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[Witch Way] Volume #4 Issue #4 -- Memorials, Ghost Boxes, & Mabon
September 13, 2011
Hi, Happy Mabon!

Ken's Korner

Iím writing this on Saturday, September 10, 2011. Youíre reading it on or after Tuesday, September 13th. Between now and then, there will be a memorial in New York City, commemorating the tenth anniversary of the day the towers fell.

I remember driving in to work that morning, and hearing that a plane had hit the North Tower. My first thought was of a small Cessna hitting the building and falling to the ground. When they said it was an airliner, I remembered pictures Iíd seen of a B25 that crashed into the Empire State Building in the 40ís. It took out part of a wall, but stayed mostly intact, sitting in the middle of the offices.

I was working for the cable company at the time, and when I got to work, every TV was showing the hole in the building, with thick, black smoke pouring out. We watched live as the second plane hit the South Tower. At that moment, I knew. I knew that this was no accident. Someone had purposely flown two passenger jets full of fuel into the tallest building in the largest city, on the east coast. That was the day the world changed.

It wasnít until later that we found out who was responsible. Muslim extremists had killed almost 3000 people, just to show that they could. I can remember thinking that we had no way of knowing which Muslims in this country were here for a better life, and which wanted to kill us. I remember thinking that they all needed to be locked away, both for our protection, and theirs. You see, I expected lynch mobs in the streets, hunting down anyone who ďlookedĒ Muslim, as they sought revenge.

Iím glad my expectations were wrong. It took me only a few seconds to realize that locking up, or deporting all Muslims was just plain wrong. When I was a kid, my parents told me about how the US government had locked up the Japanese all across the country, during World War II. I could never understand how that could happen. How does the government just decide to lock up a group of its citizens?

Now I understood. I understood with total clarity.

Itís easy to blame all those who share a specific trait, be it skin color, ethnicity, or religion, for the actions of a few. We Pagans like to think we are persecuted because of our religion, but talk to a Muslim in America, and youíll find out what persecution is. Talk to anyone who even looks like they are from the Middle East. That guy behind the counter at the gas station, is he from Iran, or India? Iíll bet youíre too scared to ask.

I remember going to New York City in May of 2001. I happened to see the pilot as we were waiting for the aircraft to arrive, and started talking to him. He invited me to come up to the cockpit after I got my gear stowed, and we spent about ten minutes as he showed me the glass instrumentation while the flight crew did their pre-flight check. The navigation system showed the entire flight from the gate in Denver, to the gate in New Jersey.

I remember walking between the two towers, and the huge bronze sculpture of the world there. I remember planning to go to a Tall Personís Party at the top of the towers, but plans getting changed. I remember thinking ďOh well, Iíll just go up to the top the next time Iím in New York.Ē

It never occurred to me, until the towers started to fall, that they could. One of the advantages of working for the cable company was that every house I went to that day had a TV, and every one of them was showing the same thing. I remember seeing the horror in the faces of people sitting in their living rooms 2000 miles away from the disaster.

I remember it became fashionable to fly an American flag outside your house again. Itís been ten years, where have all the flags gone? I remember the government hurriedly passing all sorts of laws to ďprotectĒ us. Now it seems I have to prove my citizenship every few months.

The last couple of weeks, Iíve been watching the specials that Steven Spielberg produced about rebuilding the World Trade Center. The new tower has Curtain Walls made of concrete. I know the term as the proper description of the walls of a castle, and these are nearly as thick.

The memorial itself is probably one of the most appropriate uses of architecture Iíve ever seen. The foundations of the towers, left where they are, and faced with granite, a never ending waterfall cascading down the sides. The whole thing surrounded by a forest of trees, one in particular, called the Survivor Tree, was dug up, still alive from under the rubble of the towers. You can actually see the new growth since the destruction of the towers.

Ringing the edges of the two footprints of the towers, are a pair of bronze railings with the names of all 2977 victims from New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania. Unlike most memorials, this isnít simply a list of names. The designer asked families and friends of the victims, to give them information on who knew each other. The memorial is a relational list, where friends, families, and coworkers are all listed together. People who knew each other next to one another, their names carved in bronze.

Iím hearing rumors that there will be no religious speaker of any kind at the memorial service. I also hear that in order to accommodate all the politicians who want to show the country how much they care, none of the first responders will be allowed at the service. Personally, I think they kicked out the wrong group.

I guess I can see why the organizers wouldnít want any religious speakers, or prayers. I mean, if you invite one group, you have to invite all of them. I suspect the Muslim Imam would cause a riot, no matter what he said. Even so, I think he deserves the chance to be heard.

