Cursing or hexing
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Cursing or hexing

by Sheila
(Salisbury, NC)

Someone many years ago claims they went to a graveyard and put a curse on me. I kind of laughed at it. However, many years later it really seems that this very well may be the case as anything and everything that could possibly go wrong in my life has and is.

Now I am wondering how to reverse this or send a curse back to this person, He is living the life of luxury, while I am wondering day to day what is going to happen next. It is NOT my belief or imagination. I am a positive person. But at this point I am getting desperate.

Can somebody please help? It just doesn't seem right to me that the universe is blessing him and cursing me when I would give the shirt off my back to someone in need. Explain and help!

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Oct 11, 2015
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Aug 13, 2015
Removing a Curse NEW
by: Anonymous

I felt for several years that I was cursed somehow; whether karmic or people who thought awful thoughts of me, I know not. But things that should not have been related were all balling up into horrible incidences that affected all aspects of my life: my health, my career, my family, I lost most all of my friends. I tried all the spell cleansings and everything else people suggested.

I remember thinking that one such ritual had worked, I felt like a heavy burden had been lifted from my shoulders, I felt new, almost reborn. I was so happy, I wanted to cry. Then a week and a half later I got a letter from the IRS saying I was under audit and asking for information, I could almost hear taunting laughter in my head, as though I had been set up only to be blasted back down.

About this time, I came across a discussion between a witch who was worried about a curse on her unborn child and was talking about it to a coven on tumblr. I am so sorry that I cannot remember the name, or how to access this coven. I have tried many times, sometimes for hours, combinations of search terms that would allow me to find this coven's site again.

But I followed the very matter-of-fact advice they gave this pregnant lady, which was to take a picture or the name of of the person cursing you or the person you suspected was sending evil vibrations out into the universe, Put the picture and name in the freezer in a jar for several days.

At a certain time of the moon (I don't remember when, sorry, but you should easily be able to find out when protection spells work best), I took the jar outside and I filled it with nails, broken glass, razor blades and samples of my blood and urine and the paper with the name(s) of the people I suspected of cursing me.

Then I tightened the lid on jar -- this all must be done outside, at night, under the light of the moon, and I buried it outside my back door, where I passed it every day (you must bury it close to you and where you live to gain the full measure of protection). There was also a very simple invocation I said, before burying the jar. I am so sorry, I don't remember it, but as I learn more about spell casting, I have found that your own invocations can sometimes be as powerful or even more powerful.

For example, today, I might write in simple rhyme a spell asking for protection, where the first letter of each line spells out "Protect Me" or if you want something simpler, maybe something that spells out "Lift," maybe something like:

Lift from me this evil spell tonight
Ill will be vanquished by morning's light
Fly back to(s)he who brought me to harm
Ten times worse for her, from me, forever gone

Within six months, my life had turned around. The IRS sent a letter saying they were mistaken! I received a relatively large sum of money out of nowhere -- someone I didn't even know died and left me it as her only living relative. Things weren't perfect, of course. I lost my home to foreclosure, but that was expected. The thing is the cloud over me lifted. It's been two years now. When I moved, I felt things getting weird again and I actually went back to my old home, dug up the jar, and buried it again, outside my new bedroom window under the same conditions, and my life seemed to settle back down.

I really can't recommend this method enough. It's been quite a while since you wrote. I hope you have found peace already; if not, I urge you to try the spell I've written here. It has made a believer of me!

Best of luck to you.

Jul 24, 2015
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by: Arijit

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Apr 08, 2015
Reverse Spell NEW
by: Blanca

This may not work because I found it on the internet but well here it is.
"A spell was cast
So make it past
Remove it now
Don't ask me how"

I hope it works for you. It would stink to have a good life then have it all go to pieces like that. Anyway you don't need anything for this spell other then you have to chant it 10 times.
Best Wishes

Oct 18, 2013
by: Andrew

Just checking, but how have you been since?

Apr 21, 2012
by: Andrew

Know that whether he "cursed" you or not, what happens with it really depends on how you use your energy. Projecting it in a good, helpful way will bring good Karma, and that is exactly what you need.

All rituals only require 3 things, you, a quiet mind, and a quiet undisturbed place.

Freeing your mind of the extra garbage that you pick up during the day is in my opinion, the best cleanse you can perform. Not only does it allow you to think positivly, but it helps you realize that simplicity is more relaxing, and easier to perform.

Instead of thinking how much you wish this man would pay, think about how you can project your energy to help him with his own demons, whether he lives well, everyone has demons.

With Blessings,

Apr 21, 2012
by: Sheila

Thank you for your comment. Do you have any other suggestions on cleansing my soul? I think that is very important right now. I am wiccan.

Apr 21, 2012
Hmm it seems...
by: Andrew

This doesn't seem like a witchcraft question to me, considering our "rule" per se, is "If it Harm none, do what you will." in simple terms. We dont go out of our way to harm another. If you are wiccan, there are many ways you can cleanse your "Soul" and begin again with a clean slate. If you are not wiccan you can also do these things but it really is up to you and what you are comfortable with.
I would suggest a basic cleanse, take a nice long shower or bath, have scented candles or oils that help you relax, and take as long as you need to let your body relax. When finished, change into natural clothing, no polyester. Use wool, silk, or such materials.
Go outside at night and sit on a natural cloth or stone surface, or even grass.
Close your eyes and think about breaching the surface of the ocean and breathing clean air.
To be cleansed, your body must feel cleansed and free from trouble. Your energy must be clean and ready for anything.

with blessings,

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