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[Witch Way] Volume #5 Issue #7 -- The New Year Cometh!
December 13, 2012
Hi, Happy Yule!

Ken's Korner


The more I learn about Witchcraft, the more I realize how interconnected everything is. I was reading an article on what it takes to become wealthy or successful, and it talked about how people who have wealth or success are disciplined. It takes hard work to gain wealth or success. You have to put off watching TV, or going out, and work today, so that you can enjoy tomorrow.

As I was reading this article, I found myself thinking that the same thing is true of Witchcraft. If you want to become a successful Witch, you have to put off watching TV, or going out today, and work on yourself, so that you can be a better person tomorrow, and enjoy what that brings.

Most people want to have success given to them. They feel they are somehow special, and shouldn’t need to work in order to get the things they want. It should just fall into their lap. Because you’re reading this, I know that you know better. You understand that nothing is given for free.

If you’re hungry, but didn’t plant food in the Spring, whose fault is it? Is it the fault of the ground, for not spontaneously erupting with food? Is it the sun’s fault for not causing the food you didn’t plant to grow? Is it the rain’s fault that you’re hungry? No, the fault is all yours, for not planting, and then tending, and weeding, and finally picking the food. That’s work.

We talk a lot about Nature, and many people who first come to this Path, have this rose-colored view of what a natural life would be. Ah, to go back to the good old days, when everyone grew their own food, and celebrated the Sabbats. It sounds great, but it was a lot of work. Hard work. Work that most people today wouldn’t be interested in doing.

We’ve become a society of consumers. We consume everything, and then dispose of it. No worries, there’s more where that came from! Instant gratification isn’t quick enough. We want more, and we want it now. We have come to expect that someone will always give us what we need, and what we want.

This is the way most of us have been raised, to expect opportunities to be given to us. It’s gotten much worse over the last ten or twenty years, when everyone who participates, gets a ribbon. There are no winners, nor losers, there are just those who participate.

If you are just participating in life, you aren’t planting for the future. If you aren’t putting forth effort, you will get nothing in return. The Three-fold Law states that whatever energy you put out, will return to you with three times what you initially put out. That’s a 300% return! Investors would kill for that type of return, but if you put out nothing, well three times nothing is still nothing.

When you look at your life and wonder why you haven’t got the things you think you should have, who do you blame? Do you blame your friends, for not helping you get what you want? Do you blame your family, for not giving you all that you desire? Do you blame the government, for not supporting you in the lifestyle you’d like to become accustomed to?

Who is really to blame, if your life isn’t meeting your expectations? It seems to me that the person most interested in your life, and affected by your life, is you. Therefore it’s just logical that you should be the person to take your life, and make it what you want. No one else really cares, they’re too busy with their own lives.

So if you are the person who should make your life into what you want it to be, but it’s just not living up to your expectations, isn’t the one who is most to blame for Now, there are going to people who read that last sentence, and get really mad and offended. Those are the people who expect everything to be given to them. They don’t want to work for the rewards life has to give, they want life to just give them everything, free of charge.

Life just isn’t that way, and anyone who has been in charge of their own life for any length of time, understands that. Life isn’t fair! Well, actually, it is. You get out of life what you put into it. In fact, you get more out of life, than you put into it! The problem is, most people don’t put anything into it. Life takes them where it will, and they just complain about where they are.

If you want your life to go somewhere, you have to take it there. That requires giving up TV tonight, and working a little. That requires staying at home tonight, instead of going out and having fun, so that you can work on yourself, and your dreams. That requires discipline.

You start with a goal. It doesn’t matter what goal it is, but you might as well make it big. The bigger the goal, the better. After all, if you aim for something big and miss, what you get is probably much bigger than you expected. So think big! If you aim for the stars, and get the moon, are you really going to be that upset?

It’s a new year. Create a goal, something that you want more than anything. This isn’t a New Year’s Resolution, it’s a goal. It’s something you will attain, no matter how big, or unlikely it may seem right now. All it takes is work, and you’re not afraid of work. Take this time, between now, and the first of the year to decide what it is you really want in your life.

