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[Witch Way] Volume #3 Issue #11 -- The Taxman Cometh!
April 13, 2011
Hi, Happy Beltane!

Ken's Korner

Wow, tax time already! I guess that must mean it’s Beltane. This is also the time of year people start thinking about vacations (at least, in the Northern Hemisphere). I took a few days and went to visit my parents in Vegas. We had a great time. In fact, I took some video of one of the best places to visit if you’re in Las Vegas.

I don’t get a lot of chances to visit my parents. It’s been about five years since the last time I was out there. My dad is 30 years older than I am, which means he’s coming up on 80. I know that he won’t be around forever, but given that his mother lived to be 94, I still have some time left. Even so, getting out to see family is important.

We all have our priorities, the things we feel we really have to do, versus the things we’d like to do. Ultimately, Witchcraft is about living a better life, being the best you that you can be, and living your life to the fullest. One of the ways we do this is by taking responsibility for our own selves, but another way we do this is by consciously setting our priorities.

Everyone sets priorities. We do it without even thinking about it, that is part of the problem. When you are so caught up in your day to day life that you begin running on autopilot, details can get lost in the shuffle. Things get prioritized on a last come first served basis. Your mind automatically prioritizes things on your mental To-Do list, but as new things come in, those things that are at the top, sometimes get pushed down the list.

After a while, what was a top priority gets shoved off the bottom of the list entirely. It’s not that it isn’t important anymore, it’s that everything else just seems to pile on top. This is what happens when you forget to consciously set your priorities. Because your mind naturally wants to prioritize even the smallest and most insignificant thing, the really important details get lost is a sea of minutia.

I really love my smart phone because it helps me keep track of everything so that only the most important things need to be kept in mind. It reminds me of everything else. I used to use my Windows calendar for that, but it’s so much more convenient when the calendar is now with me all the time.

Organizing your life on a physical level will also help you on a spiritual level as well. By keeping only the most pressing or important things in mind, and letting a calendar (even an old fashioned paper kind) remind you of the lower priority “stuff”, you can clear your mind of distractions that may keep you from focusing your concentration properly, or easily.

Setting priorities with intent, and letting the less important details go, keeps your mind clear, and focused on what is really important. Only you can decide what is really important to you, so no one can help you organize your life. Sure, I can tell you of techniques, and tricks that can help, but only you can do the actual organizing.

It’s part of that taking responsibility that I keep pounding into your head. Take the responsibility to organize your own life, and decide what’s really important to you. Most people are going to have only a few things that are really important to them. These things can easily be kept in mind without overload.

One way to help decide what’s really important, is a list of Givens and Druthers.

The idea is simple. There are those things in your life that are so important, that it’s given that you must keep track of them these are the Givens. Other things you’d rather do than not, these are the Druthers. By listing your Givens & Druthers, you are writing down exactly what’s on your mind, and prioritizing them on a general level. This general organization will show you the most important things to you, and then everything else. It’s the everything else that can be relegated to a reminder on a calendar. You can keep the 5 or 10 things on your Givens list in mind easily.

This list of priorities is going to change almost daily. It’s important to keep your mental list up to date, without overloading it. If you have an electronic calendar, add things to it as soon as you get the information. Let it remind you before you need to take care of the lower priority things in your life. Just don’t procrastinate. You need to note the information right when you get it, not later, when you “have time”.

If what you’ve read above is useful to you, you might want to check out 7 Secrets Of A Successful Witch. It’s an audio file I created to help people find the success in life that they want and deserve.

Talk to you next month.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

Chiron’s Lyre

A Monthly Column For Astrological Insight

There is one longer-term transit that will begin to manifest in mid-April, and two multi-Planet transits that will last for multiple days during the mid-April to mid-May timeframe. These are the three transits I will describe in more detail below. Although there are several other transits involving two Planets happening from mid-April to mid-May, most of them are likely to be too brief to make much of an impact on our lives.

These other transits are: Venus conjunct Neptune on April 22nd, Venus conjunct Uranus on April 23rd, Venus square Pluto on April 27th, Venus opposite Saturn on May 1st, and Mars conjunct Jupiter also on May 1st. With Venus’ or Jupiter’s involvement in all of these transits, the days these transits occur are likely to be fun (or at least interesting). Moderation and balance will probably be the key to making all of these days successful as well as fun.

Now, on to more serious stuff.

