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Ok, I know that when I see a donate button on a website, I usually just ignore it.  I think most people ignore them.  So why put up a button that I believe most will ignore, and ask for money?

That's a fair question, so I'm going to give you a straight answer.  The cost for this site comes out of my own pocket.  

I put this site up to give back to the Pagan Community that has given me so much.  I have plans and ideas to make this site a truly useful resource for Witches, and those who are curious about Witchcraft. Unfortunately, a lot of those plans require money.

Make no mistake, I will follow through with those plans no matter what, but it occurred to me that by putting up a donation button, those who believe in this site could help bring those plans together sooner.

What's in it for you?

This is not a page for me to beg for your support or help.  I'm simply giving you a way to help if you'd like.  I also know that people don't like to give money and not get something in return.  So
  • For a donation $20 will get a copy of 7 Secrets Of A Successful Witch.
  • For a donation of $50 you get a copy of 7 Secrets and a CyberWitchcraft T-Shirt
  • For a donation of $100 or more, (less than $10 a month) you get a copy of 7 Secrets, the T-Shirt and your choice of CyberWitchcraft coffee mug, or travel mug.
CyberWitchcraft TshirtCoffee MugTravel Mug

Simply click the "Add to Cart" button below, type in the amount that you wish to donate, and click the Update Amount button.  You can change your mind and cancel the donation at any time before it is finalized.

The information on CyberWitchcraft is now, and will always be, free.  If you found something here that has benefited you in some way, I'd like you to consider giving a donation, to help make it even better.

Thank you,
Ken Biles

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