To this day I know people who demonize all Muslims because of the actions of a few. Thatís like condemning all Christians because the KKK hung a black man, or all Witches because a farmerís field was blighted. We, of all groups should understand the folly and stupidity of this.

When word got out that they wanted to put an Islamic Outreach Center near Ground Zero, everyone got all up in arms about the mosque that was going to be built. That is the worst part of humanity, the mob mentality that refuses to listen to anything but what it wants to hear, no matter how loud or how often the facts are stated.

The new tower itself wonít be finished in time for the anniversary, but the architect, and construction crews have promised to have it at least 1000 feet tall by tomorrow. That is the best of Humanity. Itís a trait that I think was actually best described in the original Babylon 5 movie.

Sitting next to the Japanese rock garden on the station, the Minbari ambassador asks the Commander, ďWhy Babylon 5? After the first four stations were destroyed within 24 hours of becoming active, why build a fifth?Ē The Commander answered, ďThatís what we Humans do. When something is destroyed, we rebuild it, bigger and better than before. No matter how many times it takes, or how long we have to work at it, we always rebuild until it stays.Ē

The new tower has become a symbol of national pride. When finished, it will stand 1776 feet tall. Itís a shame that the memorial canít be a symbol of religious tolerance. That, more than anything would prove that the terrorists havenít won. Fear is the terroristís goal. Thatís why the root word is terror. Depriving any group of their rights is unacceptable. If indeed the memorial service is devoid of any religion, then all religions have been deprived of their rights.

Many Muslims also died that day, and Iím not talking about the hijackers. Muslims, Christians, Shinto, Buddhists, Jews, Pagans, and many other religions were represented by those who died that day. Itís hard for anyone who hasnít seen those towers, to really comprehend just how massive the destruction was. Each tower had its own ZIP code. I know of at least three Japanese firms in the towers, a Korean firm, and many other companies from around the globe that had offices there.

World Trade Center wasnít just a name.

Because of one group of religious zealots, the world has paid a horrible price. All religious Paths have suffered because of it. Many of our rights have been removed because of it, and we gave them freely out of fear. Itís time we stood up and said No More. Not just Pagans. Not just Americans. Itís time the entire world stood up and said No More, to those who rule by fear, those who believe theirs is the only way, those who destroy because they can.

Because of the passengers of Flight 93, everyone now knows that Americans wonít sit by while their plane is taken over. We will fight back. When the people of the world stand up and fight back against those who terrorize them, there will be no more terror. Itís within us all to do, and it is also our responsibility, whether the terror is religious, political, or economic.

Thomas Jefferson once said, ďThe man who trades freedom for security, has neither.Ē

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

The Ghost Box in Theory and Practice

One might wonder what an article about a device used to speak to the dead could have to do with paganism or witchcraft. While I have found that most pagans share an interest in the paranormal and communication with those on the other side of the veil, there is a more significant reason for me sharing this information with those who study and practice witchcraft.

The Ghost Box is a device used by many paranormal researchers with the intention of opening communication channels with the dead or other extra-dimensional entities. Exactly how it does this is not fully understood at this time, but if one had a workable theory it would grant greater control and therefore success to those who try to contact spirits, Deity, or other elemental entities on the other side, be it with scientific devices or magickal rituals.

For those who practice any form of magick it would be of incredible value helping us to control and supercharge our work with Elementals, summoning, or banishing as well as divination.

So, how does this work and how might you incorporate it into your own magickal practice? There are some theories on the topic including my own that I have pioneered through my own research both in and out of the lab. My research and theories are a product of both my scientific knowledge of hyper-dimensional physics and my Toltec shamanic training with Carlos Castaneda.

But before I get into the How and How Toís of my findings, perhaps I should first introduce you to the Ghost Box to give you a little background and perspective on this topic.

Inspired by an article on EVPs and spirit communication in the October 1995 edition of Popular Electronics, Frank Sumption became fascinated with the concept of communication with the spirit world through electronic devices. He began experimenting with this phenomenon in 2002 from his Colorado home. Based on ideas given to him ďtelepathicallyĒ from Spirit, he created a device that would set the paranormal field on fire, which came to be known as Frankís Box.

Frankís Box, also known as the Ghost Box, is basically a radio receiver with a random voltage controlled tuner that allows a continuous scanning of radio frequencies of the AM and more recently FM bands. The amplified radio signals coming out of the speakers generate an acoustic field of white noise with random sound bites from radio signals detected by the device. The result is an audio rich field, which is ideal for EVP manifestations.

