Why can't I feel magick?
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Why can't I feel magick?

by Amber
(california, USA)

What does energy feel like?

I have been reading books for a few months now. They talk about raising engery to cast spells. I don't feel anything when I try. What is it supposed to feel like? How do I know?

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Aug 17, 2016
just surfing through NEW
by: Naneth

Im listening to Faun, and have been for an hour or so now... suddenly https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U10ftE4XQvo this song comes on and i feel shovers all of my hair is standing up typing this.. on my arms and legs my neck my hair even feels...tingly.. i dont know much about any of this only lightly brushed on it over the years and have never felt anything.. i believe im in one of themost emotional states of my life...maybe that is possible.. but i dont think it is... strange... email if anyone feels comfortable.. or knows anything more about this.. if this weird feeling is anything or i am just up late listening to music and tired haha... NanethAmarth@gmail.com
sorry i could not help answer your question...

Apr 08, 2016
What does energy feel like NEW
by: Bonnie

sometimes I feel it physically like sudden warmth, goosebumps, soft tingling or even resistance like two opposing magnets. other times I feel it emotionally like happiness or a giddy rush of giggling. often, it is more vague and barely noticeable at all. Sometimes I see it like blue smoke or even a blue spark when laughing. laughter really has some energy possibilities.

Sep 08, 2015
Why can't I feel magick? NEW
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Aug 13, 2015
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Jul 27, 2011
Tune your senses
by: Ash'lynn

For me, whenever I feel touched by magick, energy, or the divine. I get chills, or tiny prickles all over.
I have felt them since I was young, but never recognized them for what they were back then. For example, if I would hear a particularly hauntingly beautiful piece of music, I would get chills all over.
When I started researching Wicca, I was reading about the Goddess, and I got chills. Also, when I listen to chants or Wiccan songs on youtube and focus on the words, I get the chills.
I've come to realize that it is the acknowledgement of the Goddess, and my connection to magick.
now it's different for everyone, but try listening to "Witchs' Rune" by S.J. Tucker. Focus on the lyrics and tune in to your senses, see if you feel anything.

Oct 10, 2009
by: Heather Yin

Sorry, I meant to describe the energy as being a "static fog" like a white noise, but misty. It is also known as "prana" After you become aware of it, you'll see it a lot. I get distracted now seeing it out of the corner if my eyes wrapping around my tv and different places. I first noticed it rolling off of my laundry in the bathroom. Anyone can see it, it just takes the knowing what to look for then it's apparent, and you may have seen it before not knowing what it was. Best wishes, and have fun!

Oct 10, 2009
Try this
by: Heather Yin

I would say engergy for me feels like tiny pin pricks or light pressure, or crackling electricity. You can develop your sensitivity by practicing feeling your own aura. You can slowly have the palms of you hands come together and slowly separate. That is just one exercise. I would recommend working with the book
Aura Reading for Beginners: Develop Your Psychic Awareness for Health & Success (For Beginners (Llewellyn's)) by Richard Webster

You can also practice things like making psy balls and such. It will help you as well to notice energy with your eyes. Find a place that is kind of darkish or of low light it's easier to see, but you will notice something like an electric fog or mist. You'll see little white moving energy that seems like tiny particles whizzing around, yet it appears kind of like a fog or mist. Try playing with it, cupping it in your hands and pushing it away. I have learned this to be the God force that runs through everything and connects us. Try breathing it in while meditating. This will be your major energy reserve for any magickal work you do. Best of luck I hope this helps and makes sense

Dec 21, 2008
What Energy Feels Like
by: Swedishfairy

It's hard to describe it. Some people call it opening your inner eye. It takes some time before you start feeling it more strongly. Since you're already doing some rituals or meditations (I'm guessing), something led you here. Perhaps you felt a kinship with nature or with trees, or rocks, or with other pagans, and that means you have already felt some of that energy. In the beginning when we are new at doing rituals, we have built up a lot of defenses to that energy, and it takes several times doing ritual before our defenses break down. It doesn't have to even be in ritual that you feel energy- it can be while dancing, or singing, alone or with a group of people. In my opinion, feeling the energy is when you get a communal feeling of sharing energy with others or with nature- even if you are doing ritual or meditating inside and nature is outside. Then you kind of commune with that energy and it feels stronger. The next time you do it, the other energies will recognize your energy, and you will recognize theirs a little more, and the communing is stronger. It's kindof like meeting someone for the first time. It can be awkward and you might feel a kinship but not really let down your gaurd yet. Then the next time you meet, some of the ice is broken. It's the same in ritual when communing with natural energies. I hope that helps.
As far as a similar, but different energy is concerned- psychic energy and listening to helper spirits/spirit guides, a friend once told me it's like her brain is a radio, and she tunes in to the spirit guide channel. You might come to know that sensation, but until you do it'll be hard to know what I'm talking about. :) Good luck!

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