Am I Crazy
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Am I Crazy

by anonymous
(North Carolina)

I was raised in the South, in a devout Southern Baptist home. Church was the hammering of the fist on the pulpit and hell was the place you went if you deviated from what was taught.

This next line you probably have heard before, but I knew I was different. I stayed in line with what was expected throughout my life. Yes I did deviate some but the traditional upbringing is still there.

Now the real question, from the time I was about six I always felt like someone was talking to me in my head. Okay, I am not schizophrenic nor do I have any mental health issues. It's hard to explain but if something was bothering me or I needed an answer or explanation. I could just stop and ask my question to this what I call the voice in my head.

Now the answer was usually right on target with what would happen. I never doubted the voice nor was I ever led down the wrong path. I thought it was just my subconscious but as I got older it became a stronger presence. So I tuned in a little more to it and what was going on around me. Do I see things? No Can I predict future events? Sometimes Now I can't pick the winning lottery numbers but there are certain things that trigger it. Smells really set it off, certain events or places.

As this voice became stronger I thought it was just my line of work (law enforcement). I am so in tune I can smell death, can tell you when someone is going to die after a traffic crash and know when to tell people to leave to help themselves. It's not always about death its like a sixth sense I can't explain.

As this is so outside the realm of what I have been taught since a child I started reading about different religious aspects and the Wiccan religion. Do I think I am almighty powerful? No but would it be wrong to build on this voice or sense for good things. I have a big heart and know I could make a difference.

Am I on the right path. Or just plum crazy. Any advice?

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Jun 27, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Oct 24, 2014
It's normal NEW
by: Kyra

Trust me, you are not crazy. You just have a gift. Listen to the voices because they will steer you in a good path. The voice in my head was my past life, explaining to me what I use to do and what I am: a bloodline wiccan and a crystal child soul. I suggest though that if you have strict parents that don't like wicca or witchcraft, you shouldn't tell them immediately. But try casting every now and then and when you believe it is time, tell your parents about your path. Don't let them find out on their own. Blessed be. -Kyra

Dec 12, 2012
I Do What The Voices In My Head Tell Me
by: Ken

What you describe goes by many names. Some call them Spirit Guides, others call them Gods. It's your voice, but the answers come out of nowhere.

This happens to me as I begin a ritual called Drawing Down The God. The answers are right there, and crystal clear.

What you call it makes no difference, as long as the voices haven't lead you in the wrong direction, you should be able to trust them.

Don't worry about trying to help others, unless they ask for your help. You can't help people who don't want to be helped. Do what makes you happy, and live life to the fullest.

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