Is it ethical to provide witchcraft services as a living?
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Is it ethical to provide witchcraft services as a living?

by sarah

I have heard some groups argue that it is totally unethical to practice witchcraft as a paid job and yet there are many sites on the web of folk doing just that.

With the global recession etc, even as a practicing witch it is difficult to make ends meet and ensure that my family's future is sound.

I have a baby daughter and my husband is in temporary employment at the moment. I am exploring all options and am wondering if this practice is outrightly unethical or if there are ways around it or exceptions?

Thank you


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Apr 25, 2017
Compensation NEW
by: Anonymous

Money is not tainted by anything. It has neutral energy. It's just a mean of trading and nothing more. Would you feel better if you were asking for apples in exchange for a service?
All you need to understand is this:
All negativity regarding money is made by people themselves,not the currency. It is up to you to fix a fair price for your services, perhaps a price based on the person's incomes would be good.
Also like sexuality, money bad reputation finds it's roots in certain religious concepts. So long story short, I think charging is fine.

Sep 23, 2015
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by: Bernita Schinner

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Aug 05, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Aug 05, 2012
Ethical services

May I suggest providing your services for a donation? In my experience I have known many witches who do the same and do well by it. I personally feel that it’s fine to charge. It’s a “service” like any other kind.

Jul 23, 2012
Witchcraft For Sale
by: Ken


If you go to a doctor, or a lawyer, or a mechanic, or any other person who provides a service, do you expect you'll have to pay them?

Why wouldn't you expect to get recompensed for a service you do for others? If the customers like the quality of your service, they will come back. If you don't deliver what you promise, you won't have any customers.

The knowledge of Witchcraft is given freely to those who wish to learn. Using Witchcraft to offer a service, is most definitely something you can charge for.

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