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by Alyssa
(Aurora, CO, U.S.A)

I am a girl growing up in a Christian family, but I do not believe in the God my family prays to and I would like to become a Witch.

How would I come about that? I am not very old, you see, but I don't know if that has any relevance.

Will this site allow me to become a Witch, or should I just abandon the thought of becoming a Witch?

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Jul 27, 2011
Do what feels right
by: Ash'lynn

My advice to you would be research, research, research.
Learn as much about Wicca as you can. Most witches say that the more they learned about Wicca, the more it fit what they already believed, and it clicked.
Ask yourself, what is the interest in being a witch? Why do you want to become one? If your answer is rebellion from your parents, curiosity, or you think magick is "cool", then I would advise you against this path.
But if you truly believe in the God and Goddess, and you can feel the energy, magick, and beauty in nature, then you must decide for yourself what you want to do.
If you have ceased to believe in the Christian God, drop hints. Say things like, "Mom, what do you think about the pagan religion?" or "Do you believe that nature is sacred?". This could open up good conversations.
ABOVE ALL be ready to defend this faith. Know your stuff. Christians in particular have many misconceptions about what Wicca is.
You need to be able to explain that it is not devil worship. Explain that we do not believe in the devil, explain that the pentacle is not a sign of Satan as culture has been led to believe. Explain the similarities between the religions, and how Christians have borrowed their traditions from us (Yule-Christmas, Ostara-Easter, Imbolc-Groundhogs Day etc).
The sad truth is, some people choose to remain unenlightened, even in the face of the truth.
So here's what they can do:
they can ground you, take away privelages, prevent you from practicing your faith.
But what they CANNOT do is force you to believe something different. You alone control what you believe. And if your religion is important, you will persevere.
Best of luck figuring all this out!

Nov 24, 2010
Do wat u want
by: Lil T

Alyssa do what you think is best for you...I am a Catholic and I wanna be a witch but I dont wanna get rid of the catholic in me...but what I am tryin to say is what my mom tells me "No one cares what you are just who you act like" she told me this when I was talking to her about my cousin being a lesibian.. my mom believes god loves us all equally even if your a witch, muslim, buddhist, christian,lesbian, gay and all those types of people so if I were you I would have a conversation about it with my mom first since mom's undersstand kids better. Tell you want to be a witch dont be demanding saying no i dont want to....but just start it out like a joke about witches, vampires or sum but you should kno before you convert make sure you kno what your doing before doing it. God and Jesus Loves you sooo much and wants you to be happy and not be a horrible person. "Everyone is different and if we were born the all the same Earth would be a pretty boring place" remember that saying..i thought of it and it means do what you want and not what others want you to be go with what your heart says and not others.

Oct 18, 2010
by: Dragon

Never let someone else make your decisions for you Megan. I have learnt this thorugh experience that it only leads down a dark and unwanted path. If you want to become a Witch, you become a Witch. I was like you. My family are ALL Roman Catholics, except for my father and his wife and her son, so it was pretty difficult for me to make the decision.
Someone once told me that Witches come from harder backgrounds a lot of the time because if it were not for these hardships, we would never have even thought about Witchcraft. The best way to start is to make sure you are 100% sure you can do this, then start to expand your knowledge and experience of the magickal arts and beliefs. A good website is . This website helped me a lot when I was starting out. Now, thanks to it's help, I have a permanent connection to the truth from Wicca's lips as she tells me her wishes. I am to be a High Priestess one day, and I already have an affinity for one of the Elements. You too could find yourself realising your true potential in this world, and I don't want you to ever back away from it Megan. Never. Don't think about what others say about it, we have no time in our lives for people like them. To move forwards, we must not let the others hold us in chains.

Apr 25, 2010
Is Christianity better?
by: Ken


I'm happy that you have found something in your life to believe in. If it works for you, great.

The problem is that no two people believe exactly the same thing, and Christianity expects just that. If you don't believe what that particular church calls Truth, you are a blasphemer.

Witchcraft, and all other Pagan Paths don't expect that. We believe that whatever spiritual Path you are on, as long as you harm no one, and your Path makes you happy, it is a valid belief.

I, or other Pagans may not agree with your Path, but who are we to say you are wrong? It's wrong for me, but may be perfect for you. So I ask, who are you to decide that Alyssa is wrong in her persuit of Witchcraft?

Mar 04, 2010
by: Megan

Dear Alyssa,

i am on this site because it is a requirment for a school project, not because i am a witch. I am a Christian going on 2 years now. I feel liek the Lord put something on my heart to share with you. I did not grow up in a Christian home. I had a family, and a good one i thought. My birth father had left when i was two, and growing up i hardly knew him. As you can imagine, a teenage girl growing up without a father spells 'trouble'! When i finally met him, and we began our relationship, he started verbal and emotionally abusing me. I felt so empty, you could never imagine... So, since i wasnt reciving love, care, and accpetance from the one person who was supposed to give it to me, i started looking elsewhere. I started hooking up with boys, letting them touch me, swearing, drinking, you name it. Because, i wanted to ffel pretty.. I wanted my daddy to loook at me and say, 'Honey, your beautiful.' but i never got that...still. During that, My step father decided that he wasnt inlove with my mother anymore, so he was divorcing her. I have 2 siblings, both autistic and with a incurable disese call Neurofribromatous Type 1, and when i heard the news, i had my firs breakdown. how dare he! leave me, my mother, and disabled siblings! So, i became suicidle...YOu have no idea the pain i faced; used up and thrown away by dozens og guys, dad who breaks me down for fun, 2 disabled siblings on their last legs, and alchohalic mother, and a soon-to-be-dicorced step dad with an anger problem. I started cutting and popping pills to numb the pain. It didnt work at all. It wasnt until one day my mother recieved a phone call from her best friend(who was a christian)and said that she needed to take us all to church. Broken, hurt, and mad, there was NO WAY i was gonna bow down befre some invisalbe jerk who ruined my life! But, when i walked into those door, and i said 'Jesus come into my life, heal me' i was a new person. I prayed and prayed and prayed, i cryed my eyes out, i sobbed until my throat bleed because i could feel him healing me from the inside out! I left my old life, and started walking with Him. Now, im blessed to say my step dad stayed and recived threapy, my mom put the bottle down, my brother and sister are testing at normal levels in every singl suject, and the scars on my wrist are fadding. I just wanted to tell you, dont give up on Him just because you cant feel Him, or because your hurt, of facing condemation, its ok:) He loves you somuch, and just wants to hold you in His arms! I was were you are, i was involved in Witchcraft for a time myself, before i found and accepted the Truth. If he could heal my family, my scares, my brother and sisters disease's, he can over come any other obstacle...People will diapoint you, but He's forever..Thank you for listening ot me, and even tho i dont know you personally, i love you as a Sister in Christ. Im giving you a BIG HUG right now! God Bless YOu, sister.

Dec 05, 2009
Convert What?
by: Ken

Hi Alyssa,

You say that you're young. If you're under 18, you probably won't be able to find someone to teach you without your parents consent.

My first question is, why do you want to be a Witch? Why Witchcraft instead of some other Path? My second question is, what is it about the religion of your parents, that makes you want to leave?

This website won't make you a Witch. It can give you information about what Witchcraft is, and hopefully make you think about what it is that you really want to do.

Only you can decide if you are a Witch or not, but I would say that if giving up being a Witch is an option for you, then you are not a Witch. Spirituality is not something you just give up. It either calls to you, or it doesn't.

If this information was valuable to you, why not buy me a cup of coffee?

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