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I am trying to find a simple handfasting ceremony (basics that I can change to meet our needs) that does not involve an officiant/Priest/Priestess - we'd like to perform the ceremony ourselves.

Does anyone have any ideas? I've searched the web and keep coming up with the same old stuff...
I consider myself beyond a beginner in practice, but not quite advanced and am familiar with most of the terms of the Craft.

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Nov 03, 2011
by: Peter

In many parts of Europe, in the "olden days" (roughly 1200 - 1600) handfasting served one of two purposes.
1. Allowed a couple to be "married" in the absence of formal Clergy, or an Ordained Priest. Many outlying areas did not have a Priest, or Clergy. The couple would attend a ceremony where their hands were bound together, symbolizing the couple being "bound" together. They would live together as man and wife, until a proper ceremony could be performed by proper Clergy, or a Priest.
2. Allowed a couple to live together as man and wife, on a "trial" basis, for a year (year and a day). At the end of this time, they would attend a proper marriage ceremony, or go their separate ways.

Check with your local area, as some places recognized, and honor handfasting for what it is. (Means: some places consider it as a form of marriage).

Handfasting seems to be gaining popularity for many reasons. Like it lasts for only a year; it's like marriage without all the legal issues (sometimes); it can join a couple that may not be able to marry legally (same sex marriages).

So... that should get you pointed in the right direction. Check with your local Clergy to find out how binding it is, or is not. And if it is even recognized or not.

Also, try this site: http://handfasting.org/

And allow me to throw my 2ยข in. I believe, very strongly, that a marriage is in the heart. Not on a piece of paper, or in a ceremony. If you are married in your hearts, then the ceremony is simply the outward celebration of the union that has already taken place. So... plan your celebration accordingly. And blessed be your union.

Hope this helps.

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