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[Witch Way] Volume #5 Issue #4 -- Better Late Than Never!
September 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Mabon!

Ken's Korner

This is going to be just a quick note. I got back from what I’ve been calling my European Tour less than 48 hours ago, which is why this issue has come out a few hours late. I spent three weeks on a cruise of the Mediterranean, seeing ancient Greek and Roman Sacred Sites. Video will follow, when I have time to edit it.

It’s now September, and in the Northern Hemisphere, we are coming up on what most people call the beginning of Autumn. Of course as Witches, we realize that it’s actually the middle, not the start. After all, if June 21st is Midsummer, that makes Yule Midwinter. Therefore Ostara and Mabon must be the middle of Spring and Fall.

The calendar may say that it’s the beginning of Fall, but that calendar was created by a Pope, and the Catholic hierarchy is known for moving things to suit their own agendas, no matter how contradictory they may be. Using a calendar to determine when the seasons change, and what they change to, is simply another form of control placed upon us. It is a limitation you agree to, knowingly or not.

You are limited only by the restrictions you place on yourself. Remove the limitations from your life, and choose for yourself what is, or is not correct for you. The day I got back from my Tour, it was cloudy and rainy, with a high of 51F. That certainly felt like Autumn, even though the weather “forecasters” were stressing that Fall doesn’t happen until the end of the month.

I don’t use Meteorologists, or calendars to tell me when the season changes, I feel the change as I walk around outside. I look at the leaves beginning to change, and the grass beginning to brown. I feel the cold snap in the air after the sun goes down, and the growing length of night to tell me that Autumn is already here.

I take that same attitude in my everyday life. I don’t rely on others to tell me what is right or wrong, or how I should honor my Gods, or even what Gods I should honor. I choose these things for myself because I am capable of doing so. I don’t allow others to place limitations on me, nor do I limit myself. I can do anything I choose to. I am a Witch.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Healing and The Power of Intent

Intention is an awesome force and literally shapes the reality of our universe. I was taught a very powerful lesson regarding intention on one of my many field trips with my own shamanic teacher. He took me on an excursion several miles south of the border from Nogales Arizona. I am not sure exactly where we were because we had been driving for many hours at night so I could see no landmarks.

The car came to a stop and I stepped out to see a most beautiful star filled sky with the Milky Way flowing right through Sagittarius, my astrological birth sign. The heavenly sight transfixed me, especially since astronomy was my first love since the age of 10. Then my fascination was interrupted by the smell of a campfire. Carlos and I looked to the east, saw a faint glow over the next hill, and proceeded to hike in that direction through the chaparral. I did not know why we were there or what adventure lay in store for me, so I proceeded with a little trepidation, fueled by excitement.

The image on the other side of the hill was very surreal and carried an air of timelessness about it, with the feel of past present and future all rolled into one. Sitting cross-legged around a rolled out blanket were 5 shaman, two of which were Yaqui Indians and one Pima. The other two I believe were Mexican. Behind them was burning four small fires and I could tell from the stars that they were situated North, East , South and West of the shamans circle and about 10 feet behind them.

Carlos joined them in the circle and told me to sit directly six feet behind him and to be silent as I was just a witness to what was about to take place. As I sat down where I was instructed I notice that wrapped in the blanket in the center of their circle was a small girl about four or five years old. Although she was in shadows, I got the impression that she was a very sick little girl. I asked Carlos to explain and he confirmed that the little girl was close to death and that the shaman had been summoned by her parents to heal her. Then he held a finger to his lips giving me the signal to be silent.

One of the Yaqui shaman raised his hands over the little girl and chanted something. He looked as old as dirt but moved with the agility of a cat. He stood and circled the girl 3 times and then suddenly stopped and said something to the others which caused them all to stand and gather their items and turn to leave. I asked my teacher what was going on and he said that the old shaman who was leading the healing was told in a vision that the girl was meant to die, that it had been arranged by her own soul before she was born. I jumped to my feet in disbelief and ran over to the little girl whose eyes were half open and seemingly pleading for help. I felt so helpless at that moment. I did not yet have the ability to heal anyone and I could not force them to do it... Or could I? All I knew was that I had to do something. How many of you could look into the eyes of a dying child and NOT try to help her.

