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[Witch Way] Volume #4 Issue #12 -- Everyday Is Mother's Day
May 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Mother's Day!

Ken's Korner

If you live in the US, today is Mother’s Day. It’s the one day a year that we set aside to let our mothers know how much they mean to us. Hopefully we’re doing that more than just once a year, but any reason to celebrate is a good reason. I don’t know that those who created Mother’s Day really understood, but May is one of the most appropriate times they could have picked for such a holiday.

After all, by this point in the year the northern hemisphere is exploding with new growth. The days are warming, yet not so hot that they are oppressive. New life is appearing everywhere, and Nature is sharing Her abundance. This is a day we can set aside to honor the Mother in all Her aspects. We have the women who gave us life, we have the women who have given life to our children, and we have the Mother who has returned to nurture us through another season of abundance.

As you become an experienced Witch, you begin to see spiritual significance in everything. Even Mother’s Day is a spiritual event. This is what we call Living Your Craft, when you take the most ordinary things, and you see the spirituality behind them. This isn’t something that happens over night, nor does it happen when you first set foot on this Path. Just like Nature, it takes time, and is barely perceptible. Suddenly one day you realize just how much you have changed in your outlook of the world around you.

People like myself, and Marcus Leader, can show you some techniques, or relate stories of powerful events we have experienced, but this is your Path, and you must walk it. We cannot teach you what you must know, you can only learn it by direct experience. We can point things out, and offer the benefit of the lessons we’ve learned through experience, but only you can choose to listen or not.

This is the lesson of the Mother. A mother understands that some lessons must be earned, but that she will try to help you avoid the harsher lessons if you will listen. She will also comfort you when that lesson must be earned the hard way. Nurturing, reassuring, and loving. This is what we expect from a mother.

Call your mother today and let her know what she means to you, even if you aren’t celebrating an official holiday today, call your mother. If like me, the woman who gave birth to you is no longer with us, call that special woman who has made a place for you in her heart, and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. You’ll both feel good.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Tapping Into The Primal Force

In my last article I revealed how my teacher had introduced me to the energetic physics of our magickal universe high on a hill top near Oaxaca Mexico. He showed me how the angular pull of gravity could tweak or reshape the structure of the thin buffering zone which separates our physical world from the etheric world or plane of power causing it to thin and allow energy to flow between the worlds.

Many call this barrier between the etheric plane and physical plane the “veil between the worlds”, but, I prefer to call it a buffering zone because that is exactly what it is, a zone of vibrational dissidence where disharmonious vibrations hold the two worlds apart. There is a zone like this between every dimensional plane and each one has its own unique set of frequencies.

When gravity pulls just the right way on this buffering zone it does one of two things, it either stretches out like the skin of a balloon growing thinner so that energy can pass through with reduced resistance to the dissidence or it reshapes and tweaks the body of the buffering zone causing it to spurt forth energy bubbles much like when you bend the rind of an orange and see all the droplets of oil shooting out.

The end result of this manipulation of the buffering zone is an increased flow of etheric energy into our world. This is a natural phenomenon and occurs at sunrise and sunset (as in my last article) with a sudden burst of energy. The lunar cycles also cause a thinning of the zone allowing for greater energy flow at certain times of the month and this is why we have full moon rituals. It also occurs on a global scale at regular intervals throughout the year as our planet moves around the sun in its elliptical orbit.

These global scale shifts occur 8 times a year and can last for several days usually peaking on a certain day. We pagans call these times Sabbats and have learned to use them to honor or communicate with Deity and to conduct our magickal endeavors. What we are able to do with this energy from a magickal or communication perspective depends a lot on how much “personal power” each one of us has AVAILABLE within our own energy system.

You might have noticed that I placed emphasis on the terms personal power and available, because these phrases are the key to the successful manipulation of the energy we call magick. First I will explain what I mean when I use the term “personal power”.

We have a turbulent and constantly changing energy field surrounding our physical bodies which is primarily composed of a very primal energy that is essentially Life Force energy, the stuff that defines life and sustains us. It is known by many names but it is probably best known as orgone or chi energy.

This is also the energy used in magick of all kinds. This field of energy is egg shaped and often referred to as the human aura. The totality of the energy contained in this field is what Toltec shamans call “personal power”. The average person has an aura that extends outward from the physical body to a distance of approximately 3 feet.

