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Submission Guidelines

The point of a book review is to give enough information about a particular book, so that others reading the review will be able to decide if that is a book they want to buy and read.

To that end, I have created the following Submission Guide for you to use while writing your review.

  • Give the full title of the book
  • Include the Author’s name
  • Who published the book?
  •  Include the ISBN number (typically found on the back cover above the barcode) of the book so that anyone can locate it easily. Especially since different books can have similar titles!
  • What is the retail price of the book?
  • Where can the book be found? Any bookstore? Specific types of bookstores (Metaphysical/Spiritual)? Don’t forget to include what section of the bookstore to look in.
  •  What is the book about? Is it general Wicca, or traditional Celtic Witchcraft? Is it something different altogether?
  • When writing your review, include information on specific sections, chapters, pages and passages that really illustrate why you liked or disliked the book.  Most books will have in their copyright information, the fact that portions of the text can be reproduced for use in reviews.  This means that you can quote parts of the book that are especially suited to showing your point.
  • Give details! What was it that caught your attention? Is the author easy to read and understand? Does the author explain ideas and concepts well, or does he or she assume that you know information not covered in the book?
  • Who should read the book? Who should not read this book?
  • Would you recommend this book, and to whom?
  • Use your own words. Write as though you were talking to a friend.  Don’t worry about impressing people with big words.  Most people read only at an eighth grade level.  Aim your words at the people who are most likely to want to read this book.

Remember to have fun! If you read a book that you think is truly good, or horribly bad, let others know. 

Use the bullets above to give you ideas on what to put into your review. They are all optional, except the first five.  In order for a review to appear, it must have the information contained in the first five bullets.

Use all the space necessary to give as much information on the book as possible. Remember, others may decide whether to buy a book, based on what you write!


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