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by Whiaan Jacobs
(South Africa,Gauteng,pretoria)

I need a protection spell,to protect me from demons.

I have tried a view and all that seems to happen is to make them more angry, is there any way to protect me against them?

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Dec 09, 2011
Spell Casting
by: Ken

This goes to the heart of something I just don't understand. People are always asking for spells, thinking that the right spell will fix their lives.

Let me ask you, would you attempt surgery on a friend, without any medical knowledge? Of course not, no one would. So why would you attempt a magickal working without any knowledge of magick?

How do I know you don't have any knowledge? Well, if you did, you would make your own spells, for one. Also, you wouldn't be worrying about "Demons" since you would be far more interested in finding out just what they were, if you understood the concepts of magick.

If you've paid for spells to rid you of these "Demons" you've wasted your money. If you've attempted spells without the proper knowledge and understanding of how magick works, you've wasted your time.

Magick is extremely powerful, when you know how to use it, but it will not fix your life. That is something only you can do. If you feel that you are being chased by demons, find out what those demons are. Confront them, and see what they really are.

I think you will find that they are either not really there, or they are much less imposing than they seem.

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