How can I practice in a limited space?
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How can I practice in a limited space?

by Rhiannon

I am studying on my own and trying to learn as much as I can daily. However, I live in a rather restricted physical space (small bedroom) and my room mate is always at home when I am. Though not against Witchcraft, my room mate inhabits most of the apartment,(physically and emotionally) so really, my bedroom is the only place where I can read, have my altar, and learn.

There is not enough room to cast a circle, but I do have an altar set up. Any suggestions?

P.S. Yes, how I would love to move to my own apartment and have unrestricted physical and emotional space...but financially that is not possible right now.

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Apr 09, 2016
Limited space NEW
by: Bonnie

Rhiannon, you can practice honing circle casting ability by sitting cross legged on your bed. Visualize projecting the circle from your solar plexus chakra like a bubble. then, on a nice day, go outdoors and find a quiet spot to practice casting by laying down a circle with a beam of energy from your fingers. You can twirl a pendulum around your head like a lasso to put a circle in place. If you see it in your mind, know it is there and you're good to go.

the challenges of cramped quarters are an opportunity for you to learn to raise that power and grab on to it. Nothing can stop you but yourself.

I learned in an attic I couldn't even stand up in. got a crick in my neck and cast fast, no nonsense. I have my own house now and still stoop...haha.

Oct 29, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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