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[Witch Way] Volume #5 Issue #1 -- Our 5 Year Anniversary
June 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Litha!

Ken's Korner

Here we are, the start of the 5th year of Witch Way. It seems like just a couple of months ago, we had reached 430 subscribers. I just checked and we now have 1226 people signed up to get this newsletter. We get between six and nine thousand unique visitors to the website each month. For comparison, the first month, we had a total of 9 unique visitors, and a total of 4 subscribers to Witch Way.

Not bad growth for four years work, and it has been a lot of work. It’s also a labor of love. I couldn’t do it otherwise. To give you a small preview of the next year, I am accumulating equipment to build a video studio. I have some ideas for producing some videos that I think will help a lot of people. Some videos I plan to put up for sale, to help pay for the continued health of the website, but a lot of the videos will be free, and full of content to help you understand Witchcraft, and maybe even become a better Witch.

I’ve also got a trip to the Mediterranean planned for the end of August. I expect to shoot some video on the Pagan cultures while I’m there. If anyone seeing this happens to live on the north side of the Med, let me know, I’d love to meet you, learn more about the local culture, and how you follow your particular Path.

I’m finding that in the last few months I’m getting all sorts of new ideas about things to add to the website. If there’s something you’d especially like to see, or learn about, let me know. I can create content all day long, but it’s not very useful if no one wants it. Just reply to this news letter, and I will get the email. The best stuff, is what you want, not what I think you want.

With this issue of Witch Way, we have a new writer. Gwynalda Shadowalker joins the staff, and begins her column called, Betwixt & Between. I’ve known Gwynalda for several years, and she is in fact High Priestess of my Coven. She knows her stuff. She will be joining Marcus Leader, as a monthly contributor to Witch Way, starting with this issue.

I have been looking for more people to provide good, solid content for the newsletter. Most people tend to be shy about their writing, even if they are good at it. I suspect that even if I had enough articles and content to put out a 100 page magazine, you would probably read it, if it was solid, useful or entertaining information. I am always looking for people who are willing to send regular, or even one-off articles.

The entire point of the website, and this newsletter, is to get information that you want, and that you find useful, into your hands where you can use it. I want to help you become better at your Craft. We are always learning and growing, and if you don’t have to go through the trial and error that I did, to learn something, then I feel I’ve helped.

By providing unique and diverse articles here in Witch Way, I believe I am providing information that you just can’t get anywhere else. Even if you’re not following a South American Shamanistic Path, reading The Witching Hour can give you a new way of looking at things that you might never have thought of. You never know what might be in an article that sparks a completely new way of looking at things.

Isn’t that what Witchcraft is all about? Looking at things in a new, different, and unique way, that most people just never quite understand is at the heart of Witchcraft. Realizing that using your imagination doesn’t mean making something up, it means seeing something that hasn’t been recognized yet. Most adults had their imagination removed years ago by parents, teachers, and other kids. We as Witches recognize that imagination is the key to making our lives the way we want them to be.

We are quickly coming up on Litha. Midsummer, as it was known in western Europe, means that we start the trek back down to the short, cold days of Winter. Half the year has gone already, so I’m going to ask you a question, and I want you to give yourself an honest answer. After all, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?

My question is this; What have you accomplished so far this year? I want you to think long and hard on this question. I’ve already given you examples of some of the things I’ve started to accomplish at this half way mark. I expect to have a video studio up and running by Fall, and producing videos for you before the end of the year. I’m well on my way to reaching this goal.

What have you accomplished? I ask this because if your answer is nothing, or you can’t think of anything that you’ve really done by this point in the year, then you’re not living your life, you’re letting it live you. If you haven’t really accomplished anything, you’re not alone. Most people never even set goals. They go to work, they spend their money on bills, and they wonder why their life is so bad. It’s bad because they haven’t done anything!

If you’ve been sitting around your house thinking that there’s got to be more to life than this, you’re right. There is more! I know, it’s hard to work 40 or more hours a week at a job, then have energy for anything else. By the time the weekend arrives, all you want to do is sleep, but you have to do all the things you couldn’t do during the week. You are a slave to your own life.