Spend some quality time with yourself, and learn who you are, and what you want. You’ll probably be surprised at what you find. Be disciplined enough to give up a little fun and free time, to work on you. You’re the only you you’ve got, you might as well be the best you, you can be. Search your thoughts and feelings, to discover that thing you want most.

The first step to getting what you want, is knowing that you want it. I’ll tell you the next steps, next year. I’ll warn you now, they involve work, just as figuring out what you truly want, is work. As long as you are willing to work for what you want, there is nothing that can keep you from it.

Blessed Be,

Ken Biles

The Witching Hour

by Marcus Leader

Psychics, Mediums and the Assemblage Point

Psychics, mediums, intuitives, sensitives, and channelers are all titles given to a very special type of person who was born with or acquired an ability to perceive and interact with subtle energies from dimensional realities other than our physical dimension. These individuals seem to have the ability to extend their own physical senses beyond our measurable physical universe and into other vibrational rings or planes as some people call them.

The most common sensation experienced by these sensitive individuals is that of sight and sound but can be extended to each one of our 5 senses. Often the psychic or medium will perceive these subtle energy vibrations with their corresponding sense organ, such as eyes and ears. However, this sensation is in most cases an illusion caused from within the energy body of the psychic. The actual perception of these energies comes through a series of energy ports within our energy bodies often referred to as chakras.

Each sense seems to have its corresponding chakra associated with a particular sense organ in the physical body. Therefore, when energy is perceived through a chakra associated with sight, data is sent to the organ of sight, that being the eye, which in turn stimulates the neuro receptors causing the illusion of sight. The same principles apply to each of the other senses as well. When a psychic sees an image it is often referred to by parapsychologists as Clairvoyance and the case of sound is called clairaudience.

Beyond the five senses there exists another form of psychic sense experienced by many psychics and mediums, as well as many ordinary people, called intuition. In fact many psychics refer to themselves as intuitives for this reason. Intuition is best described as a “knowing” an instant awareness of a feeling or emotion, or an event, place, person or thing without the meditation of the five senses. It is like an idea that you just “know” and “feel” with your body.

Toltec shamans of my lineage believe this awareness to be perceived through several different chakras but predominately by the chakra just above your navel. This is also the chakra that shamans use to send out their energies of intent to merge and manipulate with others and other energy systems. It is known as clairsentience and is a very powerful tool once cultivated and mastered by the psychic.

So, how is a psychic or a medium different from an ordinary person and how exactly do they perceive these energies and communications from other energy systems? Well, before I get into the Toltec core teachings regarding the mechanics of mediumship, let’s first examine some of the great psychic mediums of the past as well as the present.

There have been those called psychic mediums and seers throughout all of history. In ancient times psychics were known as seers and were often used by kings and heads of state as councils to important matters involving the fate of entire kingdoms. Some of the more prominent figures were the seer of Delphi, Sir Edward Kelly, and Nostradamous.

In more recent history, we find Madam Blavatsky who not only had extraordinary psychic abilities but also founded the Theosophical Society, Eileen Garrett, Edgar Casey the famous sleeping profit, Jean Dixon psychic to the Regan administration, Arthur Ford, and one of my personal favorites the most documented mediums in history Gladys Osborne Leonard who stood up to every test she was ever subjected to.

One interesting thing to note here with respect to my paranormal research in transdimensional communication is that phonograph recordings of Mrs. Leonard revealed subtle whispers from other entities underlying her own spoken words. This is something that today we call EVPs or electronic voice phenomenon.

Restating my original question, How is a psychic different from an ordinary person and exactly HOW are they able to perceive other energy systems?

It’s called the assemblage point... and exists in all conscious entities. In Humans it is found within the energy field that surrounds our physical bodies about 2 inches above the skin and in the area of the shoulder blades. It is responsible for aligning our own awareness with the emanations of the universe. This is a core teaching of the Toltec shaman and far too complicated to expand upon in a spiritual or scientific analysis in this short segment, so I will simply state that we see the world around us the way we see it, because of how our assemblage points position themselves and take in the vibrating emanations around us.

