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About Ken Biles

Ken Biles - aka GreyhartKen Biles started the journey on his Path, Samhain of 1987, soon after being introduced to Witchcraft by books loaned to him by a roommate. After finding out that his first teacher was less than ethical, he continued his education in Witchcraft through books.

Living in Denver, he was introduced to a large Pagan Community that was quite open, and happy to include newcomers into their activities (One of the few good things that first teacher did). As a Solitaire Witch, Ken stayed on the sidelines of the Community for several years, until a friend asked a favor of him.

Thus began his direct involvement in the Denver Community.

Over the next twelve years, he was a member of staff for Dragonfest, the local Pagan festival. During that time, he worked his way from running Safety, to coordinating a group of departments, until in 1998 he was Co-Director of the festival, where it was his job to run the entire retreat.

In 1999, members of the festival elected him to a five year term on the Board of Directors. During his term on the board, Dragonfest applied for, and received its 501(C)-3 tax free status. In his last year on the board, he was elected President of the board.

In the early 90’s, Ken was a major contributor to one of the first Internet eZines, called The Denver Pentagram. While he never had a regular column, his articles on Witchcraft and its social-political ramifications could be found in the Zine most months.

After The Denver Pentagram closed shop, Ken started co-hosting an Internet radio show under his Craft name, Greyhart. The show was called “Full Circle”, and ran on WPBN (Witchcraft Pagan Broadcast Network). As an Internet based show, Full Circle had a world-wide audience, and was eventually syndicated in California. The show was the very first Pagan show ever, and ran for ten years. By the time the show ended, it was getting over 6 million hits a month, from all across the planet.

Fellowship Of The Warrior mageWhile he has been mostly solitaire, Ken has worked with many Covens over the years. While he has associated himself with various covens, he has never actually joined any, with two exceptions. Dragon Heart Coven, he co-founded in the early 1990's, and Fellowship of The Warrior Mage in 2005, of which he is a founding member.

Recently Ken has been working on giving back to the Community that has given him so much. He has been active in the Front Range Pagan Pride Committee, and now runs this informational website on Witchcraft.

Ken Biles co-authored the book, Invoking The Egyptian GodsKen is also co-author of the book Invoking The Egyptian Gods, along with well known artist and author, Judith Page

This book is a definitive guide to invoking and working with the Egyptian Gods, known to the Egyptians as Netaru.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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