Bloodlines? Marks of A Witch? Inbreeding?
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Bloodlines? Marks of A Witch? Inbreeding?

by Elizabeth
(Las Vegas, NV. U.S.A.)

First, off the subject for a second, I have several of questions that need answering. So many questions and not many or enough answers.

I use to have a mentor of some sort, but he no longer wants to speak with me. I see it as he told me too much he wanted me to know and now finds me threatening and disturbed by my presence alone. So he told me, and it hurts me that he feels that way, but his arrogance got the best of him.

Back on topic is something I particularly would like to know. Is coming from descendants of witches automatically make you a witch?

Also this question sounds a bit dumb, but are witches in any way evil, because I never really thought so. Christians really try to convert you and will say anything to do it. I just like the honest truth.

I've also heard about marks of a witch and wonder if that is only superstition or true, because I really don't know.

And finally Inbreeding. I feel disgusting just thinking about asking such a question, but is inbreeding wrong? I know it is very unhealthy, but I find this very common in old time witches.

Thank You very much and I apologize if it is a bit too much.

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Oct 14, 2014
i need help NEW
by: Anonymous

I see things i shouldn't. And also feel the se. Want to know how to control myself and others.

Oct 14, 2014
i need help NEW
by: Anonymous

I see things i shouldn't. And also feel the se. Want to know how to control myself and others.

Sep 11, 2014
also a Witch NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a born Witch as well. I am not sure where in the family it comes from but I am trying to learn. I am hoping one day i can learn something about the hows and whys and more. I am though not Wiccan. but not against Wicca eather. I am just not into the new age things of today.

Jun 25, 2014
Help please! NEW
by: Rose Petal

Okay so i just found out im a witch of sky, earth and water it' s not something you can get i mean like spells in a book you MIGHT get but mostly you have to be born a witch and for good witches they need to be positive well for me (good witch) i need to be posivive with my spells when i cast them so they will work mostly when i am not postive they end up a disaster and WE DON'T WORSHIP THE DEVIL and there is no such thing as wicca well for me and my family because were cristians it is VERY affencive for people to say all witches are bad and worship satin we dont and were well most of us are good we try NOT to bring evil into the world and try to help people , not kill people , we have a VERY bad vibe the fairy tales gave us were not ugly , dont live in the woods , eat people and most of all we dont ride broom sticks , dont have moles , not green , we look just like you and try to blend in because if we told you you'd be scared and we are very shy , we dont like to talk to people and your thinking im crazy but im not im a true white witch bye

Jul 27, 2011
Hi Elizabeth
by: Ash'lynn

First of all, witches are simply people who practice witchcraft. It is a belief system. So even if your ancestors were pagan, it does not necessarily mean you will believe the same thing as them. That being said, just as you can get physical similarities from your parents or grandparents, you might be predisposed to feel the same attraction to nature and witchcraft as they did.
Witches are not evil as a whole. The threefold law and Wiccan Rede clearly state that you should not harm others, lest it come back to you three times worse.
I am sure some "witches" abuse that responsibly, and try to channel magick for hurtful or selfish reasons. Just as many catholic priests blaspheme and abuse young boys. There are always those claiming to be a faith, and then they don't follow the code of their faith.
But it is not in the doctrine of a witch to be evil, it is the complete opposite. Witches are called to understand the harmony and balance in all things, and focus their energy to positively benefit themselves, the earth, and others.
Finally, inbreeding.
It's a proven fact that inbreeding causes mutations, because the gene pool is much smaller, and any offspring will have a good chance of getting mutations. (Whereas in a diverse gene pool, the child usually acquires the normal chromosome.)
But back in the day, there were less people, and this knowledge was not known. So yea, inbreeding was common back them. But mutations grow with time, so that's why close intermarriage is now illegal. Inbreeding is not a characteristic of witches, it's just something that was common for all people back then.

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