A Witch Alone by Marian Green
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A Witch Alone by Marian Green

by Eileen

This is an excellent book for those who prefer to work as a solitary, and very close to our Mother Earth.

The book has 13 chapters and can be studied one chapter a month to achieve your "Year And A Day" requirements if you like.

It teaches a very simple Earth based path, with few tools, and rituals held out of doors whenever possible.

It truly follows the turn of the Wheel. The Sabbats and Esbats are celebrated according to the first signs of a changing season rather than by the established date of a holiday.

This book and the path it teaches is not for everyone, because there are few bells and whistles and the rituals are simple with no set rules to follow.

You let your inner self write your rituals as you need them. But if you are looking for a very simple, very spiritual Earth religion that requires only you and your Gods to celebrate it, this may be the book for you.

It has become my bible, and remains on my desk at all times, not only for reference, but also for the pure enjoyment of reading it.

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Jan 15, 2016
a Witch alone - Excellent! NEW
by: Jim

I began chapter 1 the day after New Moon, September, 2015 and just started chapter 5 a few days ago (January 2016). The book is excellent for those who are ready to grow and learn. I truly cannot imagine a better guide or approach to learning about my ancient spiritual heritage. Marian Green truly played an important role in my introduction to the Goddess and God and the tools to assist me through this life.

I am but a babe and have only begun to see. But what is clear is that "a Witch alone" is a superb book for helping those along that are ready.

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