Spell Chanting
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Spell Chanting

When is it the right time to chant my first spell?

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Nov 08, 2009
Chanting, Or Casting?
by: Ken

I guess the first question I have is, what do you mean by "chanting" a spell?

Do you mean casting a spell?

The answer to the latter is, you cast your first spell when you are in need of magick, and after you write it.

Also remember, that magick doesn't happen in a vacuum, you must do work on the physical plain that will help your magick work.

For example, if you want to cast a job spell, you can't just sit at home, and wait for a job to fall into your lap, you must go look for a job.

The magick will bring the right job to you, (if that was what the spell was for) but you must be looking.

Does that answer your question?

I am working on a class in magick to teach people how to write and cast their own spells. It should be ready in the near future.

If this information was valuable to you, why not buy me a cup of coffee?

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