In theory, a spirit or other extra-dimensional entity will use this audio field either during the amplification process within the circuitry of the device or just as the sound modulations leave the speaker, or both to form words. The exact energetic mechanics of the process has yet to be confirmed by researchers.

What is important to understand is that these auditory signals have multiple layers to them each capable of carrying words or entire conversations. It takes a bit of practice to be able to listen to the auditory streams coming from the device and separate them from the background sounds, but with a little practice, most everyone will be able to do this to some degree.

Some individuals seem to have the ability to do this naturally. Carly-Rose Singer is one such individual. She is not only a close friend and colleague of mine; she is also one of the top physical mediums of modern times!

Her keen hearing and physical mediumship abilities allow her to separate and track tones like no other. But there is far more to her success rate with this device than just keen hearing. Carly-Roses physical mediumship abilities makes her the top Independent Direct Voice medium in the world today.

The difference between the Ghost Box (Frankís Box) and Independent Direct Voice Communication is that the Ghost Box is a true ITC device which stands for Instrumental Trans-Communication meaning communication between dimensional realities using equipment, whereas Independent Direct Voice Communication is a stand alone technique where spirits or entities use the energy field of an individual, (usually a physical medium), to create ďspirit vocal chordsĒ that manifest speech that seemingly come out of thin air.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the ghost box and direct voice communication is, lets take a look at some of my research and theories about how this device and physical mediums pulls communication energy through the veil. I think it might be easier to understand how all this works by first examining the phenomenon of Physical Mediumship.

There is a buffering zone which is often called the veil that separates our physical world from the world of spirit. It is essentially an energetically turbulent field made of energy from the physical plane and energy of the spirit world that is constantly in motion and colliding like waves on the ocean. These collisions create a pass-me-not barrier keeping most of the energy of our physical world from spilling over into the world of spirit and vice versa.

A physical medium like Carly-Rose, has a very different personal energy configuration than most people as a result of the positioning of an energetic center in the personal energy field or aura of the human body called ďthe assemblage pointĒ. All people have an assemblage point and this is a topic you will be hearing more about in future articles because it is the key to your overall health, perception and your ability to focus and channel human intention.

The positioning of a physical mediumís assemblage point strongly affects the energetic environment around them by causing a disturbance and often a vortex channel in the dimensional buffering zone between our physical world and the world of spirit.

These vortex openings in the veil allows energy to flow freely and sets up the conditions for a spirit on the other side to send their own energy or communication through to our world. It is truly amazing and sometimes unnerving to be around someone like Carly-Rose, because ďvoicesĒ will materialize right out of thin air as though the spirit was standing next to you and these are not just random words they are sometimes entire conversations that last for several minutes!

In the case of the ghost box, I have found that similar energy vortexes on a much smaller scale are opening for brief moments as the device operates and the secret to how this happens lies in the electronic circuitry of the device. When the ghost box scans rapidly through all the radio frequencies it is the result of capacitors charging and discharging very rapidly.

A capacitor is like a small battery that stores a charge and then fires it off completely all at once like a little bolt of lightening. I believe that these discharges create just enough of a disturbance in the veil to allow energy to come through. I built an entire device around this premise that I call the Trans-Dimensional Transceiver which has been extremely successful in communicating with spirit, but I will save that storey for another article.

So in summary, we see that communication with spirits, elementals , Deity, or any other entity outside of our physical world is accomplished by opening up vortexes in the veil or buffering zone allowing communication energy or intent to flow. It can be done on a small scale with certain types of electronic devices like the ghost box or it can be done on a larger scale through the manipulation of the assemblage point positioning in our energy fields as seen in the case of physical mediums like Carly-Rose.

However, can an ordinary person who is not a physical medium learn to manipulate and move their own assemblage point and if so what does it mean from a magickal perspective? The answer is YES, most people can learn to manipulate their own assemblage point and once they accomplish that they will greatly magnify their abilities to communicate with Deity in ritual. They will summon and banish elementals like an adept master and communicate with loved ones lost with ease.

But before you get too excited, I should tell you that it does require a lot of work and practice to successfully move the assemblage point. I will be offering lessons to accomplish this based on my Toltec shamanic training in upcoming articles right here in the Witch Way newsletter. So be sure not to miss future newsletters and if you know anyone that is interested in learning how to supercharge their rituals or magickal practice, be sure to have them sign up for this newsletter on the Cyberwitchcraft website.

If you want to contact me, you can do so on my own website

For more information on Frankís Box (the ghost box) here is a link to one of the best articles I have ever come across on the subject written by a dear friend of mine, Rosemary Ellen Guiley.