Other people who meditate or practice some form of mental/spiritual development may have auras that extend to twice this distance. While other “adepts” skilled in some form of advanced practice could extend even further. My friend and mentor Carlos Castaneda had an aura that extended out to about 30 feet! This is why people could feel him long before they saw him enter a room.

Then there are the ascended masters whose auras extend to over a hundred feet in all directions and the energy fields within are so great that they create a halo effect wherever the master travels while incarnated. As you have probably guessed by now, the larger the aura the greater the personal power a person processes. However, as the old saying goes, size is not everything.

When I used the term AVAILABLE, this is exactly what I was referring to. You can have a 10 foot aura and still not be able to do what a normal person with a 3 foot aura can do, because not all of the totality of your energy field may be available for use all the time. Toltec shamans discovered this fact centuries ago when they noticed that some people had very dark shimmers at the outer surface of the aura walls.

This was later discovered to be a type of plaque made up of stale or dormant energy that was building up on the inner side of the outer wall of the aura causing the overall brightness of the aura to dim significantly. This dormant energetic plaque also took away a substantial amount of available energy from the person. This energetic plaque is the result of non-use and most people have it to one degree or another.

A person with too much of this plaque buildup could start experiencing health issues and become rather lethargic. They also might never fully realize their magickal potential while handicapped by this condition. Therefore, the ancient Toltec shamans developed a series of special techniques that when used properly, would free up 95 per cent of this energy plaque and help to reclaim lost personal power.

These techniques became part of the core teachings of my lineage and a required skill for all future apprentices. These techniques were found to have a dual purpose, one to free up dormant energy and the other to actually syphon energy from nature and other living entities.

These techniques were called “movements of power” and later evolved into “the magical passes”. Some of the magical passes were released to the public by Carlos Castaneda, however, the original movements of power, which could syphon energy from other sources, have never been released to date. The movements are similar in some ways to the oriental practice of tai chi, but tend to be a bit jerkier which is intended to free up the dormant energy plaque. A person who has mastered both sets of movements would wield a great amount of personal power that could be used for both healing and magickal intentions.

When Carlos introduced me to the concept of energy flow on that hill top in Oaxaca he then proceeded to tell me that I had witnessed one of the miracles of the universe and that I had totally wasted the energy that was being offered as a gift. My perplexed stare at him while he drove made him shake his head and say,”Marcos, don’t bother asking, you would not understand though words alone. We are headed to the one place that will make everything clear to you”.

Although I mentally thought Uh Oh this is going to be one of those lessons again, I verbally said “cool, where are headed?” He looked over at me and flashed a mischievous grin and tossed me a road map saying” you navigate Marcos, I have marked our destination in red.” I took the map and opened it up and immediately a red circle jumped out at me and hand written in the circle was Teotihuacán!

This was the ruins of the ancient magnificent city of the Toltec’s, birth place to our modern shamanic lineage! I was so excited I thought I was going to throw up, but then realized it was car sickness from Carlos’s inattentive driving. He told me that we were going to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun and we had to arrive there in the darkness before sunrise and we had to do it without anyone seeing us.

At the top of the pyramid Carlos said he would teach me how to pull and store the energy of the earth and sun using these special techniques just moments before dawn. This was an experience that scared me so badly that I thought my fear would cause a heart attack.

However, this is an article for a newsletter so I will have to share that story with you in next month’s issue and I will also be teaching you some of the more basic movements of power as well. So until next month, thank you so much for allowing me to share my knowledge and experiences with you.

What Is Your Tradition?

There are many traditions of Witchcraft out there, everything from Gardnerian, to Alexandrian, to Family Traditions. What makes a Tradition? Repetition for the most part. The fact that someone does something over and over, makes it a Tradition. Most of us are familiar with the Gardnerian Tradition, it’s what just about every other Tradition of Witchcraft is based on.

Gardnerian Wicca is of course named for Gerald Gardner, who published the first books on modern Witchcraft. The fact that he was the High Priest of the Coven, and published the first couple of books on Witchcraft, is why we call it Gardnerian. Alex Saunders created his own Tradition, taking the basics of what Gardner had, and swapping out the British Gods for Egyptian Gods. He named it Alexandrian Wicca for the city in Egypt that Alexander the Great founded.

