Elizabethan Era Witches
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Elizabethan Era Witches

Hello there, I'm doing a project in school on the Witches of the Elizabethan Time. Do you have any interesting facts about how they were put to death or what they did to convince people that they were witches?

I appreciate your help! Thank you so much!

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Dec 09, 2011
Information on Elizabethan Witches
by: Ken

Actually I have a page specifically about Elizabethan Witches.(http://www.cyberwitchcraft.com/witchcraft-in-elizabethan-england.html)

You will find that England was much more tolerant of Witchcraft, than the rest of Europe at the time. If I remember my history correctly, Henry VIII had one of his wives condemned as a Witch. That may be why his daughter was far more tolerant.

People didn't do things with the intent of being accused of Witchcraft, they simply did what they've always done. You will find that every time a Witch was accused, someone else had something to gain by that person's conviction. Money, status, and power are always huge motivators.

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