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Advanced Witchcraft

You've learned to walk. Now run!

So you've read all the books you can get your hands on. Hopefully you've read the sections under Beginning Witchcraft here. Now what?

Well for one thing, being a Witch means that you lead, you do not follow.

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Advanced Witchcraft is less on lessons, and more on independent study. Guidance in learning the basics is a must. Having a teacher, even if it's a book or website, allows you to be shown the steps required.

Now that you know those basics, it's time to work with more abstract ideas, such as using modern myth in ritual.

The thoughts and ideas presented here, are what I consider Old School Witchcraft. This isn't the Fluff Bunny, feel good, stuff you find everywhere. It's the serious study of a Craft.

There are many techniques for performing magick. Some, are rituals which carry significance and symbolism.

Rituals such as Drawing Down the Gods, and the Great Rite, take this form.

Others take the form of casting spells. Methods such as candle magick, which requires you to know the process for dressing the candle to your purpose.

All of these techniques can be learned and with practice, mastered.  The key to magick is Will and Intent.

While is sounds simple enough, the practice is much more difficult.  It can take years of study to figure out some of the ideas, or how to work with them together in a single cohesive practice.

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