The Use of Music and Drugs In Rituals
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The Use of Music and Drugs In Rituals

by David
(McAllen, Tx, US)

How would the use of any drug to alter my state of consciounes and focus, and music to intensify my emotions result in any ritual?

If used properly, will it strenghten the energy frequencies produced by me, making it more powerful?

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Nov 08, 2009
Drugs in Ritual
by: Ken

Hi David,

The use of hallucinogenic drugs in ritual by Native Shamans is well documented.

Such rituals as the Vision Quest, by the Native Americans can use a combination of fasting and herbal hallucinogens to open the psychic centers of the mind.

Having said that, I would be very cautious about the use of drugs or alcohol in ritual unless you have a very specific reason for doing so. This is not something you just want to try, to see what it will do.

The mind is a fragile balance of many things, and tipping that balance with drugs can cause all sorts of unexpected and unwelcome effects. Choice of music can help or hinder your desire for beneficial effects.

You do not go into ritual high or drunk, because your mind is in a state of impairment. You are not able to function properly when your mind is impaired. Focus is one of the first things to be lost, when you are under the influence.

If you have a specific reason for using a mind altering substance within ritual, and this would be a ritual where the entire purpose is to seek knowledge that you don't believe you can gain any other way, it may be something worth trying.

If you decide to try such a ritual, you must be sure to have watchers with you. These are people who will not be altering their perceptions, who can watch over you, and make sure no harm comes to you.

These people should also already have experience with such a ritual, and be people you trust implicitly.

The reason some people have "bad trips" when using psychedelics, is that they go into the experience with fear. This may only be a subconscious fear. They may have fear of being caught, and of the consequences if that should happen.

In order to avoid the possible negative effects of a bad trip, you must be in a place you know to be completely safe, and with people you trust with your life.

One thing I want to make perfectly clear here, is that I am not encouraging you to try this, but I am also perfectly aware that if you have thought about it as a possibility, you are more than likely going to try it no matter what I say.

That being the case, I am going to do what I can to make sure you have the knowledge you need in order to do this as safely as possible.

I will also warn you that unless you understand exactly how dosages, conditions of the place you choose, and the state your body is in at the time, will affect what may happen while under the effects of drugs, you should not attempt it.

The Native Shamans had thousands of years of knowledge passed down to them through generations of observation and use, to help them understand what it was they were doing.

They knew how to keep the mind balanced between fasting, prayer, herb dosage, and ritual. This is knowledge very few modern people have.

If this information was valuable to you, why not buy me a cup of coffee?

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