I want to know the history of witchcraft in India
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I want to know the history of witchcraft in India

by neha

I want to know the history of Witchcraft in India. How it started and what happened after that, how they use Witchcraft, and which path they take.

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Nov 09, 2015
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Sep 30, 2015
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Sep 02, 2015
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Aug 08, 2015
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Jul 05, 2015
Indian witches:Children of Cain,Tubal Cain,the first Witches NEW
by: Anonymous

You can hear all sorts of stuff about them.Children of Cain
Let’s think about Cain. According to the Bible, he was kicked out of Eden for having killed his brother.
Let’s think about Eden, allegedly located in Mesopotamia in present-day Iraq. But the birthplace of human civilisation was actually the Indus Valley in present-day Pakistan, and that loction also corresponds with the geography of Eden described in the Bible.
Who else got kicked out of the Indus Valley? The people of Sind or the Dravidians – they got kicked out by Aryan tribes invading from the Ukraine during the period between 2150 and 1250 BC, from whom most of the present-day inhabitants of India and indeed most Europeans are descended. Some of the people of Sind went to Southern India, where they still live and speak Dravidian, but most began a journey that took them to every corner of Europe and the world. Some of them have never stopped travelling – either literally or metaphorically, because they are always far from the home they were evicted from more than 3,000 years ago – and they are the Sinti or Roma.
Let’s think about the Old Testament. Who wrote it? People who wanted to rewrite history, a patriarchal priesthood. Who else wanted to rewrite history? The Aryans, who wanted to whitewash over the history and religion of the people who were there before them. The expulsion from Paradise, first of Adam and then of Cain, was a mythological metaphor to demonise the earlier culture. And so it has been ever since – that is the history of the world.
So, yes – in a very profound and well-hidden sense, the Roma are the descendants of Cain: Cain and indeed "sin" itself are mythological figures representing the ancient pre-Aryan culture from which civilisation, religion and the Roma sprang.
Of course, the Aryans wanted to claim civilisation and God for themselves, and it was they who instituted patriarchal culture in the Near East, from where it would eventually pursue the Roma all over the world. They also demonised Adam’s first wife Lilith, who unlike Eve wasn’t taken from Adam’s side, not to mention the female consort of God himself, Asherah.
The nails though, that has got to be a straightforward case of projection, because iron smithing was the reason for the Aryan conquest – iron weapons were just superior.
This demonisation of Sind was a prototype for the "history" of the world as we have been successfully persuaded of it … and the Aryan supremacists have never stopped persecuting those groups who stand as a living testimony to their foundation legends, their version of historical and religious truth.
So they claim that the witch cults,not Wicca,but the authentic Traditional Witchcraft was started by the movement,and spread world wide as they traveled.
If you do some research,some of the strongest witchcraft families share an ongoing linage to Tubal Cain.
Full story

May 01, 2015
A grim example. NEW
by: Anonymous

You should study the male cult sect of priests...who if I remember rightly burn the dead and eat the ashes. Magic takes so many forms, in every culture.


Jul 30, 2012
history of india
by: Anonymous

Well I am an Indian and a witch. This is pretty much what I discovered recently. I am in search of many questions. But as for yours, I havent discovered anything special yet. But i assure you if I do I will let others also know about it. But all I can say is being an Indian does not really differs. B'coz we all are with some special abilities which we have found and that is same for all whether in India or your place.

Feb 24, 2012
Indian Witchcraft
by: Ken

Hi Neha,

Honestly, I don't know anything about Witchcraft in India. I know that many Christians would consider most Indians Witches, because they are Hindu, not Christian.

This is where Google can be your friend. Start searching the Internet, and see what you can find. You may find nothing, or you may be surprised at how much you find.

Research is a huge part of Witchcraft, especially if you are learning an uncommon Tradition. Even those trying to learn well known Wiccan Traditions need to research in order to learn new things. Any good teacher will require students to learn on their own, through research.

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