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[Witch Way] Volume #6 Issue #6 -- Thanksgiving! Really?
November 13, 2013
Hi, Happy Thanksgiving!

Ken's Korner

Wow, the last month has been crazy busy. All of my columnists (including myself) were late in getting their articles done, and half of them didn’t get an article to me. It’ll be a short newsletter this month.

It’s the start of the Holiday season. Starting with Samhain, and running through Yule. Next month will be even busier! I have an all night Yule ritual to plan and pull off, and I’m working on plans for a Pagan Convention next Samhain. I have people wanting me to help out with political issues, and all this on top of my regular work a day life.

At least I’m not bored!

The Wheel turns again. We’ve made it through Samhain, and in America, we’re getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving. I know, if you’re reading this outside the US, you think we’re crazy, and yes, we are. Everyone knows you celebrate Thanksgiving in October, during the Harvest. We’re Americans, we have no clue. On the plus side, it gives us an excuse to take a day off work in November, so it all works out.

Enjoy this issue of Witch Way, and hopefully we’ll be back up to full strength for the Yule issue next month.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

The Keys to the Kingdom- An Exploration of Consciousness

Over the last several years I have had many people come to me asking for guidance or information about magick and how to use it and I tell them all the same thing. The magick is within you as well as outside of you and the secret to tapping into the massive amounts of power outside of you from nature is to learn to control what is inside you first and then create the link to the same forces outside of you.

In many magickal practices this is exactly what we do with such tools as ritual, chanting, along with many of my favorite props such as candles and incense, oils, stones and magickally empowered tools such as wands and athames as well as many other items. By using these methods and tools we are focusing and shaping our awareness and consciousness toward a desired end product or result. The power and success of our magick and our magickal life depends on how intently we can focus our consciousness on a desired result. This is not the same as concentrating or imagination, it is a state of vibrational being that opens the gates to our own path of personal power and discovery.

Many of you know that besides being a Toltec shaman trained for 8 years in a one on one apprenticeship that I am also a paranormal researcher studying the field of trans-dimensional communication or speaking with the dead through high tech equipment. But what most of you do not know is that I am also a researcher with the professional division of the Monroe Institute in Virginia. The institute is one of the top organizations in the world specializing in the field of human consciousness. Robert Monroe, a radio pioneer from the late 50’s, pioneered the hemi-sync technology and built the institute around that technology. He brought in specialists and scientists from all over to help him explore this complex subject of consciousness and today, even after Bob’s, it is still operated by many top scientists from all disciplines and the work we are doing there is and has already changed the way we understand our own energy fields and world around us, the world of nature and science as well as magick.

My area of research centers around a lot of my shamanic training as I transform some of the ancient shamanic techniques from my shamanic lineage into a more user friendly format using the technology of Hemi-sync developed by Bob Monroe. My objective is to help many people to learn about their own personal energy fields and the universe around them. For the magickal practitioner that equates to learning how to control the energies within and outside of you. I also have undertaken a major project concerning the mapping out of other worlds or dimensions of consciousness beyond our physical world.

One thing that I would like to mention, before going on is that during this “mapping” and exploratory research I have come across some information that many of my readers who are witches will find most interesting. At the institute we have a group of people called explorers who use the hemi-sync technology and move into other states of awareness or focuses as we call them. Focus 10 is a state where your body is sound asleep but your mind is wide awake. In this level of conscious it is relatively ease to go into deep meditation or astral projection. The next level up of any noticeable difference, is a state of power where energy can be pulled in and stored within your own energy system. This state is called focus 12. The next significant change occurs at Focus 15 where something remarkable happens, time stops flowing as we leave the illusion of linearity of the human condition. You can be in this state for what seems to be hours and yet when you return only minutes have pasted. After this it really gets interesting as we move into focus 21 which is the dimension or level of consciousness where we go when we die. It is like a meeting place for lost loved ones and family. It has a park like appearance and this description has been reported and validated by many of the explorer team members as well as myself. This is the idea behind having a team. Everyone records their experiences and many meet up on these other levels and end up validating what happens and what the see.

Between 21 and 27 are what some people call the Heaven worlds and is a place of healing, recalibrating and reorganizing before the return trip through reincarnation. This is always the same on each trip regardless of who travels there, but I will let you in on something that I think all my wiccan and witchcraft friends will find most interesting. To the people and inhabitance of these “Heaven Worlds”, this range of dimensions 21 through 27 is known by them as The Summer Land!

Through my research with the Institute, it is my hope to be able to bring you a better understanding of who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing with the right frame or state of mind. With the tools and techniques that I am my colleagues are developing you can unleash your consciousness and magick in ways that our ancestors could not possibly imagine. I for one will never give up my candles and incense and other magickal tools, but I have seen first hand how complimenting my magick and ritual with a little bit of technology can place the keys to the kingdom right in my hands and it can be this way for anyone who desires to push the envelope and take that next step.