The first transit I’d like to talk about in detail involves Neptune. Neptune entered the Sign of Pisces for the first time in recent memory on April 4th, but it is only there temporarily. It will leave Pisces— retrograding back into the Sign of Aquarius— in early August of this year. What happens in our lives during April to August is likely to be a harbinger of what is to come for each of us when Neptune moves into Pisces to stay, from early February 2012 until January 2026.

Unlike many other Planets, Neptune rarely corresponds directly to “world events,” so we will probably have to watch ourselves and our personal lives rather than watching world events in order to observe the effects of Neptune entering Pisces. Neptune was last in Pisces from about 1847 until 1861, so there is no currently living memory of what happened the last time Neptune was in this Sign.

Since Neptune is particularly powerful in the Sign of Pisces, its influence is likely to be especially pronounced. Neptune often represents the process of “natural growth” (think of what it was like being a teenager), and while Neptune is in Pisces we are likely to each begin a new “growth spurt” in the area or areas of our lives the Sign Pisces influences in our individual natal charts.

This experience may or may not be pleasant, but it will likely be a process (not an event) which breaks down barriers or assumptions we’ve previously considered unshakable, leaving us with a broader and more mature view of our world afterwards. In very important ways, we are likely to move from childhood to adulthood in the parts of our lives that Neptune in Pisces affects. Be careful of making any assumptions regarding the area of your life Pisces rules (the House or Houses it inhabits in your natal chart) during this transit.

The first of the multi-Planet, multi-day transits I’d like to discuss is Mercury’s opposition to Saturn, lasting a week from Tuesday April 19th until Tuesday April 26th. Mercury will be ending its retrograde period and going direct in mid-Aries during this time, while Saturn will be continuing a slower retrograde motion through mid-Libra.

This transit indicates a good time for serious, disciplined, detailed thinking. However, it also indicates a time when pessimism may overwhelm common sense. On a personal level, many of us may become very involved with answering the questions “who am I?” and “what’s my place in this world?” during this transit. Asking these questions is a great thing, but drawing conclusions and acting on them during this transit may not be.

We may gather a lot of detailed information regarding the questions or problems that concern us during this transit, but we may not have enough information about the bigger picture during this transit to make intelligent decisions regarding what we need to do or what we need to change. This means that taking precipitous action may have some very undesirable consequences, especially regarding our closest relationships with others.

We won’t need definitive answers to our questions or problems during this transit. Merely asking our questions is all that we will really need to do. Keeping an open mind to new information as it comes in, and letting ourselves dream big dreams (however unrealistic they may seem) about what we would like our answers to be, will also probably be helpful. Seeking out male authority figures we trust and confiding in them is also likely to benefit us during this transit.

The other multi-Planet transit that will be occurring over several days is a conjunction between Venus and Mercury in late Aries and very early Taurus, lasting two weeks from Friday May 6th until Friday May 20th. This conjunction will move through seventeen degrees of the Zodiac, from 18 degrees Aries to 5 degrees Taurus.

Mercury and Venus are always close travelling companions, never being more than three Signs away from each other and often forming a conjunction with each other for a day or a few days at a time. However, it is rare that they are conjunct for as long as they will be in May. The last time this happened was six years ago, from December 27th 2004 until Jan. 19th 2005, when both Planets were moving through Sagittarius and early Capricorn.

While a conjunction between these two Planets usually is thought to engender pleasant communication with those around us, I can’t help but notice that the undersea earthquake and its attendant tsunami that caused so much destruction in Indonesia and Thailand occurred on the morning of December 26th 2004, the day before this transit came into effect. It’s possible that the upcoming Mercury-Venus conjunction may indicate that another natural disaster of this type is soon to occur.

However, I think it’s more likely that the transit helps us to come together to aid those in need. In 2004 and 2005, there was an unprecedented amount of helpful communication, cooperation and financial support extended to those left homeless and destitute from the tsunami’s destruction. This seems a very good fit with the two Planets’ generally accepted influence, Mercury ruling communication and Venus ruling comfort and how money is spent. This time around, perhaps this transit indicates that once again the world will coordinate its goodwill in a memorable way to help out those afflicted by natural disaster that has already occurred— such as Japan.

The chart of this year’s Spring Equinox reveals a conjunction between the Sun— representing the power of manifestation— and Uranus, the Planet of awakenings and sudden change. This means that spring cleaning for many of us this year may involve more than shaking the dust out of the carpets. Our relationships, jobs, possessions, and coping skills are all candidates for a good scrubbing and reorganizing this Spring season. Enjoy the warmer weather, and I wish you the best in this year’s very Uranian Spring.

