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Techniques for seeing what may come

There are a multitude of ways to look into, or Divine the future. There is no "best" way to see what may happen, only the way that works best for you.

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On this page you will find (in no particular order) as many ways as I can find to see beyond the here and now. Building this page is going to take time, I only know a few methods. Other methods will have to come from those who know how to use them.

Reading Runes, or Norse Runes, goes back to the Viking peoples of the North. It consists of pulling, dropping, or tossing small engraved tiles onto a surface, and interpreting how they fall, as well as which symbols appear.

Sooner or later most Witches hear of the Kabbalah as a tool for divination.  This tool has been used by Mystics of many Spiritual Paths for millennia, but it can seem very confusing to the Witch who has never been exposed to it before.

Most people are more familiar with Tarot Cards, as a form of divination, but fear that they are too hard to learn how to read.

There are also various forms of skrying, Nostradomus was probably the most famous skryer.  He used a dark bowl filled with water, in order to see the future.

Divination is similar to magick, in that you must trust yourself enough to believe that what you may see is real, not a fantasy.  The difference between Divination and magick is that Divination allows you to see what may happen in the future, magick allows you to change what may happen in the future.
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