Most Witches today don’t have a Tradition. They call themselves Eclectic Witches. Because they’ve learned what they know from a variety of books, they’ve taken pieces of each Tradition to use as their own. This is perfectly acceptable. A person’s spirituality is their own, and based on what they believe, so taking pieces and parts from other Traditions is absolutely valid.

The problem is that 99% of these Eclectic Witches who I’ve talked to, and done ritual with, have never done a ritual the same way twice. They grab the Quarter Calls from one Tradition for one ritual, then the Quarter Calls from another Tradition for the next ritual, and maybe even write different Quarter Calls for the next three rituals. They use this same method for every part of every ritual, so that they always end up with completely different rituals each time. They say the variety keeps things fresh for them.

The problem as I see it, is that because they never Cast Circle or call the same Gods, or do any of the other elements of ritual the same way twice, they can’t call it a Tradition. Remember, Tradition is something you always do. This on its own isn’t that big of a deal, if it works for them, that’s great. My question is, how do they know it works?

One of the things I teach my students from the very start, is that while in class, we will use the same elements of ritual for every ritual. I do this same thing within my Coven. There are times when we might change the Quarter Calls, or Invoke different Gods, but when we do, it’s for a specific reason. We don’t just randomly change things because we can.

By almost always using the same ritual elements, we have created our own Tradition. We have also found something that works. We know it works because we can get repeatable results every time we use those same ritual elements. Can those who change everything every time, get positive results? Remember, the point of doing things in a ritualistic manner, is to get your brain to switch over to the ritual mindset. By calling the Quarters and lighting the candles, you are telling your subconscious that it is time to do magick, and that you want to communicate with it.

If you are always doing things differently each time you do ritual, how will your subconscious know that you are trying to communicate? How will it know what you want to do?

Ritual can be thought of as a form of art. The person writing and performing the ritual would be the artist. Think about how an artist uses paint. They mix colors to obtain different colors, but do they randomly pick two or more colors to mix, and hope to get a color that looks right? Of course not! Yet this is exactly what most Witches do. The artist’s choice of colors to mix is based on experience and knowledge. An artist knows that if they mix yellow with blue, they will get green. The more yellow they mix, the lighter the green they will attain. If they need a lighter shade of red, the artist knows that a little white will give them that result.

How does the artist know this information? Most likely someone taught them the basics, but they have the experience of having done it many times. Each time they mix the same colors, they get similar results. They have been able to repeat what they need by doing the same thing each time.

The Eclectic Witch tends to be more like a five year old, haphazardly mixing whatever colors look nice. What they end up with is a brown sludge that isn’t appealing at all, but instead of learning from that experience, they continue to make brown sludge with each ritual. They then paint this goo onto some piece of paper they happened to find, and they call it a picture.

I’m not knocking eclecticism, that is what allows us to find techniques that work better for ourselves, and to create new Traditions. I’m knocking the practice of mixing whatever bright colors look good, and hoping that you’ll end up with a new color that also looks good.

Because most Eclectic Witches never do anything the same way twice, and they don’t keep notes on results in their Book of Shadows, they never learn why their magick doesn’t work. Ritual and magick are just like everything else, you do what works, and if you do the same thing each time, it should work every time. If you want to change something, change only one thing, and see what happens.

It’s much easier to get the results you want if you use a Tradition that’s already out there. Learn it, use it, become good at it. Then, once you have mastered the Tradition, you can adjust it by trying new things one at a time, to see if that one thing works better or not. If it works better, keep using it. I know that sounds obvious, but you would be surprised how many Witches will throw out elements that work great for them, in the name of being an Eclectic Witch.

Eclectic Witchcraft is not a Tradition. Being eclectic simply means that you are not bound by a specific Tradition to using just the elements of that Tradition. Start with a known Tradition. It’s a known Tradition because it works. Once you can use the ritual elements of that Tradition well enough that you can Erect the Temple while keeping your mind firmly on the goal of the ritual, not the words you need to speak, you can start looking at other ways to make your Craft your own.

Until you take the time and the effort to master a specific Tradition of Witchcraft, your rituals will be chaotic, and your magick haphazard. This is a simple Truth of Witchcraft.

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Blessed Be,
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