For example, if we look at an apple we see the familiar shape and color of what our assemblage points have been trained to see, by virtue of the way our parents described the world in our early years of life. IF your assemblage point were shifted just a minute degree in the right direction, then you would see the apple as a field of energy superimposed over the physical structure of the apple. If on the other hand the assemblage point experienced a greater shift, then you might find yourself observing an entirely different and unfamiliar world.

Our assemblage points basically HOLD our perception in familiar recognizable states as we live our lives in this world. The perception of the world is continually reinforced by our belief systems and the constant chatter of our internal dialog inside our own minds. One of the primary goals of a Toltec shaman is to find silence within; quieting the internal dialog at which time the assemblage point becomes less ridged and can be manipulated with a greater degree of accuracy, thereby allowing the shaman to access other worlds and other knowledge.

It is possible for the assemblage point to move on its own and often does this when we are sick or running a fever. Drugs or alcohol can also cause a mild shift giving one both visions and nightmares. Fear and profound states of stress have also been known to play havoc with the assemblage point, in fact, many of our mental hospitals are full of people who for whatever reason had their assemblage points shifted too far and too fast leaving them in other worlds that only they can perceive.

Fortunately, for most people, the assemblage point is rock steady and keeps us locked into our realty. But for the shaman this presents another obstacle to overcome. In the course of centuries shaman and persons of knowledge have created a variety of methods for shifting the assemblage point.

If we hold this basic explanation of the assemblage point in mind while examining the abilities of psychic mediums, we find a very distinct difference between a person born with a gift as compared to an ordinary individual, we begin to see the difference. This difference is found in their assemblage points. As I stated previously, in most people the assemblage point is ridged and does not shift without an applied force, but in the case of the psychic mediums, we find that their assemblage points are more fluid and often will vibrate or even stray from the home position belonging to humanity.

Sometimes an individual with this fluidity of assemblage can cause this vibration or shift at will, granting them access to other energy systems and dimensional realities, and allowing for communication with entities residing in these other dimensional realities. Other times the psychic may find this happening spontaneously. The more control a psychic individual has over the manipulation of their own assemblage points, the more intense and far reaching will be their abilities.

Often ordinary people with little or no psychic abilities will have visions or intuitions and this is directly related to the fluctuations of their assemblage points usually caused by emotional conditions. It is possible to learn to manipulate your own assemblage points but that will not necessarily mean you will become a psychic, for a person born with psychic abilities can be compared to a person born as a mathematical prodigy. You could learn mathematics as an ordinary individual but that will not make you a prodigy and it is the same for psychics and mediumship. In this same light, if a natural born psychic were to learn and employ techniques to manipulate the assemblage point, it would greatly increase their intuitive and mediumship abilities above and beyond their own gifted abilities.

The techniques to shift and manipulate the assemblage point as taught from the Toltec core teachings will be the topic of my next article in this newsletter so be sure not to miss next month’s newsletter and take some time and browse through the Cyber Witchcraft website for more great information and products that Ken has to offer.

Betwixt & Between

By Gwynalda Shadowalker

Keep pure to your highest ideal,
Strive ever towards it,
Let naught stop you, or turn you aside.
—“Charge of the Goddess”

Have you ever heard of that expression, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way”? Over the past few weeks, that sentiment morphed into: “If you would lead, then you first need to get out of your OWN way.” Hmmm. Oh, boy. That’s sure easier said than done, isn’t it?

Oftentimes, what prevents us from attaining our goals is our own deep-seated, self-imposed limitations, ingrained prejudices and unconscious habitual tendencies. The Divine Universe is so lovely in that She provides all sorts of opportunities for us to become aware of these issues in the form of our interactions with other people and recurrent mundane situations. Once we learn one object lesson, we can move on to the next one. And just as in high school and college, we’re all taking multiple classes in different subjects at the same time.