My only thought was to find a way to make the shaman come back and proceed with the healing, but how could I do that? I called out to them pleading for them to help her and they just shook their heads sadly and turned to walk away. It was then that I felt something inside my abdomen stirring. I thought at first I was going to be sick but then it changed and felt like a rocket taking off and filling me with a surge of power. I yelled out to the departing shaman in a voice that shock myself and seemed to echo through the small canyon.

They all stop dead in the tracks without turning around. I yelled out to them (which is unusual for me) that they MUST heal this little girl, and that the agreement with the her soul and whoever had been made a long time ago and was clearly being altered now by the fact that she had enough personal power to bring all of them here somewhere in the middle of the desert on this fateful night. I felt my words leaving my body from my mouth but the power, the driving intent seemed to come from my stomach just above my navel.

Whatever I had said or done seemed to change the mind of the shaman and they returned to form the circle and started chanting and making hand gestures. This went on for at least 2 hours. During that time, I must have blacked out or fallen asleep, because the next thing I remembered was lying on the ground, waking up with the sun in my eyes. I could not see very well but I heard a strange sound, it was the sound of a little girl laughing and playing with her parents. I blocked the sun and it was true, the same little girl that was dancing with death hours before was now laughing and running!

Then my teacher nudged me in the ribs with his foot and said Marcos are you going sleep all day? The shamans were nowhere in sight and the little girl and parents were getting into an old Chevy pickup to go home. We also left and on the way home Carlos explained to me that although I had no ability to heal the girl I had brought about her healing through the persuasive powers of my intent, which had been driven by emotion and sheer determination. The shamans were so taken by the force of intent that they took it as an omen to override the original agreement. To my knowledge little Rosarita is still alive and well today.

Many Blessings, Marcus

Betwixt & Between

By Gwynalda Shadowalker

Oh, my Goddess! It positively boggles my mind. How is it possible to encounter so many amazingly enlightened Pagan folk in such a short amount of time? And HOW can it be other than Divine Intervention that these folks keep showing up at the most opportune moments?


I remember a year ago, and what it was like back then— when I’d nearly given up completely, and had entirely lost my faith. The comparison between then and now couldn’t be more extreme. Nowadays, I walk around in a stupor sometimes just overwhelmed by it all.

This is what the Charge of the Goddess tells us when She says, “My LAW is LOVE unto ALL beings.” Divine Love is so outside our ability to comprehend or fully understand that words fail, utterly. All that’s left is the urge to go around compulsively hugging folks— which, realistically, isn’t the most politic thing to do most of the time. A heightened appreciation for Truth and Beauty might have something to do with it, as well (the hugging urge, that is ;-).

No matter. Yes, the impulse will always be there for those who’ve been heart-touched and awakened. Although we can restrain ourselves, if need be.

It’s difficult, though, to prevent ourselves from shouting, “You are SOOO Amazingly Wonderful!!!” to those who demonstrate via their words and/or deeds that they ARE so incredibly amazing and wonderful. And so many of you ARE. Thank you, for that.

Which brings us back to the here and now. Mabon— The Autumnal Equinox. Or, as my former NYC Coven once called it: The Pagan Thanksgiving.

What are YOU grateful for?

Loaded question, huh? Especially in light of how tough times are for so many of us right now. BUT— there must be SOMETHING that you are thankful for, right? Even if it’s just keeping mind and body together for as long as you have.

Give yourself some credit. Open your heart and mind and arms to those who love you. (They’re there, by the way, just in case you might have doubted it.)

Allow yourself to be enfolded by the Rapture of the Infinite.

It’s not that hard, really. Pay attention to the synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) that occur spontaneously in your life. Follow the threads. They’re leading you somewhere important.

At this time, we’re experiencing the turning of the terrestrial and celestial and seasonal tides. Can you feel it? Have you noticed the changes? This is a time of ingathering. We are now in the Harvest Season.

Beginning in early August with the ripening grain, and now with the harvesting of the Earth’s bounty that’s been sown, nurtured, weeded, irrigated, fed with fertilizer and sunlight, and now stands ready in the field to be reaped and stored for the darkening days ahead— it’s time to reap the abundance and plenty.

The Autumnal Equinox is the point of balance between light and dark, with the darkness gaining in strength as we transition into Winter. Many Wiccans regard this as the time when the God of beasts and vegetation now journeys to the Underworld, where He will rule as the Lord of Death and the Consoler/Protector till his rival, twin-brother/son-Sun self is reborn at Yule, when the cycle begins anew.

