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[Witch Way] Volume #4 Issue #11 -- And The Wheel Turns...
April 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Beltane!

Ken's Korner

Hopefully where you are, Spring is obvious now. Here, Spring is coming on with a vengeance, even without the normal rain or snow storms. Beltane is just around the corner, and the crabapple tree in my backyard is in full bloom, with mostly red flowers but one branch of the tree is putting out pure white blossoms. With the warmer weather, we’re all waking up from our Winter slumber, and becoming much busier. The same is true for me, I’ve been doing a lot of work on the new house, replacing windows and trying to grow some grass. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had much time for writing, so this is going to be a shorter newsletter than normal.

Back in January, I was interviewed by Modern Pagan TV. I had completely forgotten about doing the interview in the last couple of months. While searching online for something else, I came across the first part of the interview on YouTube. With a little help (thanks Jamie!) I found the other two parts of the interview about the book I co-wrote, Invoking The Egyptian Gods. As is normal for me, we got a little off topic, and started talking about other things. This is not your normal author interview. We talked about Deity in general, and about ritual, as well as many other subjects. Dry, this isn’t. I had a great time doing the interview, and I think that comes across.

The interview is in three parts, so you don’t have to watch the whole thing at once.

You can watch Modern Pagan TV live every Tuesday night at 7pm Mountain time, that’s 9PM Eastern – 6PM Pacific, and I believe 2AM Wednesday mornings GMT. They have a live chat going on while the show is airing, and the one time I was able to join, we had a blast! You can also watch the most current show anytime, you just don’t get the live chat with it.

While this is produced and shot here in Denver, guests can be from anywhere in the world using Skype. Sometimes they even have questions come in through Skype, so you can see the person asking. All you need to watch the show is your browser, Internet Explorer works fine.

This is a quality production, shot in a real TV studio, using multiple cameras. I’ve worked with video for over ten years now, and I was very impressed with the operation. I expect that as they get more experience, the show will only get better.

For all those people who keep telling me that there are no Witches near them, this is a great way to become part of a Pagan community, even if it’s virtual. With chat, you have the ability to interact with people who have similar beliefs, ask questions, and have fun. I know that once I get off the night shift at work, I plan to make this a weekly event.

Take a little time this month, and watch the interview, and definitely check out Modern Pagan TV. The current show when I looked at it this weekend featured Keidrick Olsen, who is a local Norse Heathen, and author of several books on Runes. Keidrick is the author of the only book on Runes that I own. This guy is a true Rune Master, and much of what he says about the Runes, can be used for other divinatory tools such as Tarot.

Enjoy the shows, and I’ll see you next month.

As I said above, this is a short issue, just Marcus Leader’s column this month. While you’re reading it, near the end where he explains the why, think about where a point on the earth is in relation to the sun at dusk. Then when he talks about the Sabbats also being powerful, think about where the earth is in relation to the sun. I think you’ll realize why they are related.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Riding The Sacred Wheel

All of my magickal life, since I was about 16, I have been puzzled by the mysterious forces of our magickal world and how and why they changed and fluctuated throughout our magickal seasons or Sabbats. It was not until I entered my apprenticeship with the shaman/sorcerer Dr. Carlos Castaneda that my questions were answered with a rather dramatic demonstration.

On one of our many expeditions that took place during my eight year apprenticeship, Carlos took me deep into Mexico to a place rich with magickal lore and saturated with power. We arrived at our destination about an hour before sunset in Oaxaca Mexico, a place where Toltec apprentices of our lineage were often taught.

Carlos was driving and I was hot and tired after being in the car for hours on this road trip and I could not wait to get to the hotel so I could get some sleep. Then, as though he could read my mind, he pointed to a tall rugged looking hill and said, “ I hope you brought your hiking boots Marcos, we have to be on top of that hill before the sun sets”. Thinking he was joking I laughed and said, “yeah right”. After assuring me he was quite serious I began to get that uneasy feeling that I had so often, whenever I went anywhere with him. One thing that I had learned about being Carlos’s apprentice is that things were never as they seemed and events could and usually did turn quite bizarre at any given moment.

On the hike up the hill he told me that he was going to allow me to experience firsthand the shift of energy on a major power spot as the Earth transitioned into twilight. I thought to myself “cool” this should not be too traumatic of a lesson. I mean what could possibly happen when twilight approached? I think more than anything else I was trying to find a logical comforting argument to help calm my trepidations about climbing this “power spot” in the Middle of Mexico right before it got dark. It wasn’t working!

We reached the summit about 15 minutes before sun down. Exhausted from the climb, I collapsed on top of a rock outcropping. As soon as I did, Carlos said,” Marcos I would not sit there if I were you”, and with a nod of his head toward the rock that I was sitting on I saw a large, pissed off snake! I yelled and jumped up so fast that it must have startled the snake as he took off one direction with me in the other.

After regained my composure, he said,” Marcos, we have to hurry there are only minutes left before the shift. Take off all of your clothes and stand on top of that rock facing the west. The rock was of course, the same rock where I had the snake encounter moments before. I didn’t know what to be more concerned about, the snake or why Carlos insisted that I stand naked in the chaparral on top of a mountain. All I know is he was dead serious and rushing me so I complied against my better judgment.

Just as I stepped on top of the rock, naked to the world, the last rays of the sun were fleeing and gone in less than a minute. I stood there thinking “ok, this is really weird and I feel ridiculous. Just about the time I was going to voice my thoughts to Carlos he hushed me in a very intent and disturbing voice saying, “SILENCE Marcos and behold”. At that moment I began to feel a strange feeling in the pit of my stomach or rather in my solar plexus area. It was like a hunger pain yet different in an indescribable way. The next series of events happened so quickly and were so bizarre that I was not sure if I was dreaming or awake.

Have you ever felt a strong suction from a vacuum on your hand, so sudden and strong that it startles you and you pull back instinctively? That is exactly what happened to me from my solar plexus. I felt as if a powerful suction was about to pull me right off of the hill and into the never never. It scared the hell out me and I truly thought I was lost and going to die. Then as suddenly as it appeared, it subsided with a kind of snap or pop and everything was normal again, just a bit darker.

Carlos told me to get dressed and while I was doing so I asked him “what the hell was that?” He went on to explain that what I had experienced was an etheric shift in pressure as the Earth entered into twilight. He said that normally one cannot discern the shift because the energies of most areas are too subtle, but on the powerful spot where we stood it was greatly magnified due to the torsion fields present in many places of power. He said that essentially what took place was that the energetic pressure holding back the veil that separated our physical world from the etheric world or plane of power as he called it, suddenly dropped as the Earth where we stood moved in a reverse angular position with respect to the Suns gravitational field. He said that the light actually had nothing to do with the effect. He went on to explain that as that happened, my energy, my personal power was being sucked up by the void between the physical and etheric dimensions giving me the illusion of being sucked out of reality. I said,” illusion my ass! I was sure I was about to see the bicycle riding witch from the wizard of Oz at any moment! “

Carlos explained on our trip down the hill side, that this is exactly what happens during sacred days or Sabbats. He said that the torsion field physics of our planet in relation to the sun and other planets cause a special shift of energy that in reality brings the etheric plane of power closer to the physical plane. This also happens during various phases of the moon. He said the ancients knew this very well and learned how to use the shift in their rituals and magick in ways that would greatly magnify the power and communication with the elementals and Deity. While on the long, long trip home he taught me the various techniques that the Ancients discovered and how they applied them. These techniques will be disclosed in next month’s newsletter. After that you can start experimenting with these sacred times of the year for yourself and find new ways to tap into the power and magick of nature.

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Blessed Be,
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