Those of you who’ve studied self-improvement psychology or are a friend of Bill W. have probably read that five-part story about the hole in the sidewalk. In the first part, someone’s walking down the street and suddenly falls into a hole. It was an accident, something completely unexpected— and therefore not their fault. They do eventually get out of the hole, but it sure takes a lot of time and effort.

In the second part, the protagonist takes that same route and falls into that same hole again. It’s uncanny how easy it was to “forget” that that hole was there. And, honestly, that hole shouldn’t have been there, anyway. In an ideal world, it wouldn’t even exist. How dare that hole be there, ruining their walk! And even though they got out of the hole once before, the second time around it still requires a long time and a great deal of effort to exit. The realization slowly begins to dawn that perhaps there’s something to learn from all this.

That holey street is what it is— not what it should be or what it could be. Accepting that reality is the first step. (And by acceptance, that doesn’t mean that the protagonist must like that hole, they just need to realize that it’s there and isn’t going to disappear.)

The third part of the story is where things get really interesting. Our hero knows that that hole is there on that street, but falls in yet again. At this point, it’s become a habit— turning onto that street and falling into that hole. But this time, the hole seems even darker and deeper than it did before, and much more unpleasant. This illustrates the “three strikes and you’re out” rule. Once could be a fluke; twice might be a coincidence; but three times is definitely a pattern. They wonder, “What the heck was I thinking when I chose to do this again?” With this awareness comes a new-found responsibility for self-determination. And it’s easier to get out of it right away.

In the fourth part, our now fully aware hero avoids falling into that hole by walking around it. Since the hole cannot be changed, the only way to stop falling into it is to change what one does in relation to it.

In the fifth part, our hero bravely chooses to walk down a different street. That alternate “hole-free” route is new, uncharted territory. It presents new opportunities for spiritual growth and development, and the chance to walk the Path with new fellow sojourners.

And the funny thing is, some of those “new” travelling companions might just be old, dear friends who’ve been waiting for you to finally get out of that stupid hole and walk down that different street with them.

Blessed Be and Happy Yule—Gwynalda )O(

Trending Toward The Positive

By Evylyn Rose

An Example of an Unhealthy Group

The last two months, we have been looking at major factors and signs to watch out for in evaluating the health and safety of groups we are considering joining or are already members of. This month, we are taking a look at the last two major factors. Then, we will go over an example of an unhealthy group.

Surrender of Will is a very important factor to watch out for. This involves how much personal power and responsibility is encouraged in members of the group. Are those lowest in the hierarchy of the group led to believe they have the least power in terms of taking care of themselves, offering their opinions, leading others, etc.? Do the leaders of the group do all of the work with the implication that other members are not capable of handling anything? In healthy settings, all members of a group are valued and viewed as powerful and responsible individuals. Groups may require a certain level of knowledge or experience before performing some tasks, but all members are viewed as equally capable. In unhealthy settings, members are more like repressed sheep or cattle who must follow the guidance of the group for their own good.

Easier to spot, Hypocrisy in a group setting is unhealthy even when it is not done intentionally or maliciously. Do the leaders of the group live by the rules they provide to the members? Or do they live by a different set of behaviors, ethics, and lifestyle from what the group claims is expected? What are the consequences of members who do not follow those rules? If you can look at those higher on the hierarchy of the group and have to try to bite your tongue to avoid calling them a hypocrite, you can be rest assured that hypocrisy is on the high end of the scale.

Now an example:

Others Say Something Doesn’t Feel Right

This group began when a couple decided there were many Wiccans and those seeking to learn Wicca in the local area who were in need of a more formal setting. Having studied some Wicca, they put together a learning coven and declared themselves High Priest and High Priestess. By traditional standards, the title was not yet deserved; however, the title was intended only as a matter of recognizing the two as the main facilitators of the group as all members learned together. After the original High Priestess left the group (for personal reasons between the HP and HPS), a shift in the weight of the title began to occur. The HP also setup to have a second, sister learning coven created.

