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[Witch Way] Volume #4 Issue #6 -- I'm A Real Author!
November 13, 2011
Hi, Thank you for reading!

Ken's Korner

Wow, November already! It seems like I was just writing the Yule issue a few months ago. It seems to be true, the older you get, the faster the years seem to fly by. Then again, working 50+ hours a week also helps the time go by.

So here we are, it’s the New Year by the Celts calendar, and Winter has begun. For most of us, the Holiday season is just starting, we’ll be gathering with friends, family, and others to celebrate one thing or another for the next couple of months. On top of that, there are the last few things left from Summer to finish.

I have it on good authority that the harvest isn’t quite all in yet. I happen to know this farm girl in Kansas, and she is hoping to have the last of the harvest finished by the 15th. So there’s still work to be done in the fields, whether they are farm fields, or your own spiritual fields that need to be cleared and made ready for the next season of growth.

Let’s not forget that we understand that magick surrounds us. Everything we do and experience is magickal. We look at the last of the work we have to do from Summer, and we relate it to our own spiritual lives. We all have things we started as the days got warm, and the sun shone longer. We all have things that didn’t quite get finished because there was so much else to do.

Part of the problem with longer, warmer days, is that there really is so much to do. People call you and invite you to BBQs, or picnics, family comes to visit, and there’s always vacations to take, and this is on top of all the regular stuff you do, like a job. The sheer volume of plans can make it very hard to get everything done that you wanted to.

Now is the time, while everything is still fresh enough to pick back up, but before the rush of the Yule season, to conclude those unfinished projects. Finish those things you began in the Spring and Summer, but didn’t have time to manifest. Pick those unharvested crops.

We talk a great deal about taking responsibility for ourselves. Finishing what you’ve started, if at all possible, is part of that responsibility. Sure, we all find some things that once started, we realize we can’t actually finish. Some things seem perfect when we first think about doing them, then once we start, we find this isn’t the right time for them, or they simply can’t be done for one reason or another.

Those things should be the exception, and they can be shelved. You put them away for a time when they can be done, or you discard them altogether so that you have room to plant the seeds for next year’s projects and goals.

This is also the time to look back on what you have been able to do. It’s like a mental or spiritual inventory of the accomplishments you’ve had this year. By looking at all the things you have done, you can end the calendar year with a sense of accomplishment, and you may get ideas for what you want to do next year.

Traditionally, Winter is the slow time of year, but our modern society no longer follows the flow of the seasons. We are expected to keep busy all around the wheel of the year. I have found that if I look at just the things that are required of me, things like my job, and family, and use them as a baseline, I can create an ebb and flow in my life that follows the natural patterns of the seasons. I can slow down during the Winter, when Nature is dormant, and become the social butterfly as the weather warms. By doing this, I am less stressed, and I seem to have more time for the things I’d like to do. Winter is for me. I go into my cave, and I hibernate by working on myself, and projects for me.

Sometimes I take on more than I can actually do in the Summer. That happened this year. I made restitution where needed, and apologies everywhere else. Being ambitious isn’t a bad thing, as long as you know when you are biting off more than you can chew. Learning where those boundaries are is important, so that you do only what you can, not too much.

Take your time. Look back over the year and see what you’ve done, and the reasons for not finishing all the things you started. Look forward and start planning your time for the new things you want to do as Spring again returns. Think magickally, and see how your actions affect your life as a whole. Take into account the time of the season, and realize that Nature is slowing down and hibernating. It’s ok if you hibernate also.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

The Secrets of Circle Casting

When is a circle Not a circle? Unfortunately, the answer to this question greatly alarms me as it should you.

In our magickal community of witches, magicians, shaman, and sorcerers, a circle is Not a circle when it is cast by a large percentage of practitioners who are either inexperienced in the mechanics of circle casting, taught by the wrong teacher, or just plain lazy!

A shocking number of magickal people enter into a ritual circle of protection every day, that is simply a figment of their imaginations with no power or protection abilities. This can be a dangerous affair should an Elemental or other inter-dimensional being be summoned as part of this ritual. The last thing you want is to invite a primal entity into your home or gathering that is quite capable of destroying everything you hold dear. At the very least it is a sad state of affairs to see a person or group of people thinking they have done everything “just right” according to some book and then end up scratching their heads as they wonder why their magick simply doesn’t work.

