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I am baptized Roman Catholic and I do believe in God and even though I am not devout (I don't pray every night, go to church, etc) I do still love my God and I have faith. All my life though I have had a strong interest in magick and the supernatural and the fantastical and recently I found myself in the most wonderful store and a book caught my eye about witchcraft.

I had never given being a witch much thought because, in my ignorance, I had always thought it had to be a skill you were born with. Since then I have done a lot of research on Witches and Wicca and have found a lot aspects of both that I relate with a lot. Of course I know that Wicca and Witchcraft aren't the same thing and you can practice Witchcraft without being Wiccan, but the bible has strict rules against Witchcraft and I don't know how much I am willing to sacrifice of my religion and how much id be willing to sacrifice my exploration of Witchcraft.

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Mar 31, 2016
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by: Buy Essay

The only thing you have to understand is what is more important for you. If you cannot live without practicing witchcraft, then you choose to ignore your religion. If religion is more authoritative and important for you, then you choose to follow its regulations.

Dec 18, 2015
Beware NEW
by: Follower of the Lord

May you all be blessed with the clarity and discernment that emanates from the creator of the universe, our loving triune God, the Father, Son, and Holy spirit.
He who created the universe is infinitely more superior to His creation than we are superior to a mundane creation of our own. For we create nothing, we reshape the created to form our "creations".
Science has proven beyond a doubt that the universe was created from nothing in an explosion of existence. The thought that this creation is itself "God" is as absurd as our ancestors believing lightning was the product of a specific lightning god.
I hope and pray all of you come to realize the dangerous path you are walking when you stray from the truth. The deceiver is among us and he is hungry for souls. One of the oldest tricks of the deceiver is to convince people that they are indeed god. This leads to the form of pride that separates us from the laws of love given to us by our beloved Father through his incarnate Son our Lord Jesus Christ.
I urge you all to research witchcraft by looking for those who share their experiences with it as it led them down the road to Satanic practices. Remember, the deceiver gently and patiently attracts souls to himself under the guise of light and goodness. May God bless you all and open your eyes to his life saving truth.

Oct 15, 2015
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Oct 02, 2015
it's ok NEW
by: sesadi

even if you have another religion you can still learn witchcraft

Jul 24, 2015
informative NEW
by: Benoy

I think the problem you have faced, similar problem a lot of Christian people faced. The below person said right that God's words were set in stone and never changed but the Bible changed with the passage of time and so many things being mixed and now confusion come out. any how, I try to find out essaybulldogs - essay writing services but when i got this post like share my feeling regarding it.

Jul 13, 2015
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by: Harry Alex

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Mar 10, 2015
Mistranslations and Missionaries NEW
by: Anonymous

Many of the verses English-speaking Christians quote in justifying animosity towards Wicca are in fact, not condemnation of that Craft, but of the manner in which it is employed:

In the original Hebrew manuscript, the author used the word m'khashepah to describe the person who should be killed. The word means a woman who uses spoken spells to harm others - e.g. causing their death or loss of property. Clearly "evil sorceress" or "woman who does evil magic" would be the most accurate phrases in today's English usage for this verse. (

Many scholars who could have corrected this muddy translation had no incentive to do so, because many of Christianity's most militant supporters belonged to the "My religion is right, and everyone else better realize it!" club.

Sadly, even today, many Christians cling to their inaccurate translations and religo-centric views toward other worldviews.

Feb 08, 2015
religion NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi i was having the same troubles being raised christian... ive come to the conclusion a long time ago that the bible was written by man, a man alone... God's words were set in stone and never changed. The bible is forever changing and reinturpreted every so often... i hope this peice of info. Has come to help you if any, at least a little bit

Jun 03, 2014
discovering your witchcraft powers NEW
by: Joe

If you really feel that something is calling to you, especially from an early age, then don't fight it. At least look into it, study and learn and put it into practice. Even if you walk away from it you'll always come back to it. That's how it was for me. We ALL have personal power or "witchcraft powers" as it's called within us. I think many people try hard to fight it or deny it and turn to religion and supress their personal power and all along they know that somewhere deep down inside that's where many of the answers are; Buried and locked away deep within the darker, deeper parts of the unconscious mind. Our inner Hecate. So, it doesn't matter what your previous beliefs or your faith is, you can still work magick. Magick will work for you just as long as you have the need and the will to bring it about. Magick is within and magick is all around us. But magick is not an all powerfull force that will do everything for you. Sometimes we need to get outside help in order to be independant and free. Because sometimes there could be someone who has certain gifts or abilities that you need, so don't feel bad if you turn to someone else for help.

Aug 30, 2013
by: Dionysus

I was raised and baptized Roman Catholic as well, but never felt it was the faith for me. I always believed in something bigger but there always seemed to be more. As a child I played and made potions, pretended cook books were spell books, and found fallen branches to be my wands. During free time in computer class at my Catholic school, I would research Greek, Celtic, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. I had a wonderful affiliation with the night and darker aspects but was always afraid of concepts like evil, hell, and the devil. I never felt that dark and night were evil, so there I found some balance not found in the Christian traditions. At around 10 years old I discovered that what I'd been studying and playing was actually a real concept; Witchcraft and Paganism. I believed in the One God and because of the commandment that we cant worship any god BEFORE him, I worshiped other gods UNDER him. I thought that was pretty logical. I declared myself a witch when I was 12, and slowly started to realize that the one God I really was worshiping was nature, not the christian God at all. I always wondered before why God was a he, and never a she. Then I realized when I myself and others said "Mother nature", or "Mother earth", that we were referring to the divine. After much research and evolution on my beliefs, I consider myself a natural witch. The craft called to me, and I couldn't be happier. I am a polytheist and honor many gods as well as the masculine side of the source (God) and the feminine side of the source (Goddess). Maybe the craft is calling to you; answer the call. Don't abandon your beliefs, but follow your heart and see where it takes you. The possibilities are endless and magickal!

Aug 29, 2013
Dazed and Confused
by: Ken


This is a normal part of exploring outside what you were raised with. All your life you've been told one thing. Now suddenly, you find something completely different.

Only you know what is right for you. No Priest or parent, or anyone else can decide that for you.

I have found another way toward the Divine, through Witchcraft. There is no "One True Way", there are in fact an infinite number of ways to Deity. You must find the one that is right for you.

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