Born with a caul
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Born with a caul

by George Milliken
(El Cerrito, CA. USA)

I was born with a caul, or a veil. I have always had the ability to see things others don't. For instance when I meet a new person or even see a picture I can look at their eyes and see the person, really see them. It has been my experience that people who are operating in the lower self, or people who have negative energy will be visibly nervous around me and almost always they ask if they have met me before. For a lot of my life I did not realize that I saw in people what others couldn't and I would become very frustrated when I would see a friend take up,with a negative energy person. For the life of me I did not understand why they would put their life on the same path with this other person. Not only could I tell them what would happen by being with this person I would be able to recite verbatim the words they would use to lure my friends into a false sense of security in order to keep them around. These bad energy people appeared charming to my friends and my friends would believe that people were out to get this new friend of theirs. The new friend never wanted to spend any time in my company because even if I was acting in the most hospitable way, they always felt uncomfortable.

Sorry for the lengthy intro, my question is this. Is it possible for a person to be born with a predisposition for being a witch or warlock. I have always felt a spiritual connection to the Earth. I seem to attract animals attention, wild and domesticated. I have never felt connected to my Christian roots. I have cast one spell in my life. When I was in my circle I felt electric and the spell was amazingly successful. So much so that it scared me a bit.

If anyone has any insight regarding my situation I would live to hear it.


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Oct 02, 2015
i am not sure it's the same thing NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't really read people but more like dream about something and it comes true or even when i am awake sometimes i see an image flash in front of me and it comes true just the way it seemed with all minor details

Aug 15, 2015
Amazing post NEW
by: Rushdi

Born with a Caul is strange for me because i have don't listen before. So, it's not easy for me to believe on it. But i talk about the whole website then i must say that this site contain a lot of great articles about cyber witchcraft and some videos as well. At the same time i also like to find essay writing service reviews and hope i will get very soon according to my desire.

Jul 24, 2015
i have the exact same thing happen NEW
by: Star

Omg this is exactly what I have been going through since before I can remember I thought I was just being silly and seeing things

Feb 22, 2014
caulbearer too NEW
by: Anonymous

I was born with a caul-and I too read people.I dream things that come true and stuff from the past=mostly a war torn place.

Jan 11, 2013
I also was born with a caul
by: Anonymous

I have all the same gifts u have and more I dream dreams asleep and awake that end up happening. I can also predict the weather and I love stones and crysals.I see colors around people I have learned brown or black means get away from that person before something bad happens I was born a die hard morman so this inst allowed also my mother was born with it and some of my grand children I have been studying witch school and just now learning not to be affaid of my gifts

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