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Jan 28, 2012
Starting Your Path
by: Ken

Hi Alex,

First off, no one can tell you what your Path is, or how to walk it. Not me, not your parents, nor your friends. A Priestess I respect very much points out that there are now over 7 Billion people on this planet. That means there are over 7 Billion Paths.

To start your Path, take the first step.

While that probably sounds very Zen, it is absolute truth. Look for as much information as you can find. You'll see that 99% of what you find is absolute crap, but that 1% is well worth the search.

You'll know that 1% when you find it, because it will just resonate with you. You'll know the truth of it, even when you can't explain, even to yourself, how you know it's true.

Look for more information from these sources, whether it's Wikipedia, or sites like this one. When you find a source of valuable information, read everything you can from that source, and check out the sources they recommend.

Eventually, when you have learned enough to know what questions to ask, you will find those people who will be your teachers, even if they never hold an actual class.

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