BB—Gwynalda )O(

Trending Toward The Positive

By Evylyn Rose

Keeping a Distance: When Not to Help Others Part 2

Last month we looked at two major reasons why we should refrain from helping others. As a short recap, we should refrain from helping others when we are not in a position to help them because of our limitations and when they only appear to need help but are actually just fine. The major aspect of those reasons has to do with ourselves and where we stand in the situation. The following reasons have more to do with those who are in need and when we should refrain from helping them.

Those Who Are Not Ready or Willing to be Helped

Sometimes we come across individuals who truly do need help, but, no matter what we say or try to do, they simply will not accept our assistance. In some cases, this is a matter of the individuals being unaware that they have a problem. This can be seen in different forms of addictions or imbalanced behaviors. They have a problem, but believe they are still in control of their behaviors and do not see what others are seeing.

Trying to help these individuals is not a bad thing. However, if they are not ready or willing to be helped, you are wasting your energy pursuing their problem. If you feel a need to, then alert them to their problem. Even though they remain unmoved, you can at least plant the seed to future healing for them by helping them reach awareness of their problems. Do what you can without draining yourself, and then move on.

In some cases, individuals in this category are aware of their problem but will not accept your help. For example, someone may be aware they are caught in an addiction and need help but are simply not ready to admit his or her problem to anyone else. Another issue comes in two forms: Those who do not want to change and those who do not believe they can change. In the first case, we cannot change those who do not want to change. It is a battle of Wills that will end worse than if you just leave it alone.

While you are using up all your energy and time trying to change someone who doesn’t want to change, others who are ready for your help go without. With the latter case, you will meet resistance if you try to convince them they can change right now. Instead, offer your support and remind them you are available to help when they are ready. Stand ready to act when that time comes, but know that you are better off not helping prematurely.

Those Who Seek Something Other Than Help

This category can be tricky because ulterior motives— conscious and unconscious— are not always apparent at first. In some cases, these are the individuals who may well be in need, but they strive for fame, fortune, or some other desire instead. Some of these individuals are much more like leeches who suck away your energy as you try helping them while they strive to gain what they think they need instead.

A common example of this behavior in the magickal community are those individuals who search for a teacher under the pretense that they want to learn to help others, for self-empowerment, personal growth, or any other positive goal. While this may well be the case on the surface, the individual actually wants to learn magick to gain power over others, learn manipulations, or otherwise take advantage of both magickal and non-magickal groups.

Unfortunately, these cases are not always apparent. The best we can do is listen to, and trust that intuition we continue to develop and strengthen. Even then, we can be caught off guard by those who conceal their true desires and those who may hold these desires on a deeper level. If something feels off about a request, you have a right to turn it down. If you follow through and help someone only to later realize the deception, realize the situation for what it is, speak your peace, and walk away. Do not waste more time, energy, and resources than you already have.

Those Who Seek the Wrong Help

Thankfully, not all cases of those in need with other desires are hidden. In this category, individuals are aware that something is wrong and that they need help; however, they go about “helping” their situation the wrong way. For example, an individual who suffers from a bad breakup may come to you asking that you cast a spell to help her bring her boyfriend back. What the individual needs is help in self-healing and learning from their experience. Was it a case of losing themselves in the relationship? Do they need to build levels of self-confidence, -esteem, -worth? Is there a blockage preventing them from letting go? What is the real fear behind losing this person?

In these cases, take some time to talk with the individual to determine the true need. Offer assistance where you can provide it. Sometimes, all the individual may need is something as simple as sending them some positive energy to help them get through their grief and reach self-healing. Some individuals will be very receptive and thank you for helping them to see what they really need. Others will be less receptive and continue seeking out the wrong help. Again, help them to determine the real issue. Like those who are not ready to change, you can plant a seed of positive thought to help them as they walk their path.

All in all, the main focus to keep when learning when not to help others is learning how to say, “I have done all I can for you,” and turn and walk away. There are so many people in the world and we all help from time to time. As witches, it’s hard for us to just walk away when we see others in need, but it’s through learning when to walk away that we learn just how powerful and helpful we can be toward those who need it and are most receptive. When we focus our efforts on those we can and should help, we get further faster and successfully fulfill our role.


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Blessed Be,
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