In light of this problem, I have decided to talk with you a little about the actual mechanics involved in circle casting from a hyper-dimensional perspective. In doing this, it is my intention to introduce you to the basics of the inter-dimensional energy used to create a circle of protection so that you might apply it to your own magickal endeavors. I am not going to give you instructions on how to cast a circle, for there are many ways, and most work if done properly. Instead, I am going to take you one-step beyond your physical world to help you understand what actually happens as you cast your circles.

The purpose of the ritual circle is to create a space or magickal platform from which to interact with other dimensional creatures such as elementals, spirits, and Deity safely in a controlled manner. This is also a place from which to launch our own magickal intentions to affect the dimensions of our physical world directly or indirectly by first altering energy patterns in “higher” dimensions, which trickle down into lower dimensions.

When created properly, this circle becomes a real place that is part of our physical world as well as the dimension directly above the physical known by many as the etheric plane and as the Zero Point Field by the theoretical physicist. This circle will exist in both places and yet it will not be fully integrated in either becoming a portal between dimensions. It is through this portal that we are able to summon and communicate with other entities and to send our own personal energy to others or to places where our intentions can take form. It is truly a place between worlds and to those who have experienced a properly constructed circle, it is a place of energy that sounds, feels and looks different from ordinary space.

Before we can create a true ritual circle, we must first understand a little bit more about the hyper-dimensional mechanics of this magickal sacred place. To start with, one of the big misconceptions is that a magickal practitioner is creating a circle on the ground. In reality, the circle we cast around us is but a two dimensional representation of a three dimensional sphere. A simple line on the ground is not going to do squat when it comes to creating magickal space. It is very important that you envision the line you draw on the ground as exploding into a three dimensional world by popping up above you and down into the ground below you forming a “sphere of protection”. There is actually a 4th dimension that this sphere should be projected to as well, but that is a bit too complicated for the purpose of this article.

Some of this you may have heard before, but what you are about to read should be taking you into uncharted waters…..

If this circle or sphere of protection is not fully in the physical or energetic plane, where is it and how exactly did it get there? To explain this little tidbit, I am going to have to put on my theoretical physics hat to give you a glimpse of our magickal world through the eyes of a scientist.

Each distinct and separate dimension in our Multiverse is separated from each other by harmonic differences indigenous to each dimension. When these harmonic vibrations touch each other they create a sympathetic resonance at their surfaces which forms a sort of pass-me-not barrier that keeps energy from one dimension from passing to the next. We commonly call this barrier “the veil between the worlds” and this is the place where our circles exist when done properly. The theoretical physicist refers to this “veil” as a p-brane ( no joke). In reality there is a veil like this between every single dimension, but for now we are concerned with our immediate veil.

Now here is where it gets tricky, Our magickal circle or sphere is transported into the veil by creating it in a manner that sets up the conditions for our circle/sphere to become a self contained veil in itself. When we cast our intentions and personal power into the formation of the circle we are essentially using our will to project our personal power into the veil between the physical and the etheric plane. This causes the energy of the veil to coalesce forming a new p-brane around our sphere thereby transporting it into a place that is actually between worlds yet part of both.

Ok, my theoretical physics lesson is over YAY!!! Now lets get into why many witches only think they have created a circle of protection, when in fact, all they have done has been to go through the motions.

It really is quite simple to build the proper circle, it just takes a bit of practice and discipline to place the mind in the proper state of awareness while projecting your intent driven by your emotions through one of two chakras and into the visualized circle/sphere. The chakras I referred to is in the dominate hand or through the solar plexus just above the navel. When you do this properly, you WILL feel the energy bursting out of you.

The problem that most magickal people encounter when casting a circle is the lack of practice and discipline needed to master this technique. I have been doing this since 1971 and still I find myself wanting to hurry it up or cut corners….YOU can not do this or you will fail! For decades I have seen people cutting corners in their magick or simply being too lazy to take what they do serious enough to learn the techniques, master the principles and memorize the wording of rituals to the point where they can effortlessly recite the words with the emotion and power necessary to create the p-brane of a successful circle/sphere of protection.

For those of you who are not casting a circle properly, (and you know who you are), then do yourself a favor and take the time to learn how. The circle is the foundation of your ritual, without a strong foundation you will falter. If you are serious about your magick then you should be serious about doing it well, or why do it at all?

