Is It Right To Command Elementals?
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Is It Right To Command Elementals?

by Swedishfairy

Ken wrote in one of his Beginning Witchcraft articles about ritual, and that when it comes to calling the quarters and the 'watchtowers' or the elemental spirits, we should be commanding.

I have never been that way- as yet I haven't had a problem- but reading that essay makes me think twice.

I have always 'called the good qualities' of the elements --not thinking literally like that in my mind, just appreciating them and grounding and respecting each direction/element while I do my own rituals/meditations.

I see the logic behind being commanding, but perhaps it's my Christian upbringing thinking isn't it arrogant to assume we can command things, spirits, etc? And isn't it that attitude that might get us in trouble?

With everything else it's 'stay if you will, go if you must, hail and farewell,' but not with the elements.

I'm riding the fence on this one and would like to hear more reasons why this is done.

Thanks! :)

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Dec 28, 2008
Command the Elementals!
by: Bill L

Command the Elements? You better believe it! I'll give you and example of what can happen if you don't.
Doing a ritual when I was first learning and performing rituals I was calling the Quarters. I said "Come ye o'elements of the E,S,W,N. Guard and protect our circle." I was not spacific nor did I command them. What happened then was complete madness and mayhem. I couldn't perform the ritual correctly nor could I even think straight. Come to find out...the elements I did call in were those of the.....onery side, shall we say. I didn't dismiss the Quarters correctly eather. For the next few days I had problems up the wazoo! Talk about the Lord and Lady smacking someone up side the head so we can learn!!! I performed another ritual and COMMANDED the elements....well....during ritual things started to settle down and I got back on track. I dismissed the Quarters by commanding them back to thier proper places. That was my learning experieance and believe you me. I command the Elements from now on.

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