Jim Trader
Jupiter Rising Astrological Services

NOTE: This is not a typical “horoscope” reading, breaking astrological influences down by Sign for a given period of time. The information in this column should apply to most people, most of the time. If you have any questions, or want specific personalized information on how what’s going on in the heavens affects you, contact Jim Trader.

Time of The Season

Beltane comes to us from the Celts, who inhabited a large section of Europe before the Common Era. The thing to remember about the Celts, is that they were not a united people, nor did they have a common culture, or a common language. They were vast numbers of tribes that spread out across the continent, until they eventually reached the British Isles.

It is these British Celts who gave us the celebration of Beltane. Historically, this was a festival celebrated in Ireland, Scotland, and the Isle of Man. These are the three places we think of as Celtic, today. In Irish Gaelic, the month of May is known as Mí Bhealtaine or Bealtaine, and the festival as Lá Bealtaine 'day of Bealtaine' or, 'May Day'. In Scottish Gaelic, the month is known as either (An) Cèitean or a' Mhàigh, and the festival is known as Latha Bealltainn or simply Bealltainn.

In modern Witchcraft, Beltane is the last of the three Fertility Sabbats. We had Imbolc, when the ewes began giving milk. We had Ostara, when the night and day were equal, and the land visibly returned to life. Now we have Beltane, where the Sun God marries the Goddess, and again starts the cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Living on the high desert plains of the northern hemisphere, it’s this time of year when I first begin to see the return of Spring. Warm days in the 60’s and 70’s are more common, though we still expect it might snow 3 feet or more overnight. While the rest of the country looks to the Robin as a herald of Spring, I know that Spring is truly here when the miller moths start circling the porch light at my front door.

The trees are still bare, but the grass has started to green, and there are new leaves sprouting on bushes. Woodpeckers wake me early in the morning, sounding like a jackhammer on my house. There are new calls of birds that haven’t been heard for months. Canadian geese are less frequent in the sky, and birds of all other types now fill the air.

Beltane marks the midpoint between Ostara and Litha, what most would call mid-Spring, but really it’s the beginning of Summer. It’s at this time that the bare trees in my yard will explode back to life one at a time, but so fast I won’t notice it happening. I’ll just look up one day and they’ll be bare, the next they’ll be full of leaves, and pollen will fill the air.

Spring fever is rampant, and even as intelligent and removed from our animal selves as we like to think we are, we still feel the instinctual compulsion to seek a mate. Everything is coming to life around us, and we don’t want to be left out. These are the things that are happening around us, and to us.

This is the good time, between the freeze of Winter, and the bake of Summer. It doesn’t last long, but it feels wonderful. Each of us, in our own way, takes notice of the changes all around us. Even the most unobservant can’t help but see what’s happening. We are coming back to life as well.

I have to admit, Beltane is my favorite holiday. After all, my birthday is April 30. It’s Beltane that is usually the first Sabbat warm enough to comfortably do Ritual outside. Here in Colorado, the last freeze is around the middle of May, so the evenings are still chilly. Even so, the days are warm and sunny, for the most part.

This is the time to start planting for harvest in the Fall. Not just crops, but thoughts and ideas. If you have something you want to do by Fall, start planting the seeds by doing the physical preparation now. Work on the physical plane to make yourself ready to receive what you’re looking for. This puts energy toward your goal that you can use in your magick.

Remember, magick isn’t something you just do in Ritual, it’s done every day by the actions you take. The beautiful thing about magick, is that it is capable of anything, if you put enough Will and Intent into it. Nothing is impossible, if you know it’s not. Believe in yourself, that is the first rule of magick. Know that you are capable, and able to manifest whatever you wish into your life.

This sounds easy enough, but we all have those times when we doubt our ability. We all have our dark days when everything seems to just go wrong. Don’t let those days rule your life. Think positive, and positive things will happen. I know this sounds flakey, but it really does work. Your attitude determines what happens to you more than any other factor.

Magick is dependent on Will and Intent. What is Will and Intent, if not attitude? Anything is possible, if you decide it is. It’s your choice to make. Don’t let others hold you down. Do what you must in order to bring what you want into your life. It doesn’t happen overnight, so don’t expect it to. We’re planting for the Fall, so give your desires the time they need, in order to manifest themselves. You may be surprised at how easy they come.

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Blessed Be,
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