The learning coven only has a MeetUp group to bring everyone together. In order to get word out, questionable advertising is used. Some of the advertising is the usual word of mouth of the members who want to share what they believe is a positive experience, and the HP passes out business cards. Other advertising, however, appears somewhat excessive for a Wiccan learning coven. Large decals on the sides of the HP’s and sister coven HP’s vehicles and painted, wooden signs on the front of their houses cause the cautious, well-informed Wiccan to raise an eyebrow.

Some Wiccans and other Pagans who have come across the group in looking for open circles and other social events have expressed a feeling of unease. A couple who later headed up a different group attended a meeting with the group and stated that the group seemed to have a very specific feel to it. Their expressions hinted that they felt something was wrong, but that they did not want to cause any undue rumors. Prior to speaking with other local Pagans about this group, I, too, had my reservations of meeting the learning coven.

On a couple occasions, I have met members of the group. They appear to be good people, but there seems to be a stint in the learning. Members who have been in the group for years have yet to learn the basics of Wicca 101 yet remain strictly loyal to the group. One member I have spoken to at length argued heavily against information about Wicca I shared with him, despite having scholarly and commonly available resources to back up the information. His own arguments could not be backed up in any source. He later apologized after a meeting with this group, stating that he didn’t realize that the information I shared was only one tradition of Wicca and that the group followed a completely different one. When I stated the information was applicable to all traditions of Wicca with the exceptions I clearly pointed out, he behaved as though my words had fallen on deaf ears.

The HP of the learning coven engages his members in past life regressions. This is done regardless of the fact that none of the members, including the HP, have any formal training in past life regression therapy. Members who have shared their past life experiences as they are revealed show a definite theme in their “regressions,” demonstrating either a lack of proper regression therapy or false regressions created by the HP. In some cases, the members have lived several lifetimes in a certain profession or having identical experiences every time. In other cases, two members of the group are led to believe they are twin flame lovers from a past life and are always encouraged to pursue that same relationship in this life regardless of the conflicts it will cause to other members of the group.

In the latter case, there is one instance in which the HP claimed the shared past life romance memory of two members was false. He convinced the female member that the memory she was seeing was implanted in her mind by black love magick on the part of the male member. Despite the accused member being innocent of the charges against him, the HP terminated his membership in the group immediately.

The behaviors of the HP are questionable at best. The HPS of the group is always someone who is romantically or sexually involved with the HP regardless of level of experience with or knowledge of Wicca. Hearsay claims that some of the BDSM lifestyle has been incorporated into the group despite previously stating that the lifestyle would be viewed separately from the group and that the learning coven was strictly for teaching the Wiccan religion only. The HP and HPS of the sister learning coven have since been fired by the HP of the original learning coven.

Although perhaps not a dangerous cult, this learning coven is a prime example of how an unhealthy group may run. There is some mild internal control as demonstrated by the removal of members at the HP’s command without providing members the right to defend themselves against accusations. The HP claimed more knowledge in several areas than he possessed and credited the same to newly appointed HPS regardless of their merit. The latter also demonstrates a clear practice of sexual favoritism on the HP’s part. Mild censorship takes part by convincing members that any opposing, outside opinions of the information shared within the group are strictly matters of traditional differences despite evidence to the contrary. The HP also uses mild paranoia to justify removing members for his personal gain.

Despite clear signs of the negativity and lack of health of the group, members remain loyal and convinced the group is a place for positive, accurate learning and that all members, including the HP are loyal and loving family members. This is not an uncommon occurrence in witchcraft communities today. Thoughts that a group may not be perfect, but it’s not a dangerous cult mislead Witches and Pagans to believe that unhealthy groups like these are better than nothing.

Please take the time to look into a group before joining. Trust your initial instincts and intuition and evaluate the points we’ve gone over. Not all groups are unhealthy. Likewise, some may not always be the most organized, but can be very positive influences in our lives. The more effort we put into avoiding negative groups and supporting positive ones, the more the positive has a chance to flourish. Negative groups can only continue to spread negativity out into the world so long as they have members to manipulate or infect. Let’s spread positive energy instead.


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Blessed Be,
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