Is it possible to do so with little items?
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Is it possible to do so with little items?

by Alwin

I am completely new to this and I have read multiple places online including youtube and documented.

Some come to say the need to use candles, having and altar and many other tools while some have tips for casting a circle without tools.

Or more like substituting most tools with common markers like pencils and etc. Something simple or possible for my situation.

I have grown interested in this one reason is something close to nature. Perhaps something to slow me down in a fast paced world. Something that can guide me in a tough world.

But i only have a small personal room to do this not more than 2x3meters. This puts me in a concrete jungle 10 floors up. Does this affect me in any way if i want to start casting a circle?

And i would like to know if it is appropriate to follow tips that teaches me to cast a circle without tools. If it is can i further have more elaboration on other methods i can do so?

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Nov 02, 2015
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Aug 29, 2013
No Tools? No Problem.
by: Ken


You don't need any tools that you didn't have when you were born. Candles, bells, bowls, all of it is simply props. They are useful when you are first starting out, as a means of focusing your mind, but they are not required.

There are people in prison, who have turned to Witchcraft as a way to help them rehabilitate. They aren't allowed any tools, certainly not knives, and they have no problem casting circle and doing ritual.

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