My friend and I are new to this witch/witchcraft thing.
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My friend and I are new to this witch/witchcraft thing.

by Kirsten

So, my interest began through research for a piece I was writing, searching for the uses of herbs in every-day life, then I got interested in using them to help myself, so I didn't have to use advil and tylenol, and it worked.

So, I then looked into gemstones and their uses, interested now in the more witchy things, and I finally started looking up the denominations and sectors of witchcraft, and where everything sort of falls into place.

But, I'm new to this whole thing. My friend and I have done some spells we got off the internet at her house, but none of them have functioned properly. I'm not really sure that we're doing it properly. So, will the way I do my spells, and they way I say things, and what candles I use affect the spells?

Are personally-made spells less effective? Because ours haven't worked as well as I'd hoped.

Also, do I need to choose a certain denomination ex: Wicca, Celtic, Pictish, etc.

Is there anywhere that I can contact other witches (over the internet, or in my neighbourhood) around my age, to give us advice?

I'm doing this without the knowledge of either of my parents. I'm not really sure if they'd react well or badly, but I'd rather not tell them all the same. Is this a bad idea?

I've also invoked the Greek gods/goddesses when using my spells, although I am a christian. Is that considered blasphemy?

I can't find anywhere that provides gemstones for me to use in my practices, and just for everyday charms. Is there anywhere (non-internet/ trusted internet) I could get some? (ex. Walmart, or a store of any kind)

Also, if you just have any advice at all for a beginner it would be well appreciated. :))

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Jun 02, 2015
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

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Mar 17, 2013
I'm a beginner too but...
by: celestielle

I have read countless sources on wicca, and each say spells must be done in an altered state of consciousness, and you must really -feel- the energy you are putting into your spell- spells are a means of harnessing the energy in the natural world and within you and directing it towards some end. the energy does not necessarily come from a singular deity, it comes from everything in the world. I haven't been able to do spells successfully either yet, but i don't have very much mind power and i hope to develop that in the future. i suggest practicing meditation first and visualization - you must be able to truly see the effects of the spell after they have taken place and overlay your mental image of the effects over the real circumstances and believe that the effects have really taken place - all with your mind. it takes a lot of brainpower and will and practice to perform spells correctly i think. i compare it to something like attempting to do telekinesis, but i'm not really a witch yet haha so don't exactly quote me. this is all just stuff i've read on this site and elsewhere. but good luck! hopefully you'll have more than i've had :)

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