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Which way?

by Katie

I know that this is widely critiqued on both sides, and often looked at as a 'shopping cart religion' but I'm looking for a real and thoughtful answer here.

There are Christian beliefs that allow white magick and even the Wiccan Rede. In fact, before going into the Wiccan religion, I took many years talking to educated people in both Christianity and Wicca and actually learned that, as stated before, because Wicca is good, it is tolerated. I am able to follow everything in Wicca and still have The Holy Ghost as my god. I am finally able to practice without contradicting my own beliefs.

However, the only problem is when I invoke, I do not want to invoke something that I do not believe and insult both religions, and this is also the only REAL contradiction. Would it be wrong of me to invoke my God? I do love the earth and skies, but again, I only feel it would be rude and insulting to both religions if I invoked the others.

I hope this question does not offend anyone, if I did I'm sorry. I'm simply looking for answers so that I don't do just that. Thanks, everyone.

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Oct 23, 2016
Which way NEW
by: HPAlricaNeshama

The idea of wicca being "good" is a personal opinion.

Good and evil are human concepts and beliefs.

If you wish to practices wicca and still be a christian, then do so. You have no need to justify it by trying to separate it, from other types of practices to justify practicing it.

There are wiccan christians.

You can call on whomever you wish, but you do need to know what you are doing.

Apr 10, 2016
Which way NEW
by: Anonymous

In occult philosophy all gods are One God and all goddesses are One Goddess, and there is but one Initiator.

I think you could ask Him anything, so ask and see if He minds.

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