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need a little help

by brian

so... ive been interested in witchcraft over the years and have read a few different books on it when i was able to get my hands on them... growing up in a christian home i was taught that all of this stuff was evil... i dont believe that now, but as an impressionable kid, i did... i have a friend now who practices and he says that i have power... but i dont know how to tap into it... he isnt able to teach me cuz teaching is not something he is good at... but i guess what i want to know is, how do i get past the years worth of mental blocks that i have set up??

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Apr 10, 2016
Need a little NEW
by: Anonymous

Bryan, you get past the previous programming by no longer having an emotional attachment to it. it is not a battle. Our upbringing or past is a necessary part of the whole Package of the person we are. Accept and be guided by what you respect and resonate with. don't argue with the rest, just let it be. Ever get a thistle stuck to your pant leg? the more you fiddle with it the more entrenched it becomes. Just say "no, you are not who I want to be."

My parents were very strict but not Christian. The psychic stuff I experienced all my life sent them into hysterics. I had to make my own decisions very early and navigate by grace. In the Craft you think for yourself and so it fit me. Ultimately we all make our own decisions based on beliefs and experience.

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