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by Julie
(Whitehall, PA, USA)

Where do you find crystals? I cant seem to find them anywhere. I really need to find some.

Also a lot of people say that all Witches should carry salt with them anywhere, just in case. Is that true?

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Oct 23, 2016
Crystals NEW
by: HPAlricaNeshama

Look for pagan stories in your state. Try witchvox dot com

No, as an Occultist I have never carried salt in my life.

Apr 09, 2016
Finding crystals NEW
by: Anonymous

The glamorous stones can be purchased at rock and gem shows. check local listings for lapidary shops. Visit the nearest natural history museum and look in the gift shop.
Quartz is used in landscaping & garden and landscaping suppliers carry chunks of raw, unpolished quartz. I found a couple of fist size chunk of rose quartz at the pet isle at target being sold as a fish tank decoration.
Construction sites where digging is going on unearth some big and small specimens-I hauled a beauty home in my car once, and its in my backyard now. I took a walk where road repairs had just been finished and found a lovely quartz that was water polished.
Every woman knows her shopping fairy will guide her to the one bargain she needs! Here we have an edge on the guys. Send out the call of the hunt and rocks will come to you.

Nov 13, 2010
Crystals and Salt
by: Maggie

Crystals can be found as close as your own back yard. I myself, have found several peices of selenite (a bright white creamy stone) in my driveway.
But if you live in the city or in a suburb possibly you may not find any.
You can turn to the internet and go to a search engine and put in the search box CRYSTALS or TUMBLED STONES. Check out several web sites and as I have told several witches I know personally, "Pick the ones that call to you".
I have at least 2 candy dishes FULL of crystals and tumbled stones that I have collected just in the past 4 1/2 years.
Now when you get your first stone(s) my advice would be to wash them(it) with cold running water. Pat it dry with a small towel and place it on your altar. If you plan on useing it in a spell or just to have it on your altar I would consecrate it. I'm sure on this website you can find how to do that.
I hope this helps.
As far as salt goes, I use sea salt that I purchased from the grocery store. I keep a bowl of it on my altar for several reasons. But as a daily thing I don't carry it with me.

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