a couple, and rites for becoming a parent. Perhaps there should be something for becoming the parent of a teen.

There are Sagings and Cronings, when a person has reached the age where they are seen to have gained wisdom, and there is a ritual for the transformation of death. 

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