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Note to Publishers and Authors regarding
Reviews posted on CyberWitchcraft.com

  • The point of having a reviews page is for students of the Craft to have a place to honestly express their experience of each book. We believe that each student has a right to express their opinions freely and anonymously.
  • We can't control what is posted on the reviews and we will not remove any comments posted as respect to our students whom are the reason for the creation of this site.
  • Do not contact us with questions and demands for our staff to remove reviews. In order for CyberWitchcraft.com to continue being successful and #1, we must respect our students, just like you must provide them excellent information when they read your book.
  • Publishers and authors are not allowed to post reviews on their own properties. Publishers and authors may leave comments on reviews written by students by writing a message in the comments box of the individual reviews you want to respond to. If we suspect that a publisher or author is abusing the system we may contact you and remove your posted review.
  • If you believe that a negative review was written unfairly, again feel free to reply with a comment on the page the review was posted.
  • If you have any suggestions for us to make the reviews page more useful, please feel free to send us your feedback using the Contact Us button to the left.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and support.



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