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I'm beginnig to study the ways of Witchcraft.

I got my first crystal today! The vibrations, the goosbumps I feel up my arm when I touch it feels amazing!

How can I know what that crystal will bring for me, or how I shall use it?

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Apr 09, 2016
Crystals NEW
by: Bonnie

I'm a crystal hugger too. I talk to my stones and even sing with them...they hum along. When I don't get clear impressions of how to work with one, I use a pendulum to determine if the stone has solar-male energy signature or lunar-female energy signature. If my pendulum moves forward and back, it's a yes and left to right is a no. I ask only yes/no Qs

Solar stones are useful for workings of dominance, repelling, protection jobs, for that short burst of energy to get the job done.

Lunar stones are nurturing and work better for service, attracting and gathering tasks, for going the distance and long term .

Nov 13, 2010
by: Maggie

I have been studying wicca and witchcraft for what seems like decades.
I have found that your crystals and or tumbled stones can speak to you through these vibrations. The very first time I purchased a crystal I sat on the sofa and opened the box with no expectations really. But the second I reached in to take hold of the crystal I too felt the goosebumps and chills.
As I held my rose quartz I smiled and closed my eyes and I felt I was floating. A strange feeling but I have had several older witches tell me that is the way it feels when you have discovered your calling.
Hope this helps.

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