Once the Circle is cast
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Once the Circle is cast

by Cass~

Although I am new to Witchcraft rituals personally, I was raised with Native American Ceremonies on my Father's side as well as having a Mother and Great Grandmother that were Witches and Spiritualists. Therefore, I am not unfamiliar with the power ceremony can have. It usually depended upon those that were involved in the ceremonies and/or the elder officiating. The difference being that others are involved and I am currently a solitary practitioner.

My question is that you mentioned above that once you have cast a circle "It is an odd feeling knowing that the world outside still exists, but not being able to sense it". When I have cast a circle I am still very much aware of what is going on outside of it. Why would this be? Am I not connecting correctly? Can you offer any guidance here as I am not sure what I am looking for? I have to wonder if my level of concentration is not affording me enough of an altered state to direct my energy.

Thanks very much in advance for any comments you may have.


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