I will be sharing a lot of information weekly on this topic through my website and making certain products available when the website is finally re-launched this week. You can check that out at

Betwixt & Between

By Gwynalda Shadowalker

Those Wacky, Crazy Eights

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, it means that you made it through the latest round of Mercury retrograde (Oct. 21st through Nov. 10th) plus a whompingly powerful Solar eclipse back on November 3rd. Right before the Merc Rx madness began, we had an introductory prelude with a Lunar eclipse on October 18th. On that date, right after the eclipse occurred, I did a Tarot reading and something rather curious happened: namely, three of the Eights appeared. Oddly enough, the Eights confirmed something that had been lurking about in my subconscious for ages, but just hadn’t quite surfaced into conscious awareness.

OK, let me back up for a moment. The system that I use for Tarot interpretation is a highly eclectic one, based on what I’ve read over the decades and learned from a couple of brilliant teachers and experienced as a result of doing readings. It’s also partially based upon that ever-so-elegant and esoterically obscure glyph called the “The Tree of Life”—a.k.a. the Qabala (of the Golden Dawn “WASP”* variety). Under the latter system, the number 8 is associated with the Sephera called “Hod” AND the planet Mercury. Do you see where I’m going with all this? I sure hope so, as it was one of those “quantum leap” doohickies….

In other words, it dawned on me that the Eights in the Tarot represent ALL the positive and negative manifestations of the Astrological connotations of Mercury. Lost, yet? Hang on, I’ll clarify.

Eight of Swords: The Epitome of Mental Bondage

So, in the Rider-Waite-based Tarot deck that I use, the Eight of Swords depicts a blindfolded woman tied to a sword, surrounded by seven other 6-foot-tall swords, but with no one else around. Realistically speaking, this would be the perfect moment for her to cut herself loose from the sword to which she’s tied, remove her blindfold, and run away from her captors. Will she do that? It sure doesn’t look like it. It pretty much seems that she has given up, and has no inclination to set herself free, even though it’s in her power.

What does the 8 of Swords mean?

Before we start blaming the victim on this one, we need to understand that certain concepts and ideas and beliefs limit folks. What they’ve been told and led to believe are, in their mentality, actually what’s “True.” They have no way of seeing that what they’ve been sold is a pack of lies. Cognitive dissonance prevents them from challenging the status quo. They’re lost. They don’t get it, and they most likely never will.

What can we, as Neo-Pagan Witches, do to PREVENT ourselves from succumbing to the 8 of Swords mentality?

Ask “WHY?” It’s as simple as that. If the other guy cannot give you a satisfactory explanation, well, hey, you’re FREE to draw your own conclusions.

The Eight of Wands: Changes and Opportunities Fast Approaching

The Eight of Wands that I envision is from Robin Wood, and pictures 8 flaming wands flying through the air in synchronous formation. It’s supposed to mean “news” from afar and whatnot.

What does it really mean? For me, it means making an agreeable decision hastily, which might not be in one’s favor. As in saying, “Yes” to an offer, when you don’t know all the details, yet. Such as accepting a job offer, but then later realizing that the job you agreed to do wasn’t the one you signed on for. OK, enough said.

Eight of Cups: DONE with this NOW!

This card, for me, summarizes the Divine warning of, “RUN, do not walk, to the nearest EXIT!” To which I’m working on more readily replying, “OK, I’m OUTTA here!” Sure, it’s difficult to give up on a person or a project or a dream. It hurts to turn your back on those folks and things that you love, and walk away and leave them behind. The fear is that you’ll miss out on opportunities. It’s painful—like turning your back on what you have so painstakingly built over time. Isn’t it worth it to stay?

ANSWER: NO, it’s NOT worth it. This is the “License to Depart” card. It tells you that you are finally free, and don’t have to put up with the nonsense anymore. Sure, it’s bittersweet, but what ending isn’t?

Eight of Pentacles: Going out into the “Real World” & getting something DONE

And so we come to the 8 of Pentacles. In the Rider-Waite-based decks, it’s a picture of a fellow laboring away at what most would consider “beginner” work. As in a Master Craftsman serving as an Apprentice.

What’s wrong with that?

Nothing. IF one’s World View encompasses life-long learning. OR if one has no issue with the new or the novel. But what if one does? Aye, therein lies the rub!

It’s funny, but so many folk cannot stand the 8 of Pentacles. After all, it calls their “expertise” into question. Personally, I salute the Eight of Pentacles. It means that I’m doing the right thing, in continuing what I’m doing in the modest ways in which I’m carrying on. The 8 of Ps is the Gods’ way of telling me, “You GO, girl!”

Blessed Be—Gwynalda )O(

*For this elucidating term, I give all manner of thanks and credit to Donald Michael Kraig’s “Modern Magick: Eleven Lessons in the High Magical Arts.”

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