Time Of The Season


Another Summer has come and gone. We are fast approaching Mabon, the Autumnal Equinox. Most call this day the first day of Fall, but if you have been reading Witch Way for any length of time, you know that it is actually Mid-Fall. You see, the seasons change so gradually, that it is almost impossible to tell when one season changes to another.

Depending on where you live, you may have already noticed the change. The mornings are cooler, and the nights are starting to get cold. Some days there is a crisp hint of the Winter to come. Yet as the sun moves across the day, its warmth again becomes apparent, and the feel of fall seems more like a phantom.

If you look closely at the trees, youíll see the leaves are beginning to lighten in their shade of green as the life giving sap is withdrawn from them. Soon they will begin to change into the colors of Fall. In the wild places, the grasses and flowers are wilting from their vibrant Summer colors, and turning brown.

Death is close upon us all, if we take but a moment to look. Mabon is the feast of thanksgiving for the bounty of the earth. It is the second harvest festival of three, when the last of the fields are gathered for storage through the long cold Winter. After this harvest, all that remains in the fields are the withered husks of what was, and the gourds that are yet to be harvested.

This Sabbat is known by many names, the Celts called it Mea'n Fo'mhair, and the Norse call it most appropriately, Winter Finding, which for them lasts from the Equinox until Winterís Night, on Oct. 15th. Leave it to the people of the cold North, to name things simply and accurately.

As I write this, it is a cool morning. The sun can be found through a layer of clouds, yet to the west is blue sky. I can see and feel the season changing. Fall is starting. The elk and deer are shedding the Summer fuzz from their antlers, soon it will be hunting season.

Remember that our ancestors didnít have grocery stores to go to. Everything that had to eat through the long cold Winter, was grown during the Summer. The farther North you live, the shorter the Summer. If you didnít grow enough to feed your family, or your village, you starved.

This, and no other reason, is why our ancestors celebrated the turn of the seasons. It was both celebration of a (hopefully) good harvest, and a magickal prayer to the Gods that they have enough food for the Winter, and that next yearís harvest be as good or better.

I find it interesting that a lot of Witches I know, dislike the fact that men will soon be out hunting. I guess they feel that all the Goddesses creatures should be revered. What they fail to realize is that people have always hunted at this time of year. When food cannot be grown, it must be hunted. This too, is a part of Mabon.

Along with the celebrations of the harvest, there is the asking the Gods for a good season of hunting. I donít mean hunting to mount a head on a wall, but hunting in order to feed the village or tribe. From the hunt comes not only food to eat, but material for clothing, shelter, and tools. The holes for the stones at Stonehenge were dug with antlers. The strings for bows were made from sinew, as were the strings for musical instruments that gave entertainment through the Winter.

Bone was used for many things. There were needles, and combs, and clasps for cloaks. Almost the entire animal was used in one way or another. Today we have much stronger and more durable materials, so there is no need to use the kill as completely.

Even so, one thing still remains. Hunting responsibly allows the herd to survive the Winter, by thinning the herd so that few individuals put a burden on the scarce resources found in Winter. By hunting a few, the entire herd has less chance of starving.

We too, play a part in the natural order of things. This is what it means to be a Witch. Understanding that everything we do has a purpose. We are intelligent creatures, or at least, we like to think we are. Therefore the responsibility to use what we have in a responsible way, falls to us. No matter who you are, or what you do, you are a part of Nature.

It can be hard to understand, if you live in a city. We are so used to getting anything we want, no matter the time of year. Fresh fruits and vegetables can be shipped from the southern hemisphere, if youíre willing to pay for them. Those who live in the country tend to have a closer tie to the land, and the seasons.

Iím not suggesting everyone move to the country, but take some time this week to think about who you are, and how you fit into the natural world. What can you be doing that you currently arenít, that could help you get back in touch with nature? Take a walk over the next few weeks before the next issue, and feel the season. Take a close look at a tree, or the flowers. Use all your senses to see the changes in them.

Notice Death, as it takes the beauty of Summer and changes it into Winter. Itís not something most people want to spend time with, but it too is a natural part of life. We all die, but death is not the end, it is just a change. Because we cannot see what comes after, our natural inclination is to fear it. There is nothing to fear in death. As the Celts used to say, death is the middle of a long life.

Take the time now, to see the world through the eyes of a Witch. Look at the changes, and feel them. Become intimate with the natural world around you. It is part of you, and it is you. It is absolutely universal, and it is particularly personal. Come to terms with the death around you, and you will see that it is you who are dying, only to be reborn again.

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Until next month, may you be blessed in all that you do, or as we usually say,

Blessed Be,
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Ken Biles

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