When is it appropriate to cast spells?
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When is it appropriate to cast spells?

by Lotus
(North Carolina)

Hello, I am a practicing Wiccan and I want to cast spells but the thing is I want to be respectful to nature and do not what to treat spellwork as petty, BUT with that being said I do want to cast spells.

Most every source I have read has said that spells should be cast only after you have done every other means. That sounds logical BUT on the same note how does one get practice for a need?

If I TRUELY need a spell to work then how do I do it if I have no previous experience? ALSO if you cast spells based on DIRE NEEDS then how on earth do you just sit and wait patiently for the appropriate moon phase which could be weeks away?

I have a relationship,I have a decent job, I am in good health, the only thing that I can think of that I want is to increase my psychic abilities and have more communication with the spirit world. But mainly I do want to cast spells now for experience but I don't want to be "abusive" to whatever may take unneeded spellwork "abusively".


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May 10, 2012
working witch
by: Anonymous

psycic awareness and connecting with energy is what you do to practice so that when a dire need arises you can work a spell. That being said, learn the science behind magic and magical quantim theory and meditate often.

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