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[Witch Way] Volume #4 Issue #10 -- Time For The Ostara Bunny!
March 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Ostara!

Ken's Korner

You ever notice that you can never find what you’re looking for? I had invited a couple of friends over last night for a Full Moon ritual, and to help with the cleansing and Warding of my new house. Until recently, I’ve been using the same Quarter Candles that I bought nearly 25 years ago. It’s amazing how long good candles can last when used in ritual.

I had already replaced the blue and green Quarter Candles, and have been using a larger diameter but shorter red candle, but the last Full Moon was the last ritual for the yellow candle, it finally got to the point where it’s just a pool of wax with a wick sticking out. It’s so old that the yellow color has almost entirely bleached out.

So I went looking for one red and one yellow 2” diameter, 6” tall candles. It used to be that I could walk into any local metaphysical bookstore and find unscented candles of all shapes, sizes and colors. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Knowing that I would need to replace the candles, I have been looking for extra candles each time I walked into a magickal store for the last few months.

It seems that these stores, which used to cater to mainly Pagans, now only carry a few, if any candles for ritual. Even Isis, which is the oldest and largest store of its kind in town, doesn’t have candles. I guess the New Agers don’t use candles. So I started looking in more mundane stores for new Quarter Candles.

At some point years ago, I’m sure I bought some pillar candles at Wicks & Sticks at the local mall, but that mall is now being torn down, and I couldn’t find even a reference to that chain of stores online. I had to go to Bed Bath & Beyond to pick some other things for the house, so I checked their candle selection. They had all sorts of aroma therapy candles, and tea candles, and large scented candles to show off on a coffee table. They even had a few unscented candles, but not in the size, shape or colors that I wanted.

I even tried WalMart. I figured they have everything else, it was worth a try. In the entire Super Store, they had one rack of candles, but the only unscented candles were white, or whiter. This was yesterday afternoon, after replacing a couple of windows in the house, and with only a couple of hours until ritual. So I bought the whiter candle from WalMart.

If I had known it would be so hard to find a simple candle, I would have gone online weeks ago and ordered several of each color so I would have them. Over the last 20 years I have learned the tricks to finding those hard to locate candles. I know that the day after Samhain is the best time to get cheap black and orange candles at the grocery store. Stores like Bed Bath & Beyond carry unusual colors, like purple tapers. Last time I checked, even WalMart had a pretty good color assortment, and a larger than usual number of unscented pillar candles. How hard could it be to find a simple candle?

A piece of advice to all those stores that Witches frequent around town, that are having such a hard time making money… Start stocking pillar candles in red, yellow, blue, and green. The average Witch may not buy them often, but with the size of the local community, I’ll bet you have at least one person a day come in looking for them. If you get known for stocking the basic ritual supplies, I’ll bet you get more customers than you know what to do with.

In this month’s Witch Way, Toltec Shaman Marcus Leader, talks about how he met his teacher Carlos Castaneda. If you don’t know who Carlos was, do a quick Google search on the name. Marcus also reveals that he is going to use future Witch Way articles to teach some of the secrets passed on to him by Carlos.

In my Time of The Season article, I talk about egg-laying rabbits, and why we have them. So take 10 minutes and relax while you read this month’s newsletter. Forget about your daily worries and enjoy the articles. You’ll be glad you did.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Through The Eyes of a Toltec Shaman

In 1968, a young anthropology student from UCLA published a book that would forever change our world and the way we look at reality. The student was Carlos Castaneda and his book was called The Teachings of don Juan, a Yaqui Way of Knowledge which chronicled his experience with a Yaqui Indian shaman named don Juan. Carlos went on to write 11 books, all best sellers, about his ten-year apprenticeship in Toltec shamanism with don Juan. So influential were his books that it prompted Time Magazine to do a cover story on him where they dubbed him “the godfather of the new age”. He had millions of followers worldwide wanting to learn from him and his books, the secrets of Toltec shamanism. What people failed to understand is that, in Carlos’s own words, “there is no knowledge in my books! They are a representation of knowledge”

Then, in the early 70’s in a series of strange coincidences, Carlos Castaneda and I met at UCLA. We became friends on the spot, but eventually went our own ways. Several years later through another series of coincidences, we crossed paths again and this time we began a teacher /student relationship that lasted 8 years as Carlos took me under his wing and taught me, in complete privacy, the secrets of his Toltec shamanic lineage. These secrets went far beyond the contents of his books and embodied what he referred to as The Core Knowledge of the lineage. While Carlos had a few other students during his life, he told me that only myself and one other was taught this knowledge and that Spirit had been the one to decide who would be taught. He then instructed me to disseminate the knowledge to the world at a specific time.

That time is NOW and through a series of selected articles that I will be submitting from time to time through Ken’s CyberWitchcraft newsletters and a series of books in the future, I will be revealing for the first time anywhere, the secrets of perception and power that Carlos’s books only referred to! These will be HOW-TO articles about altering your own perceptions of reality, “seeing” into other worlds and communicating with spirits and other entities. I will reveal the Toltec methods for healing the body, mind, and soul. In addition, you will learn methods of summoning and energy control so powerful that the knowledge had to wait for a time when humanity was ready. There will be articles revealing secrets of health and rejuvenation through a series of altered perceptions that could take years off your appearance while boosting your vitality through the roof. This and a lot more are about to be revealed from this ancient body of knowledge.