Witchcraft can help you break out of your rut, and as part of my goal I’ve set for the year, I’m going to show you how. If you’ve been reading this newsletter for any length of time, you know I was there. We all go through those times where life seems null. There are any number of reasons for life to get you down, but Witchcraft is a constant that, when you do it right, can pull you up so your head is above water, and you can look around at all that life has to offer.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey. It’s up to you, you can let life stay as it is, or you can change it. You are a special person, and you deserve the best life has to offer. You should make life what you want it to be, and you are the only one who can.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Lessons of Power

How to tap into and use the sea of power that exists all around us.

I my last article, I told you how Carlos Castaneda, (my friend and mentor), had taken me on a 10 day field trip deep into Mexico where he demonstrated the flows of energy in sacred places. He also taught me how certain times of the day and year can cause increased energy flow much the same way that our oceans have high and low tides.

After dramatically proving this to me beyond a shadow of a doubt, he told me how this energy is always available in varying degrees to anyone who wishes to tap into it for the purpose of increasing personal power. Carlos explained that personal power is the total amount of free energy that a person has within their own energy body. This energy can be used for healing or for magickal purposes when casting intentions or performing extraordinary physical feats.

After leaving Oaxaca we headed North to a place that I had always dreamed about (literally), the great Toltec city of Teotihuacán. Taking turns behind the wheel we drove and talked, or I should say he talked and I listened, as he revealed to me secrets of energy and energy manipulation that had been handed down teacher to student by word of mouth alone for five centuries!

After the first few hours, I think it became apparent to Carlos that I was having trouble digesting the massive amount of knowledge he was sharing. So without notice, he hit me hard in the area of my right shoulder blade almost knocking the wind out of me. This was probably not a good idea since I was driving at the time and I jerked the wheel and ran off the road into a field. From that point on Carlos drove.

The reason that he hit me was to shift my assemblage point of awareness to a place that was more conducive to storing long term memory with absolute clarity. The down side to being in this altered awareness or separate reality as Carlos liked to call it, was the fact that much of the knowledge stored would take months if not years to trickle down into our ordinary awareness. Until that time the only way to access the knowledge was to shift into this altered awareness. I will be talking more about the assemblage point and this “separate reality” in another article.

It was the middle of the night when we arrived outside the ruins of Teotihuacán. We got out of the car and Carlos threw me a canteen of water and told me to use the gait of power to keep up with him as we had to travel quickly and silently through the darkness without being seen. He had taught me this Toltec technique of running in darkness at a high speed without danger in the previous year and this was my first real opportunity to see how well I had learned it. All I will say about that was OUCH! I obviously still needed practice.

We ran almost non-stop toward the Pyramid of the Sun where the first Toltec sorcerer/priests of our lineage ruled over this magnificent magickal city. I was amazed at how I was not even out of breath which I attributed to the gait of power. That would change as we started the ascent to the very top. Upon arriving at the top I collapsed and thought I was going to have a heart attack and Carlos just stood there laughing , not even winded and he was quite a bit my senior.

He had me sit facing east and as we awaited the sunrise he told me more about the sea of energy around us. He said the primal force flowing through and around this or any other place of power is much like a great wind that blows across the land. While we can feel the wind and its affects around us, it is of little value unless we can channel and harness it. In the physical world, we do that with windmills or more recently, wind turbines to turn the power of the wind into a usable form. It is the same for Earth energies.

In order to channel them into a constructive purpose, be it to charge our own energy bodies or to shape it into a thought form as we do with spell casting, we must open an access channel within ourselves by stopping the internal "chatter" of our minds long enough for our awareness to shift from the physical world. When that occurs, any excessive Earth energies around us will be accessible to us and at the command of our intent. This is the power that Toltec sorcerers find in silence and through the centuries they have developed several methods to stop this internal chatter that we use to sustain our view of reality.

He instructed me to use one of those techniques right now and to keep doing it until the first rays of light entered my eyes. He also told me to rock my head slowly side to side as if saying NO to someone and while I did that he said I should take in the rays of the sun with my eyes narrowed to slits.

As I did this I felt rather ridiculous, again, but when the sun broke the horizon and entered my eyes it felt like I was a battery being charged with a powerful flow of energy. I felt more alive in that moment than any previous time in my life! At first I thought I was pulling in the sun’s energy through my eyes, but quickly realized that it was not the sun that filled me with life force, it was the Earth herself. I could feel the energy shooting up into me from below and showing out the top of my head like a spectacular fireworks display.

