Is This a Curse?
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Is This a Curse?

by Zoe

My aunt came to my mother and cursed her. She has also cast salt at her. It happend on a night before Easter. My mother believes that my grandmother (my aunt's mother) was from the Witches family. But both of them have always seemed to me were ordinary and not very bright women.

I have always thought that my mother has a lot of imagination. And now this.. Why would she throw salt at my mother? Is there any meaning to this?

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Nov 01, 2015
Is This a Curse? NEW
by: Anonymous

Every one has his own feelings and thinking therefore you should treat a person according to his mental level. But I am feeling very sad for your aunt who cursed your mom with college essay writing service reviews. I think these are bitter realities of our lives which we have to bear all the time til our death.

Aug 29, 2013
Tossing Salt
by: Ken


Salt is for purifying. That is why we use it mixed in water to cast circle. Anyone who would use salt as a curse, doesn't have enough knowledge to be harmful.

If anything, think of it as a blessing. The salt can purify anything that may be wrong in your mother's life.

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