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Personal Transit Reports

Jupiter in Nebula

By now you know that transits happen all the time.  You also know that transits affect you.  Finding general information about transits is easy, but what if you want information specifically about you?  

If you were on your way to an important meeting and someone stopped you in the hall and told you that the boss was in a bad mood, would you listen?

If you knew that today was the most likely day for you to have an argument with your spouse, would you do your best to avoid an argument?

If you knew that tomorrow just isn't the right day to spend money on that new hobby because it would end up costing you more, would you put it off for a day or two?

If you had your own personal crystal ball, that could tell you accurately, what to expect, would you use it?  If you said no to any of these things, click the Back Button now.

On the other hand, if you want to have a secret weapon for success, this is for you.  

Personal Transit Reports

The general transit reports provided by Jupiter Rising Astrological Services in the Witch Way Newsletter are just that...general.  They give you basic information about what to expect during the upcoming month, but it's information that applies to anyone.

What you need in order to really know what to expect, is specific information based on your date, time and place of birth.  Any Astrologer is going to get this basic information in order to give you relevant, reliable, and accurate information on what to expect.

Not only that, but you also need this valuable information in a timely fashion.  It doesn't do you any good if it's too late, and you probably won't remember specifics if you get a month's worth of information at the same time.

So we've created Amalthea's Horn, an email based report that comes to you a few days before you'll need it, so that you have time to see what to expect, and plan how best to use the information.  Every time a transit affects you, you get an email warning you of it.

We call it Amalthea's Horn for a reason.  It gives you everything you need to know, personalized to you, in an easy to understand format.  Amalthea's Horn will tell you what to expect, when to expect it, and why it's happening, and it's all specific to you, no one else.

Look at an actual example of Amalthea's Horn! (You will need Adobe Reader to see this example - Free Download)

How much would it be worth to you, to know if tomorrow is going to be a good day or not, and why?  This is your personal crystal ball that will tell you what is likely to happen before it does, and it's sent to you automatically! You don't have to do anything but read the email.

What would this kind of information be worth to you? $100? $200?

You can't find this sort of information anywhere else, and certainly not for the ridiculous price of $29.97!

We are so confident that you will be blown away by what you get, that we're going to give you an entire month's worth of Amalthea's Horn for no cost.

That's right, a 30 day free trial is yours for the asking.  If you decide for any reason that Amalthea's Horn isn't everything we claim it is, cancel your membership before the 30 days and you pay nothing.  

You literally have nothing to lose! Sign up for your 30 day trial account by clicking on the link above, and creating a username and password. Once that is done, select Amalthea's Horn from the drop down box under Add/Renew subscription.

If you thought the general transit reports were good, wait until you see personalized information, specific to you!

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