I was in total awe and wanted it to last forever. After a few more minutes it naturally began to wane and I returned to my normal state of awareness feeling so powerful that I felt I could fly if I wanted to. Talk about a natural high! I think Carlos was worried about me trying to fly home so he made me sit down and continued his lesson in power.

He said that I was correct in assuming the energy came from the Earth mother and NOT from the sun. He said the action of slowly shaking my head NO with my eyes narrowed was to focus my Intent on siphoning energy and the narrowed eyes was to protect them from staring at the sun too long. The energy flowed up from the Earth through the pyramid into me as it was triggered by the torsion fields of gravity at that very magickal moment of the day. He also said that this can be done by anyone anywhere even if it is cloudy. However performing this at on a power spot like this pyramid greatly amplified the effects.

This technique is extremely valuable to anyone who requires an energy boost for health reasons or for those preparing to perform some serious magick. The simplest way to learn this on your own is to wait for the sun to rise and while you wait sit comfortable on the bare ground and make sure your hands or feet are in firm contact with the Earth. Sitting completely naked is best as long as you don’t freak out your neighbors. Then look toward the eastern horizon as it begins to glow and CROSS your eyes slightly taking them out of focus.

This is a Toltec technique called NOT DOING. It will take your mind off of your reality and silence the internal chatter in your head. Then, as the first rays break, start the side to side movement of your head as though you were saying NO and continue until you feel the energy build up and wane. Unless you are on a power spot do not expect the same dramatic results that I got. Keep in mind that these energy boosts are accumulative and can be stored and built up for several days before a magickal act if needed.

SO until the next issue, say goodbye to those unhealthy energy drinks and drink the power of the Earth mother instead.

Betwixt & Between
Here are some salient House-Cleansing Tips and Tricks glommed from the Book of Shadows in my brain. (And please feel free to do what you will with this information—use it or not—howsoever you wish and in whatever way works best for you; I won’t be offended if you choose to use none of it.):

Here’s a recipe for the penultimate protective and banishing incense that has proven extremely effective at banishing those “astral nasties” called “Fiery Wall of Protection”: Equal parts Frankincense, Myrrh and Dragon’s Blood plus no more than 3 to 9 TINY* grains of non-iodized Sea Salt.

And here’s a recipe for my all-purpose sanctifying and blessing incense that I call “Sage Ben Franklin”: Equal parts by volume ground White Sage (from loose leaves or smudge stick), Benzoin and Frankincense.

As always, a psychic assessment and divination is necessary to diagnose just exactly what it is that you’re dealing with and whether or not the ritual should proceed as planned.

Cleansing = “Shoo—Go Away—Ickynesses are no longer welcome here,” followed by a Blessing of the space.

Banishing = The above, plus: “Begone! Be Banished! Be Elsewhere NOW!” & the setting of permanent Protective Wards at every major point of ingress and egress to the structure. I like to anchor my Wards with charged stones, such as black tourmaline and tiger’s eye.

Exorcism = Both of the above, plus: A Casting Out of the worst and most extreme of the astral nasties and Consigning them to the Farthest Reaches of the Outer Darkness where they belong, and Binding them there. (This advanced technique requires a great deal of Divine assistance for most of the heavy lifting and the invocation of one or more Sentinels to permanently guard the space.)

Usually, a simple Cleansing followed by a Blessing will suffice. For sensible magickal folks such as Witches, who work with subtle energies on a regular basis, a Banishing followed by a Warding works best.

Please note: According to my teachers, any non-corporeal being horrid enough to require an Exorcism CANNOT be rehabilitated or rendered benign and harmless with white light & blessings & good intentions. That said, in over 20 years, I’ve never encountered a situation where such an extreme measure was necessary.

Before moving out here to Colorado, I’d only ever participated in one official “Ghostbusting” session. That was for a gal in my Coven back in New York City. Something odd was in her apartment (built at the turn of the previous century). It really freaked me out when it blew out my candle and spattered hot wax all over a mojo bag containing a protectively-charged gold-sheen obsidian egg. After we performed the Banishing (I wouldn’t go so far as to call it an “Exorcism”) and subsequent Blessing/Warding, she didn’t have any more problems.

Shortly thereafter, she made an odd comment about how a Witch’s skills at banishing astral nasties would be in high demand out here in Colorado. She’d heard that there were lots of restless spirits lurking about and making mischief.

Blessed Be—Gwynalda

* to prevent CL asphyxiation

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Blessed Be,
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