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by Katie

Yesterday I did a Full Moon ritual and I noticed myself getting really nauseated and dizzy during it.

Is this normal?

Am I doing something evil?

Are evil spirits leaving my body?

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Apr 10, 2016
Rituals NEW
by: Anonymous

Grounding is to connect your energy with the earth. Energy follows thought. Stand or sit, put both feet on the floor. Keep your back straight. Imagine (that means to think it) that a beam of light flows from the top of your head, down your spine and legs and into the earth. That's it. You might not feel anything. You might suddenly want to curl up and sleep. oops, too much.

If you want to re-energize, do the above, but add a return flow from the earth, uo the legs and spine and like a fountain out the top of the head.

Centering is to rest in the still, quiet spot of your self. Put your outer awareness on hold. focus your sense of feeling in your solar plexus/belly or heart/chest. Breath. They have different sensations. Play with it a bit and pick the one that is most comfy. Get familiar with it, then use it as the position of mental focus for any ritual. Just hold your focus there, then let it go. Don't have to grab on and hold, just sit back & watch and listen from the sense of peace.

Mar 05, 2015
Ground and Center NEW
by: Anonymous

Hi.. someone posted that you had to learn how to " ground and center yourself", can someone explain how to do that?

Aug 29, 2013
Ritual Sickness
by: Ken


What you describe isn't that unusual, especially for someone who hasn't had a teacher to guide them.

In ritual, especially a Full Moon, you raise energy to some purpose. Most people aren't used to high levels of energy, it makes them feel weird. Usually they associate this with nausea.

What is happening, is that you are holding onto too much energy. It should flow through you. You need to learn how to Ground and Center. Once you learn that skill, you won't have this problem.

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