So if you would like to take a journey that will forever change your life, then join us on this path of discovery and be sure not to miss a single issue. Be sure to also spread the word to your friends and loved ones who share your interest.

In next month’s newsletter, I am going to be offering you a new perspective and understanding of the mysterious engine that drives our magickal universe and how to tap into its power through this understanding. You will also begin to “see” the true energetic nature of the greater and lesser Sabbats of our magickal wheel of the year. So until next month, enjoy the energy shift of the coming spring and savor every magickal moment.

This is going to be an amazing year.

Time Of The Season

It’s Ostara, from which we get the word Easter. As a kid, the only thing that mattered to me, was getting up on that Sunday morning, and finding a basket of candy. I’m a chocoholic, and I freely admit I have a problem. My two sisters, my brother and I all love our chocolate. I figure we must get it from our dad, since he’s the one parent we all have in common.

As a kid, the whole Easter Bunny thing never made sense. Rabbits laying eggs? Who are you kidding? Especially chicken eggs. On top of that, they’re colored, and hard boiled. It just didn’t make sense. As I grew older, it made even less sense. A basic High School education told me that mammals don’t lay eggs unless you count the platypus, and the Easter Platypus was something I just didn’t want to ponder.

Even at church, and I stopped going to church around the age of eight, they never talked about the Easter Bunny, except to say that it was a “secular” symbol, and had nothing to do with Christ’s Resurrection. So no answers there. All of these symbols, not just at Easter, but all year long, and no one seems willing, or able to explain them.

So just where does this egg-laying rabbit come from, and why? The answer is of course, the Pagans. Both rabbits and eggs are symbols of fertility. The egg is literally potential life, and the rabbit, well they do well in math class. The answer is so simple, but no one either could, or would tell me. You would think this would be a good entry into a sermon, but I don’t remember ever hearing it. I mean, here is a symbol of life, right in front of you, that everyone understands, but it doesn’t fit into their religious doctrine, so it’s ignored. Oddly, the Christmas tree doesn’t fit into their dogma either, but they figured a way to use it.

In contrast, Pagans have always looked at the natural world for symbols that illustrated what was important. I’ve always been a practical and logical person, so a guy getting nailed to a cross, being buried in a cave for three days and three nights, and the body “miraculously” disappearing just never sounded right. I always thought a better explanation was grave robbers. I mean, it’s not like he had a dozen guys who all wanted to make some sort of messiah out of him. Not to mention that guards, especially Roman Guards were known for taking bribes, to look the other way.

Yes, I’m poking a little fun at the Christian beliefs, but if your faith is so weak that no one can have a little fun at its expense, maybe you need to re-examine your beliefs. After all, we Pagans do it all the time! Spiritual faith, while being serious, should never be taken so seriously that it should be etched in stone! Oops, I did it again.

So as I was saying, Pagans look to the natural world for images that represent what’s important to them. So what’s important, and why the rabbit and the eggs? Well, the important thing is the changing of the season. It’s no longer Winter, it’s Spring. In fact, it’s the middle of Spring, even though the calendar says differently, and you might not be able to tell it. Life is returning to the world that has been dead for months. Migratory birds, that left in the Fall, are returning. I saw my first Robin back in February.

While the weather can still be cold, there are starting to be many more warm days and nights that aren’t as cold. If you look hard, you can see new green shoots sprouting through the dead carcass of last year’s abundance. The fierce winds that have whipped up for days, aren’t the biting cold of Winter, they are causing the temperatures to soar. If you live closer to the country, you see livestock heavy with young about to be born, or giving birth now. Plants and trees are beginning to bud in preparation for flowering.

The time of abundance is nearly here! That’s reason to celebrate. The gruel and mush that you’ve been eating all Winter is about to be replaced with fresh fruit, berries, and vegetables. It’s still weeks or even months off, but you can see that it’s coming. That’s worth celebrating. The days are obviously longer than at the dead of Winter, and they are warmer too. That’s worth celebrating.

And in the midst of this, if you happen to live in England, you may have these rabbits that seem to have gone completely mad. They are bounding around in all directions without thought or plan. They are screwing anything that will let them, animate of not. They are in fact, doing exactly what any guy who isn’t involved in a relationship at the moment, is thinking. I can’t speak about the women, I’ve never been one.

What I do know is that every Spring, if I don’t have a girlfriend, I wish I did. My sex drive increases ten-fold at least. The idea of spending time with a beautiful woman, is constantly on my mind at this time of year. Honestly, there are times when I don’t care if she’s intelligent, or has a compatible personality, I don’t care if she’d make a good mother, or if we have similar ideas of raising kids. I just want a hole to plug.

That’s not a very Enlightened thing to say, but it is how I feel at this time of year, and just about any male who says otherwise, is simply afraid to speak the truth. As much as we like to think that we are above instinct, and that our ability to think and reason raises us above the animal world, the truth is, at this time of the year we all feel the pull of our animal side. The animal inside wants to spread his seed.

So why the Easter bunny, with his colored eggs? Because both are symbols of birth, life, and fertility. Searching for hidden eggs is no different than searching for a mate. Some are good at it, others are not. You never know what you will find, and you find them in the most surprising places. Hunting colored eggs is also a great excuse to get outside with others, and meet new potential mates.

Fertility drives us all, whether we admit it or not.

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Blessed Be,
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