Inverted pentagrams/belief in the God & Goddess
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Inverted pentagrams/belief in the God & Goddess

I will try to keep this short and simple.

1. Why do some witches represent/wear and inverted pentagram and what is its meaning?

2. The Goddess & God you refer to; are these actual Deities you believe in or just energy or something like that? Because I have never really believed in any deities but I do believe in mostly everything else I have studied on this site such as the three fold law and working with energy/elementals & how everything works through the elements. I would also like to add that i do believe in some sort of spirits & that we all have souls/spirits, whether you call it energy or you are working with actual beings.

I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, I'm finding it hard to explain myself.

Thank you.

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Mar 06, 2017
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Nov 05, 2015
Inverted Pentagrams NEW
by: James Ruel

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Oct 19, 2015
Education NEW
by: Taj Taubman

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Oct 13, 2015
Review NEW
by: Anonymous

A pentagram is an enchantment security image generally known as the seal of Solomon, there is nothing evil about it, and the five focuses speak to air, flame, earth, wind and soul. It additionally speaks to the horned God, the seeker. best essay writing service. In the Wicca religion they don't have a fallen angel or Satan so it is nonexistent and has been succeed.

Oct 05, 2015
Let me tell you how it is NEW
by: Anonymous

The goddess is the upright star
The god is the inverted star
His horns fit the two upward points hence
Feeling horny
The male
The downward pint reps his penis
The two downward points of the upright star rep the open leggs of the goddess
Then there is another rep the inverted star as being the womb with the two up points rep the ovem and the bottom one the vagina
Baphomet is a rep of both male and female trates untitred as one
All the test of the ideas are nothing but fiction
I hope this helps you
Also the satanic use of such things is just a preversion of what these symbols actualy mean

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