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 Most of us read a book, or see a famous Witch on TV, and wish we could ask them questions.  These are the people most of us get our education in Witchcraft from.
 Wouldn't it be great to actually talk to these people, and ask the questions you really want to know?

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Now you have your chance!  In the coming weeks, months, and years, I am going to contact famous Witches all over the world, and interview them.  At the bottom of this page, I've put a form you can use to tell me who you'd like to see interviewed, and what questions you'd ask them.

The idea here is that while I have my own questions, this is really your website, so I'm asking your help in finding the people you want to talk to, and what questions to ask them.

Ask your questions

January 2009
Raymond BucklandI'm really excited about this next interview.  I got the chance to interview Raymond Buckland, a man who actually knew and studied with Gerald Gardner.  Raymond Buckland is also credited with bringing Witchcraft to America.

Yule, 2008 
Interview with Christopher PenczakMy first interview is with author Christopher Penczak.  I met Christopher a few years ago while I was still co-hosting Full Circle on Internet radio.  Christopher lives on the East Coast, in New England.  As you'll see from his interview, he has learned how to live his Craft...

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What Questions Would You Like Me To Ask J.K. Rowling, Author of Harry Potter? 
So I was thinking about people I could interview, that would be interesting to both those who are new to Witchcraft and those who've been practicing …

Questions for anyone who you may interview Not rated yet
How do you apply the Wheel of the Year to modern/current times And How to you keep your practice fresh, exciting and new.

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