The Circle
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The Circle

by Sally
(Wadmalaw Island)

I understand the reason and the how. You gave a great explanation. Is there a certain time of day to cast a circle? Should it always be outside? In the same place?

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Apr 10, 2016
The circle NEW
by: Anonymous

You can cast a circle anywhere any time, day or night. It is not like a spell that may be aided by timing, moon phases, day of week, etc. the circle shields from outside interference and contains newly raised energy until you are ready to send it on it's merry way.
It can be indoors or out, upstairs by many stories high, underneath like in a basement, in an airplane even. Hmm I wonder if anyone's tried in on the ISS...? energy is weightless and has no mass...hmm. I never tried it in the water either. I once was outdoors on a full moon night, and had just set the circle when a curious bat came to investigate. I really don't care for them and I pushed all the oomph into the circle that i could. the bat flew slowly completely around the exact perimeter and then went away.I nearly fainted in relief.

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