Is it possible??
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Is it possible??

by Nicole
(Port St. Lucie, Florida, United States)

Can you still call a God or Goddess without casting a circle?

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Jan 22, 2013
Invoking Gods
by: Ken

The Gods do not come because you cast a circle, nor do the Gods require a circle.

The circle is cast to denote your ritual space, to hold energy during your Working, and as a boundary to things you do not want interfering with your ritual.

A Witch casting a circle to talk to the Gods would be like a Christian building a church to speak with his God. It has been done, but there is no reason for it.

The Gods are everywhere, and you speak to them all the time. They also speak back, even if you don't think you hear them.

That time you were running late for work because you realized after you got in the car that you forgot something, and had to get it. Then on the way to work, you pass an accident that just happened. If you had been on time, it might have been you in the accident.

The Gods speak to us in the breezes that cool us, and the trees that shade us. They talk to us in the warm sunlight, and the cool moonlight. The Gods tickle our memories so that we remember something important, and they smack us upside the head with a 2x4 when we don't listen.

Go outside to the natural places, even if it's only a two foot square patch of grass, and listen to the Gods.

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