This article is already too long so perhaps I will give you some insights on how to master and project your intentions through your chakras in a future article. Until then, thank you for listening and I hope I did not burst too many bubbles or offend anyone reading this. It is only my intention to help others by sharing my own experience and knowledge.

Invoking The Egyptian Gods

By Judith Page & Ken Biles

I hope the New Year has been as good for you as it has for me. I just got my new computer up and running. One of the thins that working 50+ hours a week has allowed me to do, is buy my Dream Computer. I bought the parts, and put it together today.

It’s got two 23” monitors, a Terabyte of Hard Drive space (that’s 1000 Gigabytes, or a trillion bytes) and the fastest processor I could afford. I now have a computer I can edit video on easily. I’m still getting used to the keyboard, and I’m learning the quirks of Windows 7, but I like it. Yes, I’m a Geek.

Something else showed up at my door today. I got the first two copies of the book I co-wrote, hot off the presses! Invoking The Egyptian Gods is real now. The project that has consumed me for almost two years now, is finally published. The actual release date is December 8th, but as one of the authors, I get advance copies. It’s a perk.

It feels a little weird talking about it. I feel like I’m trying to advertise the book, and I suppose I am. So why would you want to buy a copy? That’s a question I ask every time I look at a new book. I guess I should explain first, how this all happened.

I was looking through my email one night, ands there was one from a lady in France. She said she really liked my website, and especially my take on Deity. She also asked if it would be alright if she quoted the web page in her new book. She would of course give proper credit.

Sure, I thought, and replied back to her giving permission. A week or two later, she wrote back, this time asking if I’d be willing to help her write the book, it was going to be a sequel to her first book, but would stand on its own, about the Egyptian Gods. I wrote back and thanked her for the thought, but I didn’t really know much about the Egyptians Gods, so I didn’t feel like I would be a good choice for co-author.

A couple of days went by, and I got another email from her. She said that she had spent time in Egypt, and had been a student of Doreen Saunders, whose husband Alex, had created the Tradition of Alexandrian Wicca, so she knew about Egypt. What she wanted from me was to use my ideas on Deity to give the old Egyptian Gods a new life. Basically look at them in a different way. So I accepted the task of helping write the book.

Invoking The Egyptian Gods By Judith Page and Ken Biles

So again you ask, why would I want to buy this book? Ok, if you’re Gods are Egyptian, this is a book that you can use word for word. The Invocations are written for each of the specific Gods discussed. Most people don’t follow the Egyptian Gods. Many don’t even know what God or Goddess really calls to them.

If you are one of those people who haven’t figured out which God or Goddess has called you, gives you about 20 Gods and Goddesses to learn about. You may find one or two who grab a hold of your imagination, and you find you want to learn more. Even if you don’t find any of these Deities calling you, this book is a great resource for the type of information you’ll want to look for when researching different Gods and Goddesses. Because it has an invocation to each of the Gods in the book, it can give you a template for writing your own Invocations to whatever Gods you choose.

You’ll also find a lot of information about the culture of ancient Egypt. Why would you care? Well, most cultures go through similar changes as they grow. You’ll find that the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians all had similar ways of worshipping Gods, at various times in their development. This can help you to better understand the culture that worshipped the Gods you follow.

Being a better Witch, is about understanding ritual, and why it’s done the way it is. It’s also about learning and growing in your own spirituality. Taking the lessons of others, and applying them to your own Spiritual Path, allows you to grow faster in that Path, because you didn’t have to relearn all the lessons others had to.

I’ve just reread what I’ve written, and Gods it does sound like an advertisement!

An advertisement isn’t what I meant to write. Partly I’m just really excited to be a published author and have the book come out. The other part is that I firmly believe that the more you learn about many things, the better off you will be.

Diversifying your knowledge lets you take parts of one concept, and use them with another, if they’ll work. That is the core of Eclectic Witchcraft.

I learned many years ago, probably from The Discovery Chanel, that every species that specialized in its evolution, specialized itself into extinction. The ability to evolve and adapt is just as important to your spiritual survival as it is to your survival on this plain.

These are a few reasons why you would want to buy the book. You can always tell people you know